Accuracy in Media

April 2015

4/18/2015 - MSNBC says Hillary Clinton’s ‘Control Freakishness” Creates Unnatural Feel of Campaign

4/18/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Drove Past Elderly People in Wheelchairs at an Event

4/17/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Really Old

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: Oh the Irony when Hillary Clinton Blasts Big Money but wants to Fundraise Billions

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: Even MSNBC says Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Events Feel Staged

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC says Hillary isn’t used to Buying Stuff for Herself

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Magically Changing Accents

4/16/2015 - Liberal Media Say Clinton Campaign Lacking “Substance”

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: Ad Hits Hillary Clinton on Her Support of the Ex-Im Bank

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: So Far, Hillary Clinton has had a “Substance-Free” Campaign

4/16/2015 - Ebony Magazine: Hillary Clinton needs to Mend Fences with Black Community

4/16/2015 - Even with Hillary running, Clinton Foundation will Continue to Accept Foreign Donations

4/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ignored 2012 Letter from Congress over Secret E-mails

4/15/2015 - Joe Biden Thinks He Could Challenge Hillary Clinton

4/15/2015 - Poll: Hillary Clinton Not Trusted in Battleground States, by a thread

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Big Money Campaign Exposes Her as a Hypocrite

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Iowans Wonder Why Hillary Clinton Didn’t Even Talk to Them

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: No One could Figure Out Why Hillary Clinton is Running Again

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Liberal Media Runs After Hillary Clinton’s Van

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC’s Morning Joe says Hillary Clinton is ‘the Same Show’ and Live in a Bubble

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Anchors Laugh at Hillary Clinton Pumping Her Own Gas

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: Andrea Mitchell says Hillary Runs Away from State Dept Record due to ‘A Lot of Missteps”

4/13/2015 - CNN’s John King: “Inexcusable” That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Allow Independent Review of Email Server [Video]

4/13/2015 - Anti-Clinton Posters Pop Up in New York City, Las Vegas

4/13/2015 - Winners and Losers in the NRA Primary

4/13/2015 - VIDEO: Iowans Unsure of Supporting Hillary Clinton after Bad 2008 Primary

4/13/2015 - Not Ready for Hillary: Take a Look at Her Logo

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Aide Huma Abedin to be Investigated

4/12/2015 - Elizabeth Warren wants to Expand Social Security

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Secret Networks and Connections: An Interactive Graphic

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton will Announce 2016 Bid Today

4/10/2015 - VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren says Hillary Clinton needs to Clarify Positions

4/10/2015 - Poll: Looks like Hillary Clinton’s Numbers are Falling

4/10/2015 - Ready for Hillary? She May Declare 2016 Campaign This Weekend

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: CNN’s Jake Tapper says he was Stunned that White House Staffers would Reveal Secrets

4/8/2015 - Dear Hillary Clinton: Your Husband, Bill, Passed RFRA Laws back in the Day

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC notes Democrats could have Buyer’s Remorse with Hillary Clinton

4/8/2015 - Hillary Clinton Tweets Support for Human Rights in China, but Her Sec of State Record on That is Mixed

4/7/2015 - VIDEO: Former Spy Chief says Hillary’s E-mails were Monitored

4/7/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Campaign ‘Haunted’ by 2008 Flop

4/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Hires Former Michelle Obama Aide to Reshape Image for 2016 [Video]

4/6/2015 - What would Hillary Clinton do about ObamaCare?

4/4/2015 - Veteran Group Sues State Dept over Benghazi E-mails that were Withheld

4/3/2015 - Hillary Clinton May Be Skirting Election Laws without Declaring 2016 Bid

4/3/2015 - Warren Buffett, anti-Super PAC Billionaire, Mistakenly Donated to a Pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC

4/2/2015 - VIDEO: Even MSNBC said Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mail Server “Routed Around” the Law

4/1/2015 - NYT’s Confessore: “Even the Most Ardent” Clinton Supporter Should Be Concerned About Wiping Email Server [Video]

4/1/2015 - Hillary Clinton will have to Testify in Court over Private E-mails, says former U.S. Attorney

4/1/2015 - Benghazi Committee asks for a “Transcribed” Interview with Hillary Clinton

4/1/2015 - Clinton Foundation Director was also a State Dept Aide at the Same Time

4/1/2015 - VIDEO: Former Attorney says Hillary Knew She was Violating the Law with Personal E-mail Use

March 2015

3/31/2015 - Hillary Clinton Lied about Benghazi Documents, so Why Believe Her Now?

