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Facebook CEO Announces New System to Vet News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly told media executives that Facebook is in the process of creating a system to rank news organizations by trustworthiness and will access user surveys to label whether news sources are “broadly trusted.” According to news reports about the meeting, news organizations scoring higher in user trust rankings will receive preferential […]

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Obama Bragged about Facebook Data, So Why the Outrage?

The recent scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook user data sparked outrage from both sides of the political aisle in Congress. However, that outrage appears to be late and misguided, as Obama’s campaign staffers used Facebook user data in the 2012 re-election campaign and some of the utilized data tools have been discontinued for […]

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WaPo Tries to Make Cambridge Analytica a Problem For Trump

Philip Bump’s piece in the Washington Post is headlined, “Everything you need to know about the Cambridge Analytica-Facebook debacle,” but it should be headlined, “Every hint we can think of to drop” about the political data firm and its connection to the Donald Trump presidential campaign. Last Friday, Facebook suspended Cambridge Analytica, the political division of […]

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Liberals Complain About New Facebook Fact-Checking Partner The Weekly Standard

Confirming a rumor that had circulated for months, Facebook announced it has made conservative magazine the Weekly Standard its newest partner in its effort to fact-check news on the social media giants platform. The magazine will be the first conservative organization to partner with Facebook.  Other partners include reporters from the Associated Press and ABC […]

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Facebook’s Fact-Checking Moves Slowly

Facebook has implemented procedures to battle the amount of fake news that spreads on the site. While the website reports it is confident it is making progress, it still has room for improvement. According to Facebook, once a story is given a false rating from a fact-checker subsequent ‘impressions” drop by as much as 80 […]

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Facebook’s Sandberg Knocks Twitter for Blocking Blackburn Ad

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg criticized rival social media platform Twitter for its decision to block Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s Senate announcement video because it contained what it called an “inflammatory” statement regarding Planned Parenthood. “A lot of what we allow on Facebook is people expressing themselves. The thing about free expression is that when […]

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May 2018

5/29/2018 - Trump Campaign Manager, RNC Chair Challenge ‘Political Bias’ of Facebook and Twitter

5/2/2018 - Facebook CEO Announces New System to Vet News

April 2018

4/12/2018 - Tom Brokaw Chides Senators for Asking Facebook’s Zuckerberg Tech-Illiterate Questions

March 2018

3/26/2018 - Obama Bragged about Facebook Data, So Why the Outrage?

3/20/2018 - WaPo Tries to Make Cambridge Analytica a Problem For Trump

January 2018

1/26/2018 - Facebook Implements Two-Question User Survey to Combat Fake News

December 2017

12/26/2017 - Facebook Drops ‘Disputed’ Tag Option for Potentially Fake News After it Backfires

12/7/2017 - Liberals Complain About New Facebook Fact-Checking Partner The Weekly Standard

October 2017

10/20/2017 - Facebook’s Fact-Checking Moves Slowly

10/13/2017 - Facebook’s Sandberg Knocks Twitter for Blocking Blackburn Ad

September 2017

9/27/2017 - WaPo Flubs Another Russia ‘Scoop,’ Issues Major Retraction

9/12/2017 - Report: Facebook’s Attempt to Kill Fake News Isn’t Working

August 2017

8/14/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Trump’s First 200 Days, McConnell-Staying or Going?, Google’s Diversity Crisis, Hillary the Preacher and More

July 2017

7/25/2017 - School Librarians Getting Into Liberal Indoctrination Biz

April 2017

4/7/2017 - Facebook Rolling Out “Educational Tool” to Help Users Spot Fake News

March 2017

3/21/2017 - West Philly Program Teaches Kids How to Spot Fake News

December 2016

12/21/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Terrorism Abroad, Electoral College Vote, Obama Blames the Media for Clinton Loss, Rex Tillerson, Fake News and More

12/17/2016 - NBA on TNT Remembers Craig Sager’s Fashion

12/17/2016 - Another Icon Gone: TNT Journalist Craig Sager Passes Away from Cancer Fight

12/16/2016 - Facebook Partners with Liberal Organizations to Stop Fake News

12/16/2016 - Facebook to Employ Third Party Fact Checkers for Fake News

12/11/2016 - Actor George Takei Blasts Donald Trump’s Election, says Trump is ‘Uninformed’

12/6/2016 - Greta Van Susteren: Fake News Proliferation Due to Poor Reporting

12/4/2016 - Bias Buzz Podcast: Trump’s Ingenious Marketing Strategy Won Him the White House

November 2016

11/8/2016 - Social Media Sites Look to Grab a Slice of Election Day Viewers

October 2016

10/20/2016 - Study: More Frequent Facebook Ads could Move Voters’ Opinions

10/14/2016 - Google News Launches Fact Check Feature—Just in Time for Election

10/4/2016 - Black Hawk Down: We Remember

September 2016

9/28/2016 - Presidential Debate Was Most-Watched and Tweeted Ever

August 2016

8/10/2016 - Dan Rather Rips Trump’s “Direct Threat” Against Clinton on Facebook

July 2016

7/18/2016 - Slain Baton Rouge Police Officer’s Facebook Post Reminds Everyone of Love

7/12/2016 - Dallas Police Chief David Brown to Black Lives Matter: “Get Off That Protest Line and Put an Application In”

June 2016

6/24/2016 - Facebook to Train Employees to Identify Political Bias

6/16/2016 - Last Facebook Post Before the Attack, Orlando Shooter Claimed More ISIS Attacks Imminent

