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ISIS Terrorism in Europe is Hurting Tourism

An insightful New York Times piece on how the Islamic State-inspired terrorism is dampening Europe’s tourism industry, if not decimating it: In France, growth in nightly hotel room bookings after the Paris attacks fell to single digits from 20 percent. After the Brussels bombings, bookings went negative, and after Nice, bookings fell by double digits, […]

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#Brexit is a Good Thing After All, says Expert

Iain Murray, writes for the National Review and is vice president of strategy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) located in Washington, D.C. He tells Accuracy in Media’s Amanda Florian he is pro-Brexit for many reasons, one of those being he hopes Britain will regain its sovereignty. Photo by ReflectedSerendipity

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September 2016

9/28/2016 - European Union Gives Cash to Turkey to Manage Refugees

August 2016

8/1/2016 - Muslims Attending Mass in Solidarity against ISIS Terrorism

July 2016

7/29/2016 - ISIS Terrorism in Europe is Hurting Tourism

7/19/2016 - Turkey Coup Collapsed Over the Weekend, World Leaders Warn Turkey to Not Execute Coup Plotters

7/19/2016 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Teen Refugee Axe Attack that Wounds 18 People on German Train

7/13/2016 - German Migrant Crime Crisis: 2,000 Foreign Men Committed at least 1,200 Sexual Assaults against Women

7/12/2016 - UK has a New Prime Minister in Theresa May

7/5/2016 - After Cameron’s Resignation, Five Candidates Emerge for Britain’s Prime Minister

7/5/2016 - UKIP’s Nigel Farage Quits, Says Brexit was the Reason for His Political Career

7/3/2016 - #Brexit is a Good Thing After All, says Expert

June 2016

6/27/2016 - Scotland: Secession is Back On the Table

6/27/2016 - Channeling Inner Trump? Washington Post says Post-Brexit, UK could become “Little England”

6/25/2016 - EU Crackdown on Toasters, Kettles after Brexit Vote in UK

6/25/2016 - Donald Trump, in Scotland, Praised UK’s Leave Vote in a Pro-Remain Scotland

6/24/2016 - #Brexit Vote Verdict is Leave the European Union, Highest Voter Turnout Since 1992

6/24/2016 - #Brexit Fall Out: David Cameron Resigns after UK Voters Vote to Leave the European Union

May 2016

5/31/2016 - Survey of European Muslims finds 44% Align with Fundamentalist Views

5/25/2016 - More Fighting in Eastern Ukraine Leaves 7 Soldiers Dead

5/24/2016 - Independent Candidate Wins Austrian Presidential Election over Far-Right Candidate

5/16/2016 - Obama Advisor Ben Rhodes ‘Not Proud’ of His Syria Policy

5/4/2016 - EU Nations that Reject Migrants to be Hit with $300,000-per-Head Fine

5/3/2016 - Should Jews be Worried about a Muslim Migration into Europe?

April 2016

4/26/2016 - Obama Tells Germans to Not Blame Refugees for Current Problems

4/25/2016 - Obama to British Allies: Say ‘No’ to ‘Brexit’

4/13/2016 - Refugee Crisis Could Fracture the EU, Bono Worries

4/11/2016 - EU Upset at US Visas for Some EU Countries, May Require Americans to Acquire Visas

March 2016

3/28/2016 - Belgian Authorities Charge Three People in Brussels Terrorist Attacks

3/24/2016 - Europe’s Breeding Ground for Terror

3/21/2016 - Captured Paris Terrorist Attacker was Planning Another Attack

3/17/2016 - In Belgian Raid, Algerian Gunman found with ISIS Flag, Radical Islam Book Nearby

3/14/2016 - Open Borders Backlash in Germany: Merkel’s Party and Allies Lose Ground in Election

3/9/2016 - Europe’s Plan for Refugees: Send Them to Turkey

February 2016

2/19/2016 - Austria to Go Ahead with Refugee Cap Despite EU Warnings

January 2016

1/21/2016 - EU Infighting over Migrant Crisis

1/14/2016 - Polish Media Takeover? Protesters Unhappy with Gov’t Takeover of Media, TV

1/11/2016 - Pope Francis: Europe can Welcome Immigrants while Remaining Safe

1/6/2016 - Sexual Assaults in Germany on New Year’s Eve Reportedly Perpetrated by Arab, North African Men

December 2015

12/31/2015 - Overwhelmed by Immigrants, Sweden is Turning Them Away

12/22/2015 - Over 1 Million Migrants Entered Europe in 2015

October 2015

10/17/2015 - Germany’s Open Borders Policy for Middle Eastern ‘Refugees’ Causing Internal Strife

September 2015

9/29/2015 - European Bank Report: Welfare State Creates More Income Inequality

9/25/2015 - Report: America has 10 Million More Foreign-Born Residents than Europe

