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CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Liberals have an ‘Attitude of Self-Righteousness’

Highlighting the anti-Trump liberal sentiment during this commencement (i.e. college graduation) season, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said that liberals say that they are tolerant, but their recent actions say the opposite. He pointed to the walkout protest by about one hundred Notre Dame students during Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement address, violent protests directed at Charles […]

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New York Times Claimed Conservatives are “Emboldened” after Berkeley-Ann Coulter Controversy

The headline of New York Times’ latest article, “In Ann Coulter, Signs that Conservatives are Emboldened,” portrayed conservatives as being aggressive in expressing their right of the freedom of speech. Doesn’t that sound slanted and biased, already? Well, it is. When you read the article, it goes on and said that Coulter is an “acid-penned conservative […]

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Heckler’s Veto Won at Berkeley, Pushed Ann Coulter to Cancel Speech

The heckler’s veto won at University of California-Berkeley, once considered a bastion of free speech (mostly from the left-wing perspective). A heckler’s veto is when protesters and hecklers “veto,” shout down or shut down speeches and events in a disruptive manner. The group that sponsored conservative commentator Ann Coulter’s speech, Young America’s Foundation, said it […]

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CNN Tries to Explain the First Amendment

Without mentioning why the network saw fit to run an article that tried to explain the nuances of the application of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, not mentioning that the article was (most likely) published in light of ongoing controversy over free speech on college campuses. Specifically, the article came at a time […]

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Free Speech Repressed? Another Conservative Speaker Canceled at Cal-Berkeley

The University of California-Berkeley made it difficult for the college’s College Republican chapter to keep their speaking engagement with David Horowitz. First, the administration allegedly restricted their hotel room rental accommodations, in addition to imposing a higher security fee and forcing the speech time to 1 PM, instead of after-class hours. The speech by Horowitz […]

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U.C. Berkeley Burns Free Speech

Controversial Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos got an up-close view of the intolerance of the left when it comes to speech it doesn’t agree with. This occurred when a speech he was to give at U.C. Berkeley was canceled after masked demonstrators hurled fireworks, rocks and Molotov cocktails, plunging the campus into a state of chaos. Berkeley—the […]

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August 2017

8/18/2017 - New York Times Op-Ed: ACLU Needs to ‘Rethink Free Speech’

June 2017

6/1/2017 - CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: Liberals have an ‘Attitude of Self-Righteousness’

April 2017

4/28/2017 - New York Times Claimed Conservatives are “Emboldened” after Berkeley-Ann Coulter Controversy

4/28/2017 - Heckler’s Veto Won at Berkeley, Pushed Ann Coulter to Cancel Speech

4/28/2017 - CNN Tries to Explain the First Amendment

4/14/2017 - Free Speech Repressed? Another Conservative Speaker Canceled at Cal-Berkeley

4/10/2017 - Liberal Media Glance Over Another Disrupted Speech on College Campus

March 2017

3/7/2017 - Liberal Sports Media Unhappy with US Soccer’s Bylaw on Standing for the National Anthem

February 2017

2/8/2017 - The Berkeley Riot Expresses Dominant Anti-American Campus Culture

2/2/2017 - U.C. Berkeley Burns Free Speech

2/2/2017 - Wow: Violent Protesters Shut Down Milo Yiannopoulos’ Cal-Berkeley Event

May 2016

5/24/2016 - New Institute Focuses on First Amendment Rights in Digital Era

5/10/2016 - White House Accepts Facebook’s Explanation on Censoring Conservative News

5/5/2016 - Virginia Tech Disinvites Jason Riley, a Black Conservative, from Speaking On Campus

April 2016

4/25/2016 - American University Faculty Member Tried to Stop Recording of Protesters

4/23/2016 - ESPN’s Firing of Curt Schilling is Similar to People of Faith’s Stance on Marriage

4/1/2016 - Scuffle Between Reporters, Protesters and Turkish Security in D.C.

January 2016

1/5/2016 - Missouri Lawmakers Call for Professor’s Firing at Mizzou after Confronting Student Reporter

November 2015

11/10/2015 - After Mizzou President Resigns, Mizzou Communications Professor Tries to Force Student Reporter to Leave

September 2015

9/1/2015 - Court Rules that Jesus Statue in Montana will Stay Put

June 2015

6/25/2015 - Study finds less than 5% of Colleges Protect 1st Amendment Rights

6/12/2015 - CNN’s Don Lemon: Political Correctness Has Become “Dangerous”—Liberals and Progressives are the “Least Tolerant”

May 2015

5/16/2015 - VIDEO: High Schooler Wins Right to Fly American Flag from his Truck

5/11/2015 - Juan Williams blasts Pamela Geller for Garland, Texas Event

5/7/2015 - Failed Hot Take: Chris Cuomo said Hate Speech Not Protected by Constitution

5/5/2015 - Obama Half-Heartedly Defends Free Speech in ISIS’s Garland, Texas Attack

5/5/2015 - Op-Ed: Attack in Garland, Texas is an Attack on Free Speech

January 2015

1/17/2015 - Anti-Charlie Hebdo Protests take place across the World

December 2014

12/23/2014 - 55% of U.S. Colleges limit Free Speech!

October 2013

10/10/2013 - L.A. Times To Stop Publishing Letters from Climate-Change “Deniers”

March 2012

3/14/2012 - The View Backs Limbaugh’s Right to Free Speech [Video]

February 2011

2/17/2011 - FCC Commisioner Calls for Government Involvement in Journalism