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Dunkin’ Donuts sees Sales Boost

WASHINGTON — Does America run on Dunkin’? Recent sales reports say yes. Reuters reported that Dunkin’ Donuts’ parent company, Dunkin’ Brands Group, saw its profits rise as more people went to its Dunkin’ Donuts stores and bought its products. The group also owns Baskin-Robbins, the ice cream store chain. Sales rose 3.5% this past quarter, […]

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McDonald’s saw Earnings Fall with a Drop in Customers

WASHINGTON — McDonald’s, a popular fast-food restaurant chain, as seen its earnings drop this past quarter. It has analysts worried, as the company saw fewer customers go to their restaurants. Reuters reported that revenue has been falling for the past five quarters, which has been caused by surging rivals Wendy’s and Burger King, operational missteps […]

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June 2016

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February 2014

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