3/31/2015 - VIDEO: “Even the Most Ardent” Clinton Supporter has to be Worried about E-mail Server Wipe

3/31/2015 - Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton Wiped E-mails from October – December 2014

3/30/2015 - “Meet the Press” Panel Doesn’t Buy Left’s Argument on Hillary’s Email Scandal [Video]

3/30/2015 - Obama Mocks Hillary Clinton, says Founders Liked “New Blood” in Politics

3/30/2015 - Ex-Maryland Democratic Governor O’Malley Thinks He’s a 2016 Candidate

3/30/2015 - Spies May Have Seized Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/30/2015 - Carly Fiorina: “Higher than 90% Chance” She’ll Run in 2016

3/30/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton is Not the “Best Choice” for America, says Ex-Governor O’Malley

3/30/2015 - Hillary’s Advisor, Huma Abedin, Worked for Gov’t AND a Private Consulting Company

3/28/2015 - Hillary Clinton Wiped All Her E-mails, says GOP’s Gowdy

3/27/2015 - The Clintons Refused to Return Money from a Sketchy Iran-tied Donor

3/27/2015 - VIDEO: CBS Poll finds Hillary Clinton’s Ratings Took Hit from E-mail Scandal

3/26/2015 - Hillary Supporters Warn NY Times Reporter About Using “Coded Sexism” Language

3/26/2015 - Hillary Clinton says How Bowe Bergdahl Disappeared Doesn’t Matter

3/26/2015 - Hillary Clinton has Ties to Nigerian Donor, May Have Influence Boko Haram Designation as Terrorists

3/25/2015 - DHS Official Improperly Influenced Visas for a Business Deal by Hillary Clinton’s Brother

3/24/2015 - VIDEO: State Depart Won’t Fact Check New York Times’ Debunking Hillary’s E-mail Claims

3/22/2015 - Without Liz Warren, Martin O’Malley tries to go to the Left of Hillary

3/21/2015 - DOJ Lawyers say Hillary Clinton shouldn’t turn over Her Private Server

3/21/2015 - Gowdy, Benghazi Investigation ask Hillary Clinton to Hand Over Private Server

3/20/2015 - National Archives want Answers from State Dept. on Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/20/2015 - MSNBC admits Hillary Clinton Makes News at Paid Speeches and on Twitter

3/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Drops in Latest Poll among Independents

3/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton says America Needs to Fix the “Fun Deficit”, have Adult Camps

3/20/2015 - Poll: 90% of Americans say Hillary Clinton Knew What She Did with the E-mails

3/20/2015 - A Clinton Foundation Health Charity Stopped Releasing Donor Names in 2010

3/19/2015 - New Hampshire Dems Critical of Hillary’s Handling of Email Account

3/18/2015 - Democrats are Now Looking at Al Gore in 2016? No, Seriously.

3/18/2015 - State Department: What Hillary Clinton Separation Form? We don’t have it!

3/18/2015 - Teachers’ Union Boss Knew about Hillary Clinton’s Private E-mails

3/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton didn’t Help Human Rights in China while at State Dept.

3/17/2015 - Putin: Russia was Ready to Use Nukes over Crimea

3/17/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept. “assumes” it will redact Personal E-mails from Hillary’s Stash

3/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ducks Question about Filling Out a Required Form related to E-mails, Docs

3/16/2015 - Chuck Todd: Dems Privately Worried About Hillary’s Email Scandal and her “Penchant for Secrecy” [Video]

3/16/2015 - James Carville says Hillary Clinton probably wanted to Avoid Congress with Secret E-mails

3/16/2015 - Andrea Mitchell Fact Checks the State Dept on Saving Hillary’s E-mails

3/16/2015 - CBS admits Hillary’s E-mail Scandal is Unprecedented

3/16/2015 - Trey Gowdy may Sue to get Access to Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server

3/14/2015 - Hackers find Huge Security Holes in Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server

3/14/2015 - State Department says E-mails Weren’t Saved under Hillary Clinton

3/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton never got a Government Phone, Used Personal Phone for State Department

3/13/2015 - 52% of Americans Don’t Trust Hillary Clinton after E-mail Scandal

3/13/2015 - State Department is Mum on Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/12/2015 - Obama’s Aloofness about Hillary’s E-mails Fuel the Fire

3/12/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Very Thin

3/12/2015 - Barbara Boxer says “Don’t Vote for Her’ if You Don’t Believe Hillary Clinton

