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House Panel Votes to Defund ObamaCare

As the Washington Examiner reported: “A House panel advanced a spending bill that effectively rolls back several provisions of Obamacare in the Republicans’ latest attempts to challenge the controversial law.” “The House Appropriations Committee voted 30-21 along party lines to advance a $153 billion funding bill for several federal agencies such as the Department of […]

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April 2016

4/15/2016 - Tim Tebow for Congress? Retirement Leads to Some Grumblings

December 2015

12/15/2015 - WATCH: Trey Gowdy Defends Gun Rights, Grills DHS Official on Due Process

12/12/2015 - Congress to Probe Allegations that Obama Pressured Skewing ISIS Reports

July 2015

7/21/2015 - House to Vote on Blocking Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities

June 2015

6/25/2015 - House Panel Votes to Defund ObamaCare

May 2015

5/12/2015 - Trey Gowdy believes Obama is Obstructing His Benghazi Probe

5/10/2015 - House will Vote on 20 Week Abortion Limit

5/1/2015 - House GOP passes Budget that targets ObamaCare

April 2015

4/24/2015 - Gowdy vs. Hillary Clinton: Benghazi Panel calls Hillary to Testify in May

4/17/2015 - House passes Bill to End Death Tax

4/1/2015 - Benghazi Committee asks for a “Transcribed” Interview with Hillary Clinton

March 2015

3/27/2015 - GOP-Controlled Senate Passes a Budget

January 2015

1/5/2015 - Some Conservatives won’t Vote for Boehner as Speaker

November 2013

11/18/2013 - Republican’s Keep Your Plan Bill passes House with Democratic Votes

October 2013

10/2/2013 - Government Shutdown? Democrats reject GOP bid to keep Parks Open

10/1/2013 - Government Shutdown? 59% of Gov’t Workers head to Work

September 2013

9/27/2013 - House GOP to Obama: Delay ObamaCare by 1 Year

9/25/2013 - Obama in Panic Mode: Don’t Defund ObamaCare, he warns

9/17/2013 - Obama: I Won’t Negotiate with Congress on Debt Ceiling

July 2013

7/27/2013 - House rejects bid to curtail NSA surveillance program