9/23/2015 - EU Closes Borders and Now Immigrants Stuck in the Balkans

9/21/2015 - John Kerry Announces Increase in Refugee Quotas the Next 2 Years

9/18/2015 - Hungary sees Immigrants Hopping Fences to Gain Entrance

9/14/2015 - Germany Sets Immigration Quota at 1 Million

9/8/2015 - Germany says It Can Take Up to 500,000 Refugees a Year

9/3/2015 - Hungary Shuts Down Trains Leaving the Country

August 2015

8/31/2015 - After Illegal Immigrant Deaths in a Truck, Austria begins Inspection of Trucks

8/17/2015 - Russia and Putin Aim to Take Eastern Europe

8/14/2015 - 3rd Bailout Deal Approved by Greek Lawmakers

July 2015

7/18/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Big Fat Greek Debt

7/14/2015 - Russian Soldiers Prosecuted for Refusing to Volunteer to Fight in Ukraine

7/14/2015 - Greek Prime Minister faces Criticism over E.U. Bailout Deal from his Own Party

7/13/2015 - It’s All Greek to Me: Greece gets New Bailout Package from E.U.

7/7/2015 - Flashback Milton Friedman: He Warned about the Euro

7/6/2015 - Greece Rejects E.U. Bailout in a Vote, Premier says it was Brave

June 2015

6/10/2015 - VIDEO: State Dept won’t take Position on E.U. Labeling of Israeli Settlement Products

April 2015

4/20/2015 - EU Suing Google is a Distraction from Economic Downturn

March 2015

3/22/2015 - The French say “No Bomb” as U.S. and Kerry like Iran Nukes Deal

3/20/2015 - Iran Nuclear Talks at a Standstill over Ending Sanctions

February 2015

2/9/2015 - Dan Hannan: Hypersensitivity on Race doesn’t Help People

January 2015

1/26/2015 - Anti-Budget Cuts Greek Party wins Election, puts Eurozone at Risk

1/24/2015 - Greek Left-Wing Party could Stop Eurozone Bailouts

1/4/2015 - Germany would help Euro Zone if Greece exits the Economy

September 2014

9/18/2014 - Ukraine Ratifies EU Peace Deal, Special Status offered to Eastern Region

9/9/2014 - France’s Socialist President Blasted for Remarks on Poor People

9/6/2014 - Ukraine, Pro-Russia Rebels Sign Ceasefire

August 2014

8/14/2014 - Russia could Invade Ukraine, says NATO

June 2014

6/2/2014 - EU Members Romania and Bulgaria accept anti-Immigrant Sentiment

April 2014

4/30/2014 - U.S. sanctions Putin’s Allies as Ukraine Splits

4/17/2014 - Too Little, Too Late? Ukraine starts Anti-Separatist Operations

March 2014

3/24/2014 - Ukraine officially pulls military out of Crimea

3/16/2014 - Italy to enact Tax Cuts to Reduce Huge Deficit

3/14/2014 - European Union will sanction Russia for Crimea Intervention

3/11/2014 - Russia and the West at a Standstill over Crimea

3/8/2014 - Russia, Putin embarrass Obama over Ukraine intervention

February 2014

2/27/2014 - Ukraine in Turmoil as Russia denies Aid Package

2/23/2014 - Ukrainian Parliament ousts Yanukovich, frees Tymoshenko from Prison

2/20/2014 - The European Union imposes Sanctions on Ukraine due to Protest-related Violence

2/19/2014 - Where’s Obama? Obama AWOL as Ukraine Bursts into Flames

2/16/2014 - Italian Prime Minister Letta ousted

2/14/2014 - Europe’s Economy still Struggles, but some remain Optimistic

2/10/2014 - U.S. embarrassed by Leaked Audio slamming Ukraine and E.U.

2/6/2014 - Google improves Antitrust offer to E.U., deal in sight

2/1/2014 - Ukraine’s Embattled President calls in Sick during Protest Crisis

January 2014

1/13/2014 - EU worried that Bulgarian, Romanian nationals will move to U.K., Germany

December 2013

12/28/2013 - Attack on Reporter Rejuvenates Ukrainian Protest Movement

12/18/2013 - Ukrainian President seeks Cash (and Help) from Russia on Official Visit

12/17/2013 - Romanians Protest Corruption Shield Law for Parliament Members

12/17/2013 - Ukrainians Continue to Protest Government Ties to Russia

12/11/2013 - Italy and France continue to Struggle during Economic Doldrums

12/9/2013 - Ukrainian Protesters Topple Lenin Statue, Smash it with Sledgehammers

12/7/2013 - German Minister snubs Ukrainian President during Visit to Opposition Camp

12/7/2013 - Russia criticizes Ukrainian Protests

12/3/2013 - Ukraine Protests Rock the Capital as Protesters want to Turn toward Europe, not Russia

November 2013

11/30/2013 - Snubbing Russia? Georgia plans on Economic Ties to EU over Russia

11/29/2013 - Latvia Prime Minister resigns after Supermarket Collapse

11/27/2013 - Portugal could see Another Recession after Courts Overturn Spending Cuts