3/12/2015 - Wall Street Journal: Hillary Clinton Planned Private Email Account in 2009

3/12/2015 - NBC Nightly News finds that Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Argument is Deeply Flawed

3/12/2015 - More Democrats are Worried about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Prospects after E-mail Scandal

3/11/2015 - Bloomberg’s Heilemann: Clinton Presser Headline, “She Destroyed Thousands of Emails” [Video]

3/11/2015 - Democrat Hopeful Martin O’Malley takes swipe at Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal

3/11/2015 - CBS admits Hillary Clinton’s Press Conference raises “Uncomfortable Questions”

3/11/2015 - Hillary Clinton Contradicts Herself on E-mails Scandal

3/11/2015 - Hillary Clinton said Bill Clinton uses E-mail, but Bill said He Doesn’t

3/11/2015 - James Carville Accuses New York Times of Using “Right-Wing Talking Points” for Clinton Email Story [Video]

3/10/2015 - “At Least Bill [Clinton] was a Good Liar”: Hillary Clinton Drowning in Lies?

3/10/2015 - White House “Revised” their False Statement on Obama-Hillary E-mails

3/10/2015 - WATCH: State Department Won’t Say if Hillary’s Secret Server was Secure

3/10/2015 - White House: Oops, Obama did E-mail Hillary Clinton after all

3/10/2015 - VIDEO: White House says Hillary Clinton “owns” the E-mail Scandal

3/10/2015 - Thanks, Hillary: State Department will be Swamped with FOIA Lawsuits

3/9/2015 - George Will: Clintons could Find a Loophole in a Stop Sign

3/9/2015 - Bill Clinton says It’s Good the Clintons take Foreign Donations

3/9/2015 - Not Encouraging: 33% of Federal Executives use Private E-mail on Government Business

3/9/2015 - Trey Gowdy: “Huge Gaps” in Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/8/2015 - GOP Hopeful Lindsey Graham says He’s Never Used E-mail

3/8/2015 - Some Democrats Itching for Non-Hillary Candidates, Looking at O’Malley

3/7/2015 - Obama learned about the Hillary Clinton E-mails Scandal from the Newspaper

3/6/2015 - Hint: President Hillary Clinton would be Secretive, too

3/6/2015 - Clinton Foundation’s Top Earners? Top 8 are Men

3/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal is Nixonian

3/6/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe says Hillary’s Tweet is “Insulting” to Americans’ Intelligence

3/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton hasn’t turned over All of Her Secret E-mails

3/6/2015 - Washington Post Blasts Hillary Clinton for “Poor Judgment” Over Private Email Account

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton Banned Private E-mails at State Dept. in 2011

3/5/2015 - Clinton Scandals Aren’t New: Remember the 1990s?

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton had forced out Ambassador for Using Private E-mails

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server traced back to her home in New York

3/5/2015 - House Committee Subpoenas Hillary on Secret E-mails on Benghazi

3/5/2015 - Are People Really Shocked by Hillary Clinton’s Secrecy?

3/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton tweets about Secret E-mails, but Feels Hollow

3/4/2015 - The Left Tries and Fails to Defend Private Hillary Clinton Email Account [Video]

3/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s E-mails not a “Real” Scandal, said Clinton Ally

3/4/2015 - ABC News now reports on the Hillary Clinton Secret E-mails

3/4/2015 - White House Struggles to Defend Hillary Clinton’s Secret E-mails

3/4/2015 - Reporters Fact Check Obama’s State Department on Secret E-mail Use

3/3/2015 - Even the Liberal Media can’t Defend Hillary’s Use of Private Email Account While at State Department [Video]

3/3/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe doesn’t let up on Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal

3/3/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe Shocked at Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Secrecy

3/3/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private E-mails while at State creates Firestorm

3/2/2015 - Chris Matthews: Foreign Donations, Benghazi Likely to Dog Hillary During Campaign [Video]

February 2015

2/28/2015 - Hillary’s 2008 Memo about Foreign Donors can’t be Enforced

2/27/2015 - CPAC 2015 sees GOP Presidential Field give Speeches

2/27/2015 - White House Defends Hillary Foundation’s Foreign Donations

2/26/2015 - Hillary’s Campaign Motto so far: Gender Equality!

