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3rd Bailout Deal Approved by Greek Lawmakers

As Fox News reported: ATHENS, Greece –  Greek lawmakers approved their country’s draft third bailout on Friday after a nearly 24-hour marathon parliamentary procedure culminated in a vote that saw the government coalition suffer significant dissent. The government needed the bill to pass in time for Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos to head to Brussels to […]

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August 2015

8/14/2015 - 3rd Bailout Deal Approved by Greek Lawmakers

July 2015

7/18/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Big Fat Greek Debt

7/14/2015 - Greek Prime Minister faces Criticism over E.U. Bailout Deal from his Own Party

7/13/2015 - It’s All Greek to Me: Greece gets New Bailout Package from E.U.

7/7/2015 - Flashback Milton Friedman: He Warned about the Euro

7/6/2015 - Greece Rejects E.U. Bailout in a Vote, Premier says it was Brave

January 2015

1/26/2015 - Anti-Budget Cuts Greek Party wins Election, puts Eurozone at Risk

1/24/2015 - Greek Left-Wing Party could Stop Eurozone Bailouts

1/18/2015 - Greek Police detain 4 Terror Suspects as Europe is On Alert

1/4/2015 - Germany would help Euro Zone if Greece exits the Economy

November 2013

11/8/2013 - Europe breathes Sigh of Relief as Portugal Unemployment Rate falls

October 2013

10/18/2013 - Reuters: Not Many Leftists, Socialists Left in Europe

September 2013

9/27/2013 - Greece doesn’t need Another Bailout, or So They Say

9/1/2013 - Uh Oh: Slovenia Recession eases, but More Pain Ahead

August 2013

8/18/2013 - European End Game? Banks closing across Europe

8/17/2013 - EU pulling out of a Recession? Not so Fast

8/16/2013 - Greece Barely Makes Deficit Targets with EU Help!

8/9/2013 - Czech Mate? Looks like Czech Gov’t set to Collapse

July 2013

7/11/2013 - Greece needs another Lifeline!

7/6/2013 - Germany’s Merkel tries to lower Youth Unemployment

7/2/2013 - Spanish Ex-Treasurer imprisoned for corruption

June 2013

6/24/2013 - Greece says it’ll meet Bailout Goals

6/19/2013 - Spain’s Recession leads to widespread Crime

6/19/2013 - Insult to Injury: Greek TV suffers temporary shutdown

6/13/2013 - Greek economy rebounding at an anemic rate

May 2013

5/31/2013 - Amazon’s German workers go on strike…for 1 day

5/24/2013 - British PM to rule coalition until 2015, reports say

5/24/2013 - Ex-PM says Bulgarian Gov’t should be able to form Coalition

5/18/2013 - Germany can’t stop Eurozone from another recession

5/16/2013 - Economics 101: France allows private sector layoffs