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Clinton Campaign tells Fox News’ Ed Henry He was Limited to One Question from Last Month

From the Washington Free Beacon: “Fox News correspondent Ed Henry revealed Tuesday why he wasn’t able to ask Hillary Clinton a question at her press conference on Monday, where his visible frustration was reported by theWashington Free Beacon.” “According to Henry, Clinton’s press secretary told him that he had already gotten to ask Clinton a question […]

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Jay Carney: “Communications Are Challenging Here” [Video]

White House press secretary Jay Carney admitted during Tuesday’s daily press briefing that “communications are challenging here,” as he struggled once again to defend the disastrous Obamacare website rollout. Carney’s admission came during an exchange with Fox News’ Ed Henry: Henry:  Jay, obviously the words the President said three years ago have been picked over […]

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August 2015

8/31/2015 - About 150 More Hillary Clinton Emails had Classified Info

8/29/2015 - Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Like Fox News’ Ed Henry

8/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton Jokes About Email Server Being Wiped: “Like With a Cloth or Something?” [Video]

8/8/2015 - Democrats Tell Fox News’ Ed Henry They’re Worried about Hillary Clinton Avoiding the Media

8/7/2015 - FBI Confirms Criminal Probe of Hillary’s E-mail Server

June 2015

6/17/2015 - Clinton Campaign tells Fox News’ Ed Henry He was Limited to One Question from Last Month

6/16/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Evades Fox News Reporter, Again

March 2015

3/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ducks Question about Filling Out a Required Form related to E-mails, Docs

November 2013

11/6/2013 - Jay Carney: “Communications Are Challenging Here” [Video]

October 2011

10/16/2011 - W.H. Chief of Staff Says Some in the Media “Carry Water” for Politicians [Video]

10/6/2011 - White House Press Secretary Doesn’t Think Reporters are Tough Enough

September 2011

9/13/2011 - Ed Henry: “Everybody Freaked Out When I Started Asking Tough Questions At Fox”

August 2011

8/4/2011 - Fox News’ Ed Henry: “I Like to Play for a First Place Team”

July 2011

7/29/2011 - Van Susteren Calls Carney “Petty;” Says White House Needs to “Give It A Rest”

7/28/2011 - Round Two: White House Spox Carney Goes After Fox’s Henry Again

7/27/2011 - White House’s Carney Loses Patience, Turns on Press Corps

June 2011

6/29/2011 - Why Ed Henry Left CNN for Fox

6/22/2011 - Ed Henry’s Move to Fox Raises Media Matters’ Ire