2/26/2015 - Reporters want Hillary to Stop Giving Paid Speeches

2/24/2015 - Ezra Klein: Clinton Finances Likely to Provide “Grist” for Opponents in 2016 [Video]

2/24/2015 - Bloomberg TV: Hillary should Return Foreign Donations

2/23/2015 - New York Times: Hillary, Stop your Foreign Contributions and Donors

2/23/2015 - Liberal Media Covers Rudy Giuliani’s Comment more than Clinton Foundation Donors Controversy

2/23/2015 - Reporter: Clintons would say “It’s Expensive to be a Clinton”

2/23/2015 - CNN: Clinton’s Foreign Donors reminds Americans of Lincoln Bedroom Scandal

2/23/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s War on Women: Paid Women $15,000 Less than Men

2/21/2015 - Hillary Clinton-tied Data Firm Violated Campaign Finance Law

2/20/2015 - Conservative Group Criticizes Jeb Bush for Giving Hillary Clinton an Award Post-Benghazi

2/20/2015 - Donors to Hillary Clinton’s Foundation also Lobbied the State Department while she was there

2/20/2015 - Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton and Bill “want to be Well-Funded” even by Foreign Donors

2/19/2015 - Jen Psaki goes to the White House as Communications Director

2/18/2015 - Foreign Countries and Companies are Donating to Hillary; Isn’t this an Ethics Problem?

2/17/2015 - Hillary’s Op-Ed: A Lobbyist’s Dream

2/15/2015 - Stop Hillary PAC jokes they’ll send Hillary Valentines Cards if They Can Find Her

2/14/2015 - Eugene Robinson Praises Hillary Clinton’s Avoidance Strategy [Video]

2/11/2015 - Bank Leak exposes Shady Clinton Donor

2/8/2015 - No, Liberals, Granny Hillary doesn’t know best

2/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ally Says She’s No Brian Williams

2/5/2015 - Hillary Supporters want her to run as “Grandma-in-Chief” in 2016

2/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton is an Ailing Third-World Dictator

2/3/2015 - Ex-White House Official: Hillary has to Articulate Why She’s Running

2/3/2015 - MSNBC says the Clintons have Lived like Kings and Queens

2/2/2015 - Hillary Clinton spent $200,000 of Taxpayer Dollars on Private Jets while at the State Department

January 2015

1/31/2015 - Brilliant Satire: Romney’s Exit paves way for Hillary Clinton

1/30/2015 - The Democratic Presidential Candidate Bench is very Thin

1/30/2015 - Warren Backers Fund Anti-Hillary Poll

1/29/2015 - Hillary Clinton may not Announce 2016 Candidacy until July 2015

1/26/2015 - Chris Matthews Pans Bill Clinton’s Demands on Clinton Biopic [Video]

1/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton: “You won’t get me to Talk About Keystone” Pipeline

1/15/2015 - NBC’s Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton Isn’t an Intimidating Candidate [Video]

1/6/2015 - Washington Post admits Democrats have a White Man Problem

1/6/2015 - ABC News Recaps Hillary Clinton’s Tough Year [Video]

December 2014

12/31/2014 - 2014’s Underperformer of the Year: Hillary Clinton

12/27/2014 - Hillary Clinton’s PR Team makes the Naughty List

12/26/2014 - Underachiever of the Year? Hillary Clinton

12/22/2014 - “The Interview” Sony Scandal a Turning Point for Obama? Nope

12/17/2014 - Hillary Clinton’s “People” Magazine Cover Flops

12/16/2014 - AP’s Julie Pace:: “We’re Not Sure” What Clinton’s Message Is “and Why She’s Running for President” [Video]

12/1/2014 - Left-Wing Media Continue to Dump on Hillary

November 2014

11/25/2014 - Harper’s Publisher Accuses New York Times of Marginalizing the Left to Promote Hillary Clinton

11/25/2014 - The House Intelligence Report on Benghazi is “full of crap”

11/24/2014 - Obama: America wants a “New Car Smell” in 2016, hinting Hillary is Old News

11/21/2014 - Obama’s Immigration Speech Raises More Questions, Not Answers

11/13/2014 - Far-Left Media Looking for a Clinton Challenger

October 2014

10/27/2014 - Hillary Clinton: Businesses and Corporations don’t create Jobs

September 2014

9/26/2014 - Hillary Presidency Preview?—Journalists Escorted to Bathroom at Clinton Global Initiative

9/23/2014 - Liberal Media Ignore “Hillary Letters”

