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EU Crackdown on Toasters, Kettles after Brexit Vote in UK

Talk about a PR disaster in Brussels: The EU is poised to ban high-powered appliances such as kettles, toasters, hair-dryers within months of Britain’s referendum vote, despite senior officials admitting the plan has brought them “ridicule”. The European Commission plans to unveil long-delayed ‘ecodesign’ restrictions on small household appliances in the autumn. They are expected […]

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Lithuania could be a New Member of the EU

WASHINGTON — Lithuania expects they will be joining the European Union eurozone (the economic bloc using the euro has their main currency), even with their budget deficit higher this year than their original forecasts. Reuters reported that they aim to join the eurozone by 2015 and the main qualification is that its deficit cannot exceed […]

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Positive European Sentiment at all-time 2 Year High

WASHINGTON — Investor sentiment in the eurozone, or the European Union countries that use the euro as currency, is on the upswing even though their overall economies are struggling. Reuters reported that investors were encouraged by the end of the currency bloc’s recession, which was buoyed by the German economy. This is a big improvement […]

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Cyprus backs out of potential U.S. Strike on Syria

WASHINGTON — Cyprus, which is in the Mediterranean Sea and close to Syria, is not going to involve itself in any potential strike on Syria. Reuters reported that the island nation would only offer assistance to third-country nationals and citizens that are fleeing the Middle East. Cypriot government spokesman Christos Stylianides said that any intervention is […]

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German candidates Spar over Economy

WASHINGTON — The German electoral race is getting closer to the end as incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel faced off against her Social Democrat opponent Peer Steinbrueck. Reuters reported that Merkel has led the entire electoral race from the start as Germany continues to buoy up the European Union and the eurozone currency system, but even […]

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June 2016

6/25/2016 - EU Crackdown on Toasters, Kettles after Brexit Vote in UK

6/24/2016 - #Brexit Fall Out: David Cameron Resigns after UK Voters Vote to Leave the European Union

January 2015

1/26/2015 - Anti-Budget Cuts Greek Party wins Election, puts Eurozone at Risk

1/24/2015 - Greek Left-Wing Party could Stop Eurozone Bailouts

December 2013

12/11/2013 - Italy and France continue to Struggle during Economic Doldrums

November 2013

11/23/2013 - Lithuania could be a New Member of the EU

11/8/2013 - Europe breathes Sigh of Relief as Portugal Unemployment Rate falls

September 2013

9/11/2013 - Positive European Sentiment at all-time 2 Year High

9/10/2013 - Cyprus backs out of potential U.S. Strike on Syria

9/2/2013 - German candidates Spar over Economy

9/1/2013 - Uh Oh: Slovenia Recession eases, but More Pain Ahead

August 2013

8/18/2013 - European End Game? Banks closing across Europe

8/17/2013 - EU pulling out of a Recession? Not so Fast

July 2013

7/23/2013 - #RoyalBaby saga over as Britain welcomes a new Prince

7/22/2013 - Bad Euro hurting German Investor Confidence

7/16/2013 - Spain on Brink of Economic Collapse, says IMF

7/6/2013 - Germany’s Merkel tries to lower Youth Unemployment

June 2013

6/24/2013 - Greece says it’ll meet Bailout Goals

6/19/2013 - Insult to Injury: Greek TV suffers temporary shutdown

6/7/2013 - France raises taxes on the rich

May 2013

5/31/2013 - Euro Bank to France: Cut Spending Now!

5/24/2013 - British PM to rule coalition until 2015, reports say

5/24/2013 - Ex-PM says Bulgarian Gov’t should be able to form Coalition

5/20/2013 - Google Tax Round 2? Britain questions Google over taxes

5/18/2013 - Amazon UK pays $3.7 million in taxes, Britain unhappy

5/18/2013 - Germany can’t stop Eurozone from another recession

5/16/2013 - Economics 101: France allows private sector layoffs