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Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Affirmed Some Anti-Trump Elements Remain in Government

The nickname for the anti-Trump elements within government is known as “deep state,” and The Hill reported that Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer did not shy away from that during a press conference last week. Here’s what Spicer had to say about “deep state” and pro-Obama government employees: White House press secretary Sean Spicer on […]

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Liberal Media Fawns over Anti-Trump Federal Workers

The Washington Post and CNN fawned over the ongoing resistance by liberal-leaning federal bureaucrats who are openly resisting the new Trump administration. The Washington Post article highlighted an anti-Trump federal workers workshop on how to delay Trump’s actions, it quoted an Obama appointee who criticized Trump, and referred to the State Department internal revolt against […]

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Temporary Media Blackout for EPA, Other Departments

From CBS News: The Trump administration has instituted what it described as a temporary media blackout at the Environmental Protection Agency and barred staff from awarding any new contracts or grants. Emails sent to EPA staff since President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday and reviewed by The Associated Press detailed specific prohibitions banning press releases, blog updates or posts […]

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March 2017

3/13/2017 - Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer Affirmed Some Anti-Trump Elements Remain in Government

February 2017

2/6/2017 - Liberal Media Fawns over Anti-Trump Federal Workers

January 2017

1/26/2017 - Drain the Swamp? Trump’s Worker Hiring Freeze Disappoints Feds

1/26/2017 - Temporary Media Blackout for EPA, Other Departments

December 2016

12/23/2016 - Government’s Regulatory Paperwork has Increased to Over 11.5 Billion Hours

October 2016

10/4/2016 - Plan for the Post-Republic after 2016 Elections, Warns Writer

June 2016

6/10/2016 - Nancy Pelosi: Government, not Steve Jobs, Created the iPhone Technology

May 2016

5/27/2016 - DHS to Discipline 41 Secret Service Agents for Congressman’s Info Leak

5/24/2016 - Feds Investigate Virginia Democratic Governor with Clinton Ties over Donations

5/20/2016 - NFL to Pay Back Federal Gov’t some $723,734 for Military Recognition Ceremonies at Games

5/20/2016 - FTC Rejects Congressional Inquiry into Clinton Foundation Transparency (or Lack of It)

5/12/2016 - IRS Collected a Record $1.91 Trillion in Taxes, but Still Runs a Deficit

April 2016

4/23/2016 - IRS Can Track Your Cell Phone, but Won’t Track Down Missing Tax Funds

February 2016

2/23/2016 - Bureaucrats who Exploited Relocation Program for More Pay are Keeping Their Jobs

2/5/2016 - $200,000 Spent by Feds to Use Food Trucks to Get Hispanic Construction Workers to Stop Smoking

January 2016

1/27/2016 - Federal Gov’t Considering Removing ‘He’ & ‘She’ to Avoid Bias

1/10/2016 - Suspended Veterans Affairs Officials for Fake Waitlist are Back to Work

1/8/2016 - Feds Move Illegal Immigrants to Different Facilities in Texas, Won’t Provide a Head Count

December 2015

12/15/2015 - Obama’s HHS says They Can’t Afford Incoming Wave of Unaccompanied Minor Illegal Immigrants

12/7/2015 - Government Waste in Afghanistan: Posh Villas for Task Force

12/3/2015 - Inspector General Offices Stonewalled by Obama Administration Officials

12/3/2015 - Texas Sues Feds over Refugee Resettlement Program

November 2015

11/10/2015 - EPA Gave Child Sex and Drug Offenders Paid Leave

11/4/2015 - More Gov’t Waste: Social Security Paid Employees who were Found Drinking, Sleeping on the Job

11/3/2015 - Obama’s Executive Order Drops Criminal Record Question from Federal Job Applications

October 2015

10/10/2015 - Study: Private Sector Workers Earn Less than Government Workers

September 2015

9/29/2015 - Gallup Poll: 79% of Americans think Congress is Out-of-Touch

9/24/2015 - EPA Official Spent $69,000 of Taxpayer Dollars to Fly Home on Weekends

9/21/2015 - Cyberattacks Traced to Russia and the Kremlin

9/16/2015 - China is Indexing Stolen Fed Employee Data like Facebook

9/13/2015 - Dept of Agriculture Barely Uses Over 1,100 Cars, Spending $6.2 Million on them

9/12/2015 - U.S. Gov’t Collected $2.88 Trillion in Taxes, But Has $529 Billion Deficit

9/11/2015 - Dept of Energy allows Employees to Use Personal Emails for Work

August 2015

8/27/2015 - CBO says Deficit, Public Debt will Double the Next 10 Years

July 2015

7/23/2015 - Social Security Disability Trust Fund will Go Dry Next Year

7/23/2015 - Government Employees More Likely to Vote than Private Sector Workers in Most Elections

7/12/2015 - OPM Chief, in Resignation Letter, Applauds Security Efforts

7/10/2015 - Obama won’t Blame China for Massive OPM Hack

7/10/2015 - After Massive Cyberattack, OPM Chief Shrugs Off Calls for Resignation

7/10/2015 - The OPM Hack Affected at least 21 Million Americans

7/7/2015 - Feds, San Francisco Officials Blame Each Other for Pier Shooting

June 2015

6/19/2015 - Government Regulations are Affecting BBQ Restaurants and Their Smokers

6/18/2015 - Whistleblower Claims Social Security Admin Lied to Congress to get $500 Million in Funding

6/17/2015 - Obama claims White House is Considering All Options after OPM Hacking Attack from China

6/16/2015 - ObamaCare Saves Your Info Forever

6/15/2015 - State Dept has No Record of Hillary Clinton getting IT Training

6/15/2015 - Chinese Hackers may have gotten between 7 to 14 Million Files

6/12/2015 - China Hacks U.S. Feds Database, Takes Most of Fed Employee Info

May 2015

5/7/2015 - Feds Want to Take Down NYC Times Square Billboards

April 2015

4/17/2015 - DHS is the Worst Place to Work in Government, Again

March 2015

3/26/2015 - Congress Moves to End Federal Gov’t Resistance to FOIA Requests

3/18/2015 - Federal Government Loves Avoiding FOIA Requests