August 2014

8/19/2014 - Howard Dean Blasts Media “Amplification Chamber” on Hillary

8/8/2014 - Hillary Clinton Finally Set to Pass Robert Gates in Book Sales

July 2014

7/25/2014 - Hillary Clinton Admits That She Might Need to Work on Press Relations

7/24/2014 - Obama: Joe Biden would make a “Superb” President

7/21/2014 - Former NYT Executive Editor: Hillary is “Unrealistic” to Expect Journalists to Back Her “100 Percent”

7/11/2014 - Hard Sell—Hillary Clinton’s “Hard Choices” Flops

7/3/2014 - Hillary Clinton Gets Two Pinocchios from WaPo Fact Checker for Inaccurate Hobby Lobby Comments

7/2/2014 - Hillary Clinton says much of what is written about her is “Inaccurate or unimportant to me”

June 2014

6/30/2014 - Losing the Media: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Says Hillary Clinton is “Out of Touch” [Video]

6/26/2014 - Hillary Clinton’s Book Sales Plunge in Second Week

6/24/2014 - CNN Anchors Laugh at Hillary’s Comments that She Isn’t “Truly Well Off” [Video]

6/21/2014 - Libya Criticizes U.S. for Capturing Benghazi Suspect

6/19/2014 - Hillary’s Book Tour Fails to Ignite Sales

6/18/2014 - MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Rips Hillary Clinton Book Tour—Calls Her “Tone Deaf and Unrelatable” [Video]

6/16/2014 - Hillary Supporter, Donny Deutsch, Calls Clinton Book Tour “A Disaster” [Video]

6/11/2014 - Hillary Clinton Plans to Hold On to Her Benghazi Notes [Video]

6/10/2014 - CNN’s Chris Cuomo: The Media Have Given Hillary a “Free Ride” [Video]

6/10/2014 - Hillary Clinton Struggles to Defend Actions in Benghazi [Video]

6/9/2014 - Deal Her Out: MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Says Hillary Has No Message—She’s Only About Deals [Video]

6/6/2014 - MSNBC Cancels Show by Former Hillary Clinton Aide

May 2014

5/22/2014 - Nancy Pelosi (finally) appoints Democrats to Benghazi Select Committee

5/14/2014 - Marco Rubio: I’m Ready to be President

5/1/2014 - Bill Clinton Criticizes the Media for Unfavorable Obamacare Coverage

February 2014

2/18/2014 - Bill Maher Tells MSNBC That They’re “Turning Into Fox News;” “Bridgegate Has Become Your Benghazi”

2/12/2014 - Liberal Media Downplay Washington Free Beacon’s Name From Hillary Reports [Video]

November 2013

11/20/2013 - JFK’s Funeral Anniversary brings the Obamas and Clintons

11/3/2013 - Obama: No I didn’t want to swap Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton in 2012

October 2013

10/20/2013 - Just as Everyone Thought: Hillary Clinton fuels 2016 speculation

10/15/2013 - Media Banned from Hillary Clinton Speech to Convenience Store Owners

September 2013

9/8/2013 - Benghazi Fall Out? U.S. tightens Security at Embassies in Middle East

August 2013

8/22/2013 - Obama Pivot: Back to the Economy, Stupid!

8/19/2013 - Robert Gibbs Advises Hillary Clinton to Distance Her 2016 Campaign from Obama, Bill [Video]

July 2013

7/31/2013 - Libya At War: Islamists and Tribes Fighting it Out

7/25/2013 - Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, will not withdraw from Mayor’s Race

June 2013

6/6/2013 - Obama appoints Susan Rice as new Nat’l Sec Adviser

May 2013

5/16/2013 - Obama releases Benghazi e-mails same day as IRS chief resignation

April 2013

4/5/2013 - Chris Matthews Spars With Robert Gibbs Over Hillary—Calls Him a “Robot” [Video]

January 2013

1/24/2013 - Chris Matthews Fawns Over Hillary Clinton’s Testimony, Calls Sen. Ron Johnson a “Pissant”

May 2012

5/23/2012 - Obama Neuters War on Islamic Terrorists

December 2011

12/30/2011 - Biden Gets Lukewarm Support from Hardball Audience in Iowa

12/21/2011 - Bill Clinton Says That the Media Favored Obama Over Hillary in 2008

October 2011

10/24/2011 - Christiane Amanpour and Hillary Clinton Both Mock Herman Cain on “This Week”

10/14/2011 - “Today Show” Speculation About Biden’s Future as VP Irks White House

March 2011

3/3/2011 - Hillary Clinton: America is Losing An Information War to Al Jazeera