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Hollywood Reporter Claimed Koch Brothers Invested in Movies, Ignoring Koch Industries’ Statement to the Contrary

Hollywood Reporter ran with a seemingly sensational headline about the blockbuster hit movie, “Wonder Woman,” and claimed that the libertarian businessmen Charles and David Koch invested in the movie business. What did their headline say? “Conservative Koch Brothers are Secret Investors in ‘Wonder Woman’ (Exclusive)” However, the article quoted a Koch Industries spokesperson’s statement that […]

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Unorthodox for Liberal Hollywood: Singer Wears ‘Make America Great Again’ Dress to Grammy’s

Joy Villa made headlines yesterday when she wore a dress that had President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” She was attending the Grammy’s, an annual music awards show, which is hardly a conservative (or even moderate) political atmosphere: Go big, or go home. You can either stand for what you believe or […]

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September 2017

9/19/2017 - Media Aglow Over Emmys Despite Ratings Hitting Rock Bottom

August 2017

8/10/2017 - Hollywood Reporter Claimed Koch Brothers Invested in Movies, Ignoring Koch Industries’ Statement to the Contrary

June 2017

6/16/2017 - Huh? Hillary Clinton Compared Self to Wonder Woman

6/7/2017 - Feminist Laments ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie and Lack of ‘Ra-Ra’ Feminism

February 2017

2/28/2017 - Go Figure: Liberal Hollywood Critical of Trump at the Oscars

2/23/2017 - New York Times Targets Trump Administration with “The Truth” Ad Campaign

2/14/2017 - Joy Villa Cashes in on Trump Dress, Sets Liberal Media Ablaze

2/13/2017 - Unorthodox for Liberal Hollywood: Singer Wears ‘Make America Great Again’ Dress to Grammy’s

January 2017

1/12/2017 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Obama’s Farewell Speech was a Legacy Speech, Meryl Streep, Trump Cabinet and More!

1/10/2017 - MMA Promoter Challenged Meryl Streep to Join Him to Watch a Match

1/9/2017 - Meryl Streep, at Golden Globes, Bashed Trump in Speech but Forgot Americans Voted Against Hollywood, Clinton

1/9/2017 - The 1% Mourns Obama? Celebrities Attend Farewell Bash for Obamas

December 2016

12/11/2016 - Actor George Takei Blasts Donald Trump’s Election, says Trump is ‘Uninformed’

November 2016

11/20/2016 - Music Artist Claimed that Sitting Out the Grammy’s is His Colin Kaepernick Moment

August 2016

8/5/2016 - Mel Gibson’s Newest Movie? Story of Desmond Doss, a Medal of Honor Recipient who Didn’t Fire a Weapon

8/1/2016 - A Pro-Hillary Clinton Tweet from ‘Ghostbusters’ Disappeared

July 2016

7/28/2016 - Hollywood Goes All-In for Hillary Clinton

7/26/2016 - Actress Eva Longoria Highlights Immigration, Gender Card in Support of Hillary Clinton

June 2016

6/21/2016 - New York Times: Who is Afraid of Ghostbusters?

6/10/2016 - Hollywood Movie ‘Me Before You’ Upsets Disabled Community

May 2016

5/26/2016 - Asian Actors Take Issue with a Whitewashed Hollywood

5/11/2016 - Emma Watson Named in Panama Papers Scandal

5/10/2016 - Conservative Lessons from Captain America: Civil War

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Will Ferrell Walks Away from Reagan-Dementia Comedy Movie

4/29/2016 - Reagan’s Daughter Patti Writes Open Letter to Will Ferrell over Comedy Movie

4/28/2016 - Making Fun of Dementia: Will Ferrell to Portray an Aging Reagan

4/19/2016 - Celebrities Accidentally Register for Conservative ‘American Independent Party’

4/8/2016 - $15,000 for Guests to Eat Dinner w/Obama in Hollywood

March 2016

3/29/2016 - Georgia Governor Vetoes Religious Liberty Bill after Hollywood Pressure

3/25/2016 - Georgia Passes Religious Liberty Bill, Which Offends Hollywood

3/25/2016 - Comedian Garry Shandling Passes Away at Age 66

3/10/2016 - Hollywood Loves Hillary Clinton, Keep Sending Her Money

3/3/2016 - Leonardo DiCaprio a Climate Change Hypocrite? Plane Flights Say Yes

February 2016

2/28/2016 - Chris Rock’s Opening Monologue Aims at Boycott, Mocks Hollywood

January 2016

1/23/2016 - #OscarsSoWhite gets Support of Congressional Black Caucus Member

1/14/2016 - Hollywood Celebrities Tweet Out Gun Control Talking Points from the Obama White House

1/11/2016 - The #GoldenGlobes weren’t Impressive, Huh?

December 2015

12/28/2015 - ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Fastest Movie to $1 Billion

October 2015

10/29/2015 - Hollywood Attempt to Rehab Dan Rather

September 2015

9/24/2015 - Hollywood may Support Joe Biden, so Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Visits California

9/19/2015 - Actress Emily Blunt Apologizes for Remark on GOP, Her Recent Citizenship

June 2015

6/17/2015 - 5 Reasons to Like Chris Pratt, Rising Hollywood Star, Christian Outdoorsman

6/13/2015 - Progressives Take Offense at Hollywood Movie ‘Jurassic World’

May 2015

5/19/2015 - Sean Penn, Avowed Socialist, to Sell Mansion for $6.5 Million

5/13/2015 - Radical Feminism’s Age of Ultron: Misguided as Usual

February 2015

2/23/2015 - Hollywood is Racist? “Selma” wins Best Song, but That’s It

2/23/2015 - Hollywood Actress Patricia Arquette calls for Wage Equality, doesn’t mention Her Net Worth

2/22/2015 - Poll shows Americans love the ‘American Sniper’ Movie

2/2/2015 - ‘American Sniper’ nets more Money at the Box Office

January 2015

1/27/2015 - Hollywood Laments the Lack of Award for Pro-Abortion Movie

1/27/2015 - Comedian Jim Gaffigan mocks Hollywood’s Hatred for ‘American Sniper’

1/4/2015 - Movie Critic: American Sniper a “Jingoistic” War Movie, GOP Platform-Pushing

December 2014

12/11/2014 - White House Correspondents Association Wants More Journalists at Annual Dinner

May 2012

5/14/2012 - Newsweek/Daily Beast Columnist Makes Hitler Comparison with Ann Romney

January 2012

1/2/2012 - Hollywood Liberals Expressing Disappointment with Obama

December 2011

12/8/2011 - Michael Moore: I Have Been Part of the 1% [Video]

August 2011

8/11/2011 - White House looks to Tinseltown for boost in 2012 with Death of bin Laden Movie