Accuracy in Media

June 2016

6/5/2016 - Eric Holder Praised Edward Snowden?

April 2016

4/10/2016 - Obama’s DOJ Fails to Meet Deadline to Turn Over All Documents from Fast and Furious

June 2015

6/1/2015 - Gov’t Waste: DOJ Spends $585,000 on Studying Far-Right Social Media Use

March 2015

3/22/2015 - Obama calls on GOP to Confirm his AG Nominee Loretta Lynch

3/18/2015 - Obama’s Attorney General Nominee Loretta Lynch may not make it past the Senate

3/1/2015 - Eric Holder: Obama is No Richard Nixon, didn’t Restrict the Press

February 2015

2/13/2015 - Senator asks Loretta Lynch, Attorney General Nominee, why she let Criminals Walk

January 2015

1/28/2015 - Senate Judiciary Committee to Grill Eric Holder’s Replacement

1/10/2015 - Obama, Holder and the DOJ could Send former CIA Chief Petraeus to Jail

November 2014

11/21/2014 - DOJ Emails on “Fast and Furious” Show Targeting of Former CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson

11/7/2014 - Eric Holder’s Parting Gift? $100 Million fine for Hyundai, Kia for Gas Mileage Claims

October 2014

10/16/2014 - Obama will nominate New Attorney General after Election Day

September 2014

9/29/2014 - Gun Rights Policy Conference Scores a Bullseye

August 2014

8/21/2014 - Obama Golfs, Sends Eric Holder to Ferguson, Missouri

8/16/2013 - Obama’s Justice Department: Blocking Airline Merger

8/14/2013 - Obama’s Justice Department: Eric Holder to reduce Drug Crime Sentences

July 2013

7/9/2013 - Obama wants a “Smarter” Government

7/2/2013 - DOJ investigates American Airlines, US Airways on Merger

7/1/2013 - Snowden Lawyer Close to Senator Rand Paul’s Office

June 2013

6/10/2013 - WaPo’s Ignatius: Holder a “Mediocre” Attorney General

6/7/2013 - Sideshow? Obama addresses mental health issues amid scandals

6/7/2013 - Big Brother? Obama admin collecting American’s phone records

6/4/2013 - Obama admin fires back, says AG Holder didn’t lie

6/3/2013 - New York Times’ Jill Abramson: “Concerned That the Process of News Gathering is Being Criminalized”

6/3/2013 - Tom Brokaw: “Tough to See” How Eric Holder Keeps His Job

May 2013

5/31/2013 - Fox News: We never received DOJ subpoena records

5/28/2013 - Bob Schieffer: Obama Needs to “Rethink His Entire Communications Policy”

5/22/2013 - Headline of the Week: “Obama tries to bounce back after a tough week”

5/21/2013 - AP says reporters afraid of DOJ monitoring

5/16/2013 - Obama fires acting tax chief with strings attached

5/16/2013 - Obama releases Benghazi e-mails same day as IRS chief resignation

5/15/2013 - NBC’s Lisa Myers: Hard to Imagine Obama Approved AP Probe

July 2012

7/2/2012 - CNN’s Candy Crowley Pushes White House Chief of Staff Over Executive Privilege Hypocrisy

June 2012

6/19/2012 - Fmr. Democratic Rep. Davis: Voter ID Laws DO NOT Disenfranchise Minorities

6/14/2012 - Who is the White House Mole?

6/11/2012 - Republicans Outmaneuvered by Obama and Holder

April 2012

4/20/2012 - Holder Refuses to Enforce the Law Against WikiLeaks and Russia Today