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CNN Makes Easter about the #MeToo Movement

CNN, in time for Easter weekend, published a piece that attempted to tie the anti-sexual-assault /harassment movement known as #MeToo to Easter. The article, entitled, “How Easter became a #MeToo moment,” was written by CNN writer John Blake. Blake, who writes on religion, race, politics and other topics, linked the alleged anti-woman narrative of the […]

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Ronald Reagan’s Easter Message

In this Easter message from 1983, President Ronald Reagan reminded Americans not only of the meaning of Easter and Passover, but also of the struggles of those behind the Berlin Wall and in other parts of the world that were suffering under the Soviet Union and Communist oppression:

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The Rocks in Tom Friedman’s Head

(Exclusive to Accuracy in Media) On Easter/Passover Eve, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman served up “A Middle East Twofer,” his newest seasonal Mid-East peace plan combining Friedman’s own special home recipe of hypocrisy, lovingly layered with finger-licking idiocy: “Palestinians need to accompany every boycott, hunger strike or rock they throw at Israel with a […]

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