Accuracy in Media

March 2016

3/17/2016 - GOP Debate in Utah Cancelled after Trump Says He Won’t Show Up

3/15/2016 - RNC will have their 13th GOP Debate in Utah

3/11/2016 - Rubio has a Strong Bounceback Debate Performance, but Trump Stirs Trouble

3/4/2016 - Rubio, Cruz Take On Trump in Last Night’s GOP Debate

February 2016

2/27/2016 - WATCH: Marco Rubio Mocks Donald Trump’s Tweets at Rally

2/27/2016 - Marco Rubio Aims at Donald Trump Before Super Tuesday Primaries

2/26/2016 - AIM Twitter Poll: 63% said Marco Rubio Won the GOP Debate

2/15/2016 - Odd Spanish Language Exchange between Rubio, Cruz

2/15/2016 - Poll finds Marco Rubio Won the South Carolina GOP Debate

2/10/2016 - Chris Christie to Suspend Presidential Campaign

2/7/2016 - Last Democratic Debate Had the Lowest Ratings So Far

2/7/2016 - Marco Rubio Takes Fire at New Hampshire GOP Debate from Opponents

2/3/2016 - Trump says Skipping the Debate Cost Him Iowa

January 2016

1/30/2016 - Trump’s Gamble of Skipping the GOP Debate Paid Off?

1/29/2016 - The GOP Debate was Civil without Trump

1/29/2016 - Hillary Clinton Tweets while Rand Paul Slams Bill Clinton

1/29/2016 - Ben Carson Closes Debate with the Constitution Preamble

1/29/2016 - Fox News Pushes Fiorina, Gilmore Undercard Debate Highlights

1/29/2016 - Rubio: I Will United the GOP and Defeat Hillary Clinton

1/29/2016 - Cruz: I Will Repeal ObamaCare when Elected President

1/29/2016 - Despite Absence Trump Dominates Google Debate Searches

1/29/2016 - Without Trump, Cruz & Rubio Spar at the GOP Debate

1/28/2016 - Carly Fiorina says She’ll Donate Funds if Allowed to Join Cruz-Trump Debate Challenge

1/28/2016 - Donald Trump Claims Other Candidates Want to Join His Fox News Debate Boycott

1/28/2016 - Rand Paul says Trump’s Boycott Questions Debate’s ‘Respectability’

1/28/2016 - Bill O’Reilly Pretty Much Begged Trump NOT to Boycott the Fox News GOP Debate

1/27/2016 - Trump Ditches Fox News GOP Debate

1/27/2016 - Donald Trump says He Won’t Participate in the Upcoming Fox News GOP Debate

1/16/2016 - Cruz Hits Liberal Media at GOP Debate

1/15/2016 - Trump tells Cruz that the Democrats will Sue Cruz if He Becomes the GOP Nominee

1/15/2016 - Marco Rubio: Captured Terrorists get a One-Way Ticket to Guantanamo Bay

1/15/2016 - Rubio Critical of Cruz’s Positions on Immigration, Snowden and NSA

1/12/2016 - Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina Cut from Top #GOPDebate

December 2015

12/23/2015 - Fox Business Raises the Bar for January GOP Debate

12/18/2015 - Viewership Drops for Second CNN Republican Debate

November 2015

11/11/2015 - No “Crap Sandwich” This Time—RNC Chairman Praises Fox Business Debate

11/11/2015 - Chris Christie Criticized Hillary Clinton in Undercard Debate

11/11/2015 - Rand Paul Corrected Donald Trump on Claim that China is a Part of the TPP

11/11/2015 - #GOPDebate Fireworks: Marco Rubio Took Aim at “Committed Isolationist” Rand Paul

11/11/2015 - WATCH: Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto Takes Shot at CNBC Moderators

11/6/2015 - Next GOP Debate: Christie, Huckabee to the Undercard Debate, Pataki, Graham are Cut

October 2015

10/29/2015 - Liberal Media Dealt a Body Blow by Rubio and Cruz at GOP Debate [Video]

10/28/2015 - Tonight’s CNBC’s GOP Debate: What Will Happen with Carson as the Front-Runner?

10/20/2015 - Donald Trump Urges Boycott of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly

10/19/2015 - Trump Wins—CNBC Agrees to Limit GOP Debate to Two Hours

10/16/2015 - Carly Fiorina Aide Jabs at Trump, Carson Requests for Shorter Debate Format

September 2015

9/23/2015 - Trump Goes to War with Fox News (Again)

9/19/2015 - Scott Walker’s Team Upset at Poorly-Handled CNN Debate

9/17/2015 - GOP Debate: Jeb Bush says George W. Bush “Kept Us Safe” after 9/11

9/16/2015 - GOP Candidates Vow to Step it up in CNN Debate

August 2015

8/8/2015 - Fox News Debate Hits Ratings Record

8/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton Under Fire in Last Night’s GOP Debate

8/7/2015 - Mike Huckabee: The “Military is Not a Social Experiment”

8/7/2015 - John Kasich Cited Reagan in Expanding Medicaid

8/7/2015 - Carly Fiorina won Both GOP Debates, says Byron York

8/6/2015 - All Eyes on Fox News GOP Debate

February 2012

2/24/2012 - Arizona Debate Ratings Indicate Voter Fatigue

January 2012

1/26/2012 - NBC Scores Big With GOP Debate

1/20/2012 - Gingrich Slams CNN, ABC Over “Open Marriage” Issue

December 2011

12/19/2011 - Fox Flexes Its Muscle With Iowa GOP Debate Ratings

12/12/2011 - ABC Scores Big With Republican Debate; Bias Remains

November 2011

11/24/2011 - CNN’s Debate Ratings Plunge

September 2011

9/24/2011 - Fox News/Google GOP Scores Big In the Ratings

9/9/2011 - Gingrich Blasts Liberal Media, Chris Wallace Calls Him “Kind of Sad”

9/9/2011 - MSNBC Crushes Fox Thanks to GOP Debate

June 2011

6/15/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Reverses Course, Praises Bachmann