11/26/2013 - Protesters clash over Ukraine bowing to Russia, EU condemns Russia

11/23/2013 - Lithuania could be a New Member of the EU

11/22/2013 - EU Struggles convince Ukraine to look to Russia for Aid

11/16/2013 - German Parties want more Input in EU Decisions; Merkel says No

October 2013

10/18/2013 - Reuters: Not Many Leftists, Socialists Left in Europe

10/13/2013 - Brazil investigating Google antitrust claims

10/9/2013 - Serbia, not Turkey, will receive IMF Economic Aid

10/5/2013 - No Turkish Delight: EU turns Cold Shoulder to Turkey

10/3/2013 - Google’s latest Offer could end EU’s anti-trust case

September 2013

9/30/2013 - Italy: Facing Political Crisis, President calls for Calm

9/27/2013 - Greece doesn’t need Another Bailout, or So They Say

9/24/2013 - Euro Value dips as German Election is Undecided

9/22/2013 - Cyprus President threatens to Sack Bank Chief

9/22/2013 - Gunmen shoot EU police officer in Kosovo; Fears of War climb

9/16/2013 - UK Prime Minister Cameron Re-Election threatened by anti-EU party

9/16/2013 - EU Spending Cuts go Deep in Portugal

9/12/2013 - U.S. tells Europe to postpone Funding Ban on Israeli settlements

9/11/2013 - Europe blames Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack, wants UN Report

9/11/2013 - Positive European Sentiment at all-time 2 Year High

9/10/2013 - Cyprus backs out of potential U.S. Strike on Syria

9/9/2013 - Google offering More Concessions in European Antitrust Case

9/7/2013 - U.S. eases Iran sanctions with Japan

9/2/2013 - German candidates Spar over Economy

9/1/2013 - Uh Oh: Slovenia Recession eases, but More Pain Ahead

August 2013

8/31/2013 - Euro Zone Morale Climbs as Unemployment Soars

8/21/2013 - Britain Balks, Tells Spain they’ll keep Gibraltar

8/20/2013 - Someone’s Mad: Snowden Journalist to release UK Secrets after Gay Partner detained

8/20/2013 - Al-Qaeda Dead? Terrorist Organization planning Train Bombs

8/18/2013 - France may give Retirees More Retirement Control

8/18/2013 - European End Game? Banks closing across Europe

8/17/2013 - EU pulling out of a Recession? Not so Fast

8/16/2013 - Obama’s Justice Department: Blocking Airline Merger

8/16/2013 - Greece Barely Makes Deficit Targets with EU Help!

8/9/2013 - Czech Mate? Looks like Czech Gov’t set to Collapse

8/7/2013 - Europeans approve Airline Merger of American, US Airways

8/4/2013 - Merkel’s German Coalition Poised for Big Gains

July 2013

7/26/2013 - EU “symbolically” lists Hezbollah as Terrorist Network

7/23/2013 - #RoyalBaby saga over as Britain welcomes a new Prince

7/22/2013 - Bad Euro hurting German Investor Confidence

7/22/2013 - Et Tu Snowden? “Dictator” Putin imprisons Opposition Leader Navalny

7/21/2013 - Airlines offer Olive Branch to Europeans to appease Merger Deal

7/21/2013 - Britain rethinking arming Syrian rebels? Parliament questions Leaders

7/19/2013 - Portugal is the Next Greece, Europe fears

7/16/2013 - Spain on Brink of Economic Collapse, says IMF

7/11/2013 - Greece needs another Lifeline!

7/10/2013 - Germany’s Trade stumbles, Foreshadow of Bad Economy?

7/6/2013 - Germany’s Merkel tries to lower Youth Unemployment

7/5/2013 - On Time? U.N. team to investigate Syrian chemical weapons use

7/3/2013 - Iran exploiting Sanctions Loophole to get missile materials

7/2/2013 - Spanish Ex-Treasurer imprisoned for corruption

June 2013

6/29/2013 - Google survives EU court scrutiny

6/24/2013 - Greece says it’ll meet Bailout Goals

6/20/2013 - Needing scapegoat, British lawmakers blame Google

6/19/2013 - Spain’s Recession leads to widespread Crime

6/19/2013 - Insult to Injury: Greek TV suffers temporary shutdown

6/17/2013 - Obama waffling on “Red Line” after Syria uses chemical weapons

6/14/2013 - French airport traffic controllers go on Strike

6/13/2013 - Greek economy rebounding at an anemic rate

6/12/2013 - U.S. close to arming Syrian rebels, says Reuters

6/7/2013 - Unemployment Rate ticks up to 7.6%, 16% of young Americans out of work

6/7/2013 - France raises taxes on the rich

6/3/2013 - Apple’s iPhone under attack from the E.U.

6/3/2013 - Russia fears arms race after EU lifts Syria arms embargo

May 2013

5/31/2013 - Euro Bank to France: Cut Spending Now!

5/24/2013 - British PM to rule coalition until 2015, reports say

5/24/2013 - Ex-PM says Bulgarian Gov’t should be able to form Coalition

5/20/2013 - Google Tax Round 2? Britain questions Google over taxes

5/18/2013 - Amazon UK pays $3.7 million in taxes, Britain unhappy

5/18/2013 - Germany can’t stop Eurozone from another recession

5/17/2013 - EU to sanction China over illegal subsidies

5/16/2013 - Economics 101: France allows private sector layoffs