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NY Times, WaPo Intent on Forcing Out EPA Administrator Pruitt

Is EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt another arrogant politician freely blowing the taxpayers’ hard-earned money on unnecessary extravagances, or has the media correctly identified him as one of the most effective proponents of President Trump’s agenda and become obsessed with bringing him down? Julie Kelly at American Greatness says it’s the latter. In “The NYT’s ‘Ridiculous’ […]

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Media Laments EPA’s Swamp-Draining

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt is draining his part of the swamp, and the mainstream media is not happy about it. The Washington Post reported Monday that Pruitt plans to reform the agency’s key advisory group by getting rid of scientists who have received grants from the EPA and replacing them with industry experts and government […]

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Frontline Takes on the ‘War on the EPA’

The narrative on the Trump White House used to be that it was so chaotic, so out of control, so poorly led that nothing was getting done in America. Frontline, the long-running PBS show, has put together an hour-long documentary on EPA administrator Scott Pruitt and the swift and decisive changes he has brought to […]

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NBC News, in People’s Climate March Piece, Highlights Trump’s Climate Change Skepticism

In their article on the People’s Climate March, which took place in Washington, D.C. and several other cities, NBC News highlighted the climate change skepticism of the Trump administration (even asserting “mocking voice” in one of Trump’s speeches on his climate change remarks): Throughout his campaign, Trump frequently scoffed at the idea that global warming […]

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April 2018

4/19/2018 - NY Times, WaPo Intent on Forcing Out EPA Administrator Pruitt

October 2017

10/31/2017 - Media Laments EPA’s Swamp-Draining

10/12/2017 - Frontline Takes on the ‘War on the EPA’

September 2017

9/6/2017 - Washington Post Picks On Conservative While Dems Rake In Government Money

July 2017

7/6/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- North Korean Missile Crisis, CNN Bullies Reddit User Over Trump GIF, Chris Christie’s Beach and More

7/6/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- North Korean Missile Crisis, CNN Bullies Reddit User Over Trump GIF, Chris Christie’s Beach and More

June 2017

6/30/2017 - Fact Check: Huffington Post Writer got Water Rule Protection Claim Wrong

May 2017

5/9/2017 - Liberal Media Unhappy about Trump’s EPA Not Rubber-Stamping Obama’s EPA Advisors

5/1/2017 - NBC News, in People’s Climate March Piece, Highlights Trump’s Climate Change Skepticism

March 2017

3/29/2017 - Media Skeptical of Trump’s Reversal of Obama’s Coal and Climate Rules

January 2017

1/26/2017 - Temporary Media Blackout for EPA, Other Departments

1/21/2017 - CNN Highlighted So-Called Climate Change Consensus Narrative in Discussing Trump’s EPA Pick

December 2016

12/13/2016 - Slanted Headline? CNN said ‘Trump taps climate change denier to lead EPA’

12/2/2016 - Washington Post, in Article about Trump’s Advisors, Claimed Obama’s “Tenure has been Relatively Scandal-Free”

June 2016

6/1/2016 - SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Landowners and Against the EPA

May 2016

5/5/2016 - Obama Believes the Flint Water Crisis is a Shared Responsibility

5/5/2016 - Obama Drinks Water from Flint, Michigan to Show It’s Safe to Drink

5/3/2016 - Clean Energy Project Disaster Could Lead to Coal Industry Beating the EPA

April 2016

4/27/2016 - Flint Residents File Negligence Claim against EPA, Want $220 Million for Lead Contamination

4/22/2016 - EPA Chief: Climate Change Affects Your Health So Don’t Deny It

4/17/2016 - EPA Backs Off Auto Racing Rules

4/4/2016 - EPA’s Earth Day Kids Campaign says Cars are Bad

March 2016

3/29/2016 - Now Officials Backtrack on Flint Water Date, say It May Take More Time

February 2016

2/14/2016 - Michigan Officials were Tired of EPA Researcher’s Findings in Flint, Michigan

2/13/2016 - States Blast EPA for Ignoring Recent SCOTUS Decision on Clean Energy

2/13/2016 - Emails Expose EPA Dragging Feet on Flint’s Water Crisis

2/12/2016 - Guess What? EPA Gold King Mine Spill was Worse than Previously Thought

2/10/2016 - SCOTUS Halts EPA’s Clean Power Plant Plan

2/7/2016 - EPA Under Fire as GOP Focuses on Probe of Flint, Michigan Water Crisis

2/3/2016 - Two Officials Involved in the Flint, Michigan Water Crisis Won’t Appear Before Congress

January 2016

1/21/2016 - Michigan GOP Governor Takes Blame for Flint Water Crisis, but the EPA Knew It, Too

1/19/2016 - Michigan Governor Disputes Hillary Clinton’s Claim that She Spurred Action in Flint over Water Problems

1/15/2016 - War on Coal: Obama will Halt New Coal Leases

December 2015

12/17/2015 - EPA asks Americans to Give Gift Cards as Presents to Save the Earth

12/15/2015 - EPA Violated Rules in Pushing Propaganda on Water Rule

12/13/2015 - Obama Administration Looks to Overturn Fracking Ruling

November 2015

11/13/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Energy Plan is More ‘Clean’ Energy

11/10/2015 - EPA Gave Child Sex and Drug Offenders Paid Leave

October 2015

10/23/2015 - EPA Blamed for Catastrophic Toxic Spill into the Colorado River

10/12/2015 - Watchdog Group: EPA is Running a $160 Million PR Machine

10/7/2015 - Democrats want to Discredit EPA Critics

September 2015

9/24/2015 - EPA Official Spent $69,000 of Taxpayer Dollars to Fly Home on Weekends

9/24/2015 - Volkswagen CEO Resigns Amid Cheating-on-Emissions Scandal

9/16/2015 - Time to Impeach EPA’s Gina McCarthy?

August 2015

8/16/2015 - EPA’s Clean Power Plant Rules Include Offsets for Poor People

8/12/2015 - EPA Spill Upgraded to 3 Million Gallons into the Colorado River

8/9/2015 - EPA Accidentally Dumps 1 Million Gallons of Wastewater into the Colorado River

8/5/2015 - Obama’s EPA Plan will Shrink Coal Industry by 48%

8/5/2015 - GOP Accuses Environmentalists, EPA of Colluding on New Climate Regulations

8/3/2015 - Obama wants to Impose Tougher Emissions Rules on Power Plants

July 2015

7/6/2015 - EPA used Liberal Think Tank’s Talking Points to Talk to Skeptical Reporters

June 2015

6/29/2015 - SCOTUS strikes down EPA Air Pollution Rules

6/24/2015 - Obama’s EPA Chief says Climate Change Deniers are Not Normal

6/23/2015 - EPA Official used Personal E-mail to Solicit Help from Sierra Club

March 2015

3/3/2015 - Judge Slams EPA’s Lack of Compliance with Conservatives

February 2015

2/18/2015 - Obama’s Carbon Emission Rules could cost Half a Million Manufacturing Jobs

January 2015

1/17/2015 - Obama’s EPA Scrubbed Text Messages, Violating Law

November 2014

11/27/2014 - EPA Clean Air Regulations could drive Northeast Ohio out of Business

June 2014

6/5/2014 - Obama announces Sweeping Climate Change Rules with the Pen

April 2012

4/5/2012 - Obama Gives Coal Miners the Shaft

September 2011

9/8/2011 - Al Gore Accuses Obama of Bowing to Polluters

August 2011

8/17/2011 - Reuters shocked that Republicans are opposed to job-killing EPA