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Mainstream Media Rips Democrats in Shutdown Debate

The latest government shutdown, which began Saturday morning, came to a crashing thud for Democrats in the Senate, who gave in to the Republicans and agreed to fund the government for another three weeks. Some mainstream media outlets put the party on blast for not holding firm against the GOP. Here’s a sampling of the […]

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Mika Brzezinski Questions Ted Cruz’s Patriotism [Video]

As the government shutdown enters its second week, Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough clashed Monday over Sen. Ted Cruz’s tactics, with Brzezinski questioning whether or not the freshman Senator from Texas loves his country: It shows how much they [GOP] hate him [Obama] and don’t love the country, and that’s what’s scary […]

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Harry Reid Chastises CNN’s Dana Bash—Calls Her “Irresponsible” and “Reckless” [Video]

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) lost his composure during a press conference on the ongoing federal government shutdown battle when he scolded CNN reporter Dana Bash by calling her question about the Senate possibly restoring funding to the NIH “irresponsible” and “reckless.” Bash noted that Reid and other Democrats had lamented that […]

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January 2018

1/23/2018 - Mainstream Media Rips Democrats in Shutdown Debate

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April 2017

4/26/2017 - CNN Scare-Mongering? Lists 7 Ways How a Government Shutdown Affects Americans

February 2015

2/28/2015 - DHS gets temporary funding and Media Lets Democrats off the hook

2/24/2015 - Obama’s DHS spends $150 Million on Furniture, sees Budget Increase Every Year

2/24/2015 - Senate Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill

October 2013

10/8/2013 - Mika Brzezinski Questions Ted Cruz’s Patriotism [Video]

10/3/2013 - Harry Reid Chastises CNN’s Dana Bash—Calls Her “Irresponsible” and “Reckless” [Video]

10/2/2013 - Government Shutdown? Democrats reject GOP bid to keep Parks Open

10/2/2013 - World War II Veterans storm closed WWII Memorial due to “Government Shutdown”

10/1/2013 - ObamaCare Launches Today, despite Unpopularity in America

10/1/2013 - Government Shutdown? 59% of Gov’t Workers head to Work