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MSNBC Fires Race-Baiting Host Melissa Harris-Perry

MSNBC and Melissa Harris-Perry have parted company after the race-baiting host fired off an angry email about her show being pre-empted over the last two weeks. Harris-Perry had apparently been complaining about the pre-emptions with MSNBC brass. But her refusal to appear on her show on Saturday, coupled with an email she sent to her […]

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He’s Baack! Former MSNBC Loudmouth Ed Schultz Joins Russian Propaganda Network RT America [Video]

Former MSNBC host Ed Schultz, who was fired last year after posting consistently low ratings, is returning to cable television with a new show, “The News with Ed Schultz,” on Russian propaganda network RT America. Schultz’s show will “focus on exploring issues that most affect working Americans, particularly within the context of the upcoming U.S. […]

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Hillary Backer Chris Matthews Jabs Fellow MSNBCer Ed Schultz for “Jumping Up and Down” for Bernie Sanders [Video]

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, who is an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, jabbed his colleague Ed Schlutz for “jumping up and down” for Bernie Sanders, who is challenging Hillary for the Democratic Party nomination: Bernie got a big crowd out there in Denver. Ed Schultz was jumping up and down about it tonight. Matthews was […]

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February 2016

2/29/2016 - MSNBC Fires Race-Baiting Host Melissa Harris-Perry

January 2016

1/14/2016 - He’s Baack! Former MSNBC Loudmouth Ed Schultz Joins Russian Propaganda Network RT America [Video]

July 2015

7/23/2015 - MSNBC to Shake-Up Daytime Programming—Goodbye Ed Schultz, Hello Chuck Todd

June 2015

6/24/2015 - Hillary Backer Chris Matthews Jabs Fellow MSNBCer Ed Schultz for “Jumping Up and Down” for Bernie Sanders [Video]

February 2015

2/13/2015 - Ed Schultz: ObamaCare means “you just have to pay a little more, that’s all”

December 2013

12/12/2013 - MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Website is Fixed—Dems Should Tell People “It Works”

November 2013

11/14/2013 - Ed Schultz: Obamacare Enrollment “100% Higher Than Yesterday” [Video]

11/13/2013 - Ed Schultz: Mainstream Media “Wants Obamacare to Fail”—“Cherry Picking” Bad Facts [Video]

October 2013

10/4/2013 - Ed Schultz: “There Are No Glitches” in Obamacare Rollout—Blames Fox & GOP [Video]

August 2013

8/28/2013 - MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Admits His Ratings Have Been “Bad”

8/21/2013 - Chris Matthews Begs Viewers to Watch Hardball in New Time Slot

July 2013

7/10/2013 - Former MSNBC Producer Rips Network—Says it has become the “Official Network of the Obama White House”

June 2013

6/4/2013 - MSNBC President Phil Griffin: We’re “Not the Place” For Breaking News

March 2013

3/14/2013 - Demoted: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Moving to Weekends

December 2012

12/5/2012 - White House Opens Its Doors to MSNBC Hosts

November 2012

11/12/2012 - NY Times Reports that MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Could Be Replaced by WaPo’s Ezra Klein

June 2012

6/2/2012 - MSNBC’s Ed Schultz to Speak at Wisconsin Democratic Convention

May 2012

5/11/2012 - MSNBC Mashup: Bullying Mitt Romney

March 2012

3/25/2012 - MSNBC Separates the News from the Views?

3/7/2012 - Ed Schultz: Gingrich’s Southern Supporters are “Low Information Voters”

February 2012

2/21/2012 - MSNBC President Predicts Future Success for Ed Schultz Despite Ratings Challenges

2/1/2012 - MSNBC Slips to Third in Primetime Ratings Behind CNN

January 2012

1/6/2012 - Ed Schultz Tells Liberal Critics to “Shut Up”

1/3/2012 - MSNBC’s Schultz Finally Discloses Three-Year Old NBC-Bain Capital Partnership [Video]

December 2011

12/11/2011 - Anderson Cooper’s Show Giving MSNBC a Run for Its Money

12/4/2011 - Anderson Cooper Gives MSNBC’s Schultz a Beatdown Over GQ Tirade

12/3/2011 - Al Sharpton’s MSNBC News Ticker Goes for Advocacy Over News

12/2/2011 - Ed Schultz Tells GQ to “Kiss My A**” Over “Least Influential” Label

November 2011

11/14/2011 - Cenk Uygur: “I Was Fired Despite Great Ratings” — Record Says Otherwise

October 2011

10/20/2011 - MSNBC, Looking to Improve Ratings, Rejiggers Primetime Lineup

September 2011

9/28/2011 - MSNBC Is Losing Viewers to CNN

9/18/2011 - CNN’s Anderson Cooper Beats MSNBC Twice in One Night

June 2011

6/17/2011 - MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: “Republicans Should Also Show the Same Kind of Character that Anthony Weiner Did Today”

6/9/2011 - That Was Fast, MSNBC’s Schultz Attacks Breitbart Over Weiner Photo

6/7/2011 - Tough Day for the Left, Weiner Admits He Lied

April 2011

4/25/2011 - The Four+ Fallacies of Lean Forward, 2.0

March 2011

3/13/2011 - Ed Schultz Leans Forward At a Non-Union Shipyard.

January 2011

1/11/2011 - MSNBC Earns its Low Ratings Yet Again

December 2010

12/22/2010 - MSNBC Prez Admits That Ed Schultz Has “Crossed the Line” A Couple of Times