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U.S. Inflation worries the Fed

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve is a bit wary of inflation, which has been held in check for some time since the Great Recession. Reuters reported that the Fed is pleased with current inflation levels, as a rise in both rent and medical care costs showed some hints of stability. The Fed is planning to […]

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Obama favorite Larry Summers withdraws name for Fed Reserve

WASHINGTON — Lawrence “Larry” Summers, a former top aide to U.S. President Barack Obama, has withdrawn his name from consideration to be the Federal Reserve chairman. Reuters reported that Summers, whose name floated around for months as a successor to Ben Bernanke, withdrew after significant congressional pressure to do so. Some considered Summers as a […]

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Oh No! Obama picking Fed’s Bernanke’s successor?!

WASHINGTON — Ronald Reagan once said the scariest words to an American were, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”. That same fear may grip Americans as it is President Barack Obama’s turn to handpick the replacement for the Federal Reserve chairman. Ben Bernanke’s term is coming to a close in January 2014 […]

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Can We Avoid “Taxmageddon” in 2013?

In 1959, during an interview with the late Mike Wallace, Ayn Rand, the author of “Atlas Shrugged”, said “A free market will not break down. All depressions are caused by government interference and the cure that is always offered is more of the same poisons that caused the disaster.” After the stock market crashed on […]

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Alias Marx and Alinsky

Calling socialists liberals is as deceptive as calling goose gizzards foie gras. It fools no one but the epistemologically blinkered. The term liberal allows liberals to pose as concerned, generous and forward-thinking individuals and to act under what was once an honorable term for anyone who advocated or endorsed liberty. And as any well-read American […]

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Times Buries Lead in Federal Reserve Story

In an article in the June 22, 2011 New York Times, reporter Binyamin Appelbaum led by arguing that “The Federal Reserve hoped that its three-year-old economic rescue campaign would reach a climax at the end of June. It hoped that consumers and businesses by now would be spending more and more, and the central bank […]

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9/19/2013 - U.S. Inflation worries the Fed

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