6/13/2016 - Hillary Clinton Calls for More Gun Control after Orlando Club Shooting

6/1/2016 - Black Lives Matter’s LGBTQ Agenda

May 2016

5/24/2016 - Facebook: Trending Topics May Have Favored Mainstream Media

5/23/2016 - Facebook Users Learned about Facebook Censorship Scandal from Facebook Feed

5/23/2016 - Woman’s Laugh while Wearing a Chewbacca Mask Goes Viral, Kohl’s Gives Her Gift Cards

5/20/2016 - Glenn Beck: Facebook Meeting “Was Like Affirmative Action for Conservatives”

5/17/2016 - Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg to Meet with Conservative Media Figures

5/16/2016 - Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Claims He’ll Meet with Conservatives after Censorship Scandal

5/10/2016 - White House Accepts Facebook’s Explanation on Censoring Conservative News

5/10/2016 - Facebook VP Apologizes for Facebook Discriminating Against Conservatives, but Claims They Didn’t Do So

5/9/2016 - Former Facebook Workers Confirm Facebook Discriminated Against Conservative News

5/4/2016 - Conservative News Sites and Topics Blacklisted by Facebook

April 2016

4/28/2016 - Facebook Growth Surprises Wall Street

4/26/2016 - George Takei Won’t Apologize for Anti-Romani/Gypsy Facebook Post

4/19/2016 - Poll: Trust in Media at Six Percent

4/7/2016 - Facebook’s War on Victims?

4/3/2016 - North Korea Bans Facebook, Twitter

February 2016

2/26/2016 - Syrian Jihadists Use Facebook to Sell U.S. Weapons

2/19/2016 - Facebook and Twitter Back Apple against the FBI’s Request for Decryption Help of iPhone

2/2/2016 - Bernie Sanders the Most-Talked-About Candidate on Facebook among Iowans

January 2016

1/2/2016 - Oops: Facebook Error Celebrates 46 Years of Friendship

December 2015

12/15/2015 - San Bernardino Terrorist Sent Pro-Jihad Facebook Messages before Coming to America

September 2015

9/30/2015 - Pumpkin Spice Latte Questioner was a Former Hillary Clinton Staffer

9/15/2015 - Marine Officer Blasts Secretary of the Navy’s Dismissal of Study of Women’s Integration into Marine Corps

9/12/2015 - Actor Chris Pratt asked People to #ThankAVeteran on 9/11

August 2015

8/21/2015 - 2016 Campaign: Trump, Clinton Dominate Social Media

July 2015

7/21/2015 - Looking for Answers, Reporters Infiltrate Hillary Facebook Chat

7/15/2015 - Americans Increasingly Turn to Facebook and Twitter for Political News

7/10/2015 - Facebook, Twitter may be Forced by Feds to Turn Over User Information

February 2015

2/3/2015 - Arianna Huffington Wants More Happy Facebook Stories

November 2014

11/4/2014 - NPR Reminds Reporters “No Cheering from the Press Box” On Election Day

October 2014

10/16/2014 - Tackling Media Bias Against Guns and Gun Owners

10/15/2014 - Facebook, Apple to offer Female Employees the Option to Freeze Eggs

May 2014

5/4/2014 - Wall Street Investors Cold on Twitter’s Fate

April 2014

4/5/2014 - Candy Crush Mobile Game IPO comes back to earth

March 2014

3/9/2014 - Turkey Clampdown Continues: Erdogan could ban Facebook, YouTube

November 2013

11/16/2013 - Snapchat rejected $3 Billion Facebook Buyout Bid

11/6/2013 - Twitter Boosts IPO and Beats Skeptics, for now

11/5/2013 - Half of Twitter Users read News on Social Media

October 2013

10/29/2013 - Brazil threatens to limit Facebook and Social Media Use

10/25/2013 - Twitter IPO valued at Modest $11 Billion

10/22/2013 - Twitter’s IPO could take a hit with Inactive Users

10/5/2013 - Twitter tries to raise $1 Billion for IPO

September 2013

9/26/2013 - Facebook and Twitter too late to China’s Internet Game

9/20/2013 - Facebook Bans Advertiser for using Dead Teenager’s Picture

9/19/2013 - Facebook ‘Likes’ Protected under Law, rules Judge

9/13/2013 - Facebook Shares soar past 2012 Price (Finally)

9/1/2013 - Microsoft may buy stake in Foursquare

August 2013

8/9/2013 - AOL to buy Video Ad platform to Compete with Google, Facebook

July 2013

7/15/2013 - George Zimmerman found Not Guilty, Trayvon Martin supporters go to Twitter & Facebook

June 2013

6/24/2013 - Facebook Data Breach exposed 6 million users’ info

6/11/2013 - Google close to buying out Israeli map app Waze

October 2012

10/1/2012 - Online Media Consumption Continues to Grow At the Expense of Newspapers

July 2012

7/31/2012 - Sen. Mitch McConnell Declares Old Media Monopoly Over

February 2012

2/8/2012 - Cable News Beats Social Media As a Campaign News Source

2/4/2012 - New Branded Twitter Pages Make Their Debut for NBC News, HuffPo, NPR

August 2011

8/25/2011 - Help Wanted: Obama Campaign Looking for Someone With Common Sense

May 2011

5/22/2011 - Social Media’s Influence on Journalism Continues to Grow

April 2011

4/20/2011 - President Obama Pulls a Pawlenty – on Facebook

January 2011

1/6/2011 - Internet Now Top News Source for Under 30 Crowd

December 2010

12/16/2010 - Will Piers Morgan Save CNN?