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Warren Fires Back at Trump, but Media Doesn’t Ask If ‘Pocahontas’ Story is True

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D.-Mass.) spoke at the National Congress of American Indians in Washington, D.C., in an unscheduled speech. There, Warren used the opportunity to criticize President Donald Trump’s claims that she used a fake Native American identity to get a professorship and tenure at Harvard University and called her Pocahontas on social media. The […]

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Liz Warren Pens Op-Ed to Hold Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos ‘Accountable’

In her op-ed, run at news outlets such as CNN, Massachusetts U.S. Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Warren criticized Trump’s Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and vowed to make DeVos “accountable” for her actions. First, DeVos was confirmed, so how can she be held accountable if she is an unelected cabinet official in the new administration? […]

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Who are CNN’s Early Leaders for Democratic 2020 Candidates?

According to CNN Editor-at-large Chris Cilizza (formerly of the Washington Post), the top three candidates for the Democratic Party heading into 2020 presidential elections are Joe Biden (who recently told an audience that he won’t be running), Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But, there are nineteen other potential candidates for the party, in Cilizza’s estimation. […]

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Bill Maher Called Liz Warren ‘Pocahontas’ to Her Face

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s Real Time, did not hold back with Democratic U.S. Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Warren when she appeared on his show this past week. President Trump called Warren “Pocahontas” because Warren once claimed she was part-Native American, and Maher used same nickname when Warren tried to rebut one of his statements on why she […]

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