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$36 Million Spent by FDA to Combat Chewing Tobacco

Um, okay then: The Food and Drug Administration is spending $36 million on an anti-chewing tobacco advertising campaign targeted at white male teenagers in the midwest. The federal agency announced Tuesday it is expanding its “Real Cost” anti-tobacco campaign to “educate rural, white male teenagers” and convince them to stop dipping. Photo by Ryan Ojibway

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IRS Costs for Conferences Exceeded Estimates

From the Free Beacon: The Internal Revenue Service hosted events that exceeded cost estimates and often failed to meet requirements for their approval, according to a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. The report reviewed documentation for 650 events held by the IRS in fiscal years 2013 and 2014 and found that […]

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Bureaucrats who Exploited Relocation Program for More Pay are Keeping Their Jobs

It’s really enraging news for the American taxpayer: The Department of Veterans Affairs is not demoting two executives who allegedly exploited a relocation program to obtain more than $400,000 in salary hikes and other benefits. VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson announced Monday that the Veterans Benefits Administration senior executives will keep their high-paying regional director positions despite […]

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October 2016

10/30/2016 - More Government Waste: Hospital at Fort Bliss is $22 Million Over Budget

May 2016

5/25/2016 - IRS Paid Out $15.6 Billion Erroneously

5/20/2016 - NFL to Pay Back Federal Gov’t some $723,734 for Military Recognition Ceremonies at Games

April 2016

4/20/2016 - $36 Million Spent by FDA to Combat Chewing Tobacco

4/19/2016 - Free Beacon Goes to a Science Fair to Highlight Government Waste

4/7/2016 - Postal Service has Lost $50 Billion since 2007

March 2016

3/23/2016 - IRS Costs for Conferences Exceeded Estimates

3/22/2016 - Interior Dept Spent $50 Million on Crime Database that Doesn’t Work

February 2016

2/23/2016 - Bureaucrats who Exploited Relocation Program for More Pay are Keeping Their Jobs

2/9/2016 - Report: $750 Million in Taxpayer Dollars Went to Illegal Immigrants thanks to ObamaCare Subsidies

2/5/2016 - $200,000 Spent by Feds to Use Food Trucks to Get Hispanic Construction Workers to Stop Smoking

December 2015

12/22/2015 - IRS: $46 Million in Wrongly-Issued Tax Refunds Given Out

12/15/2015 - U.S. Can’t Keep Track of Spending in Afghanistan

12/9/2015 - Coburn’s Wastebook Tradition Continues, Passed onto Sen. Jeff Flake

12/8/2015 - ObamaCare Funds May Be Mismanaged by Administration

12/7/2015 - Government Waste in Afghanistan: Posh Villas for Task Force

November 2015

11/16/2015 - Federal Gov’t Wasted $43 Million on a $500,000 Gas Station in Afghanistan that’s Rarely Used

11/4/2015 - More Gov’t Waste: Social Security Paid Employees who were Found Drinking, Sleeping on the Job

11/3/2015 - 10 of 23 ObamaCare Co-Ops have Failed, Costing at least $1.1 Billion

October 2015

10/30/2015 - DHS Spent $1.8 Million on Employees on Administrative Leave

10/29/2015 - Expensive Blimp Gets Loose in Maryland and Causes a Stir

10/12/2015 - Watchdog Group: EPA is Running a $160 Million PR Machine

September 2015

9/24/2015 - EPA Official Spent $69,000 of Taxpayer Dollars to Fly Home on Weekends

9/21/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: 3 Ways the Government Wastes Your Taxpayer Dollars

9/18/2015 - Census Employees Billed Taxpayers $1 Million for Time Not Worked, Report Finds

9/13/2015 - Dept of Agriculture Barely Uses Over 1,100 Cars, Spending $6.2 Million on them

9/4/2015 - $572 Million in Extra ObamaCare Tax Credits Paid Out to Undeserving Recipients

August 2015

8/19/2015 - Government ‘Creates Jobs’ by Buying Snowmobiles

July 2015

7/29/2015 - Medicare Audit finds 23,000 Possibly Fake Addresses of Health Care Providers

June 2015

6/8/2015 - Social Security Administration issued $16.8 Billion in Overpayments

6/1/2015 - Gov’t Waste: DOJ Spends $585,000 on Studying Far-Right Social Media Use

May 2015

5/29/2015 - VIDEO: CBS reports on Hundreds of Millions of Gov’t Waste on U.S. Embassies

5/14/2015 - Earmarks Dead? Nope, $4.2 Billion Handed Out

5/14/2015 - Veterans Affairs Wastes $6 Billion a Year, says Top Official

5/8/2015 - John McCain Continues Coburn’s Wasteful Spending List

March 2015

3/25/2015 - Hurricane Sandy Relief Money went to Underground Marijuana Lab

February 2015

2/13/2015 - Solar Energy Subsidies cost Taxpayers $39 Billion a Year

2/12/2015 - Taxpayers paid for a Romance Novel Exhibit to the tune of $914,000

2/11/2015 - Feds spent over $390,000 to Teach Children Dog Safety

December 2014

12/27/2014 - NIH is Spending $433,000 to find out Kids’ Thoughts on Fat Movie Characters

12/26/2014 - 12 Ways how the U.S. Government Wasted Your Money