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Illegal Abortions? Police Find Containers of Human Tissue in Doctor’s Car

The Free Beacon reported: Local Detroit news outlet WXYZ reported that police in West Bloomfield recently raided the vehicle of OB/GYN Michael Arthur Roth, who has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years. According to sources, authorities discovered 14 containers of human tissue, which may include fetuses, in the trunk of his car. Police also found medical equipment and the […]

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Google and Detroit Argue over the Future of Driverless Cars

WASHINGTON — Google’s innovative self-driving car may be receiving significant pushback from automakers left in Detroit, formerly known as “Motor City” at its peak. Detroit is far from their illustrious history and glory days, having declared bankruptcy due to significant and heavy pension costs. Reuters reported that the Silicon Valley-based search engine giant may not […]

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Reuters: Let the Feds Bail Out Detroit

WASHINGTON — A Reuters writer suggested that the U.S. government should bail out the beleaguered city of Detroit, which has fallen far from grace from its heyday as “The Motor City.” Reuters published an analysis that announced the city could exit bankruptcy when Detroit’s 170,000 creditors will vote on a potential deal to get out of […]

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December 2016

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October 2015

10/15/2015 - Illegal Abortions? Police Find Containers of Human Tissue in Doctor’s Car

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November 2014

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July 2014

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June 2014

6/7/2014 - Reuters: Let the Feds Bail Out Detroit

April 2014

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February 2014

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January 2014

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November 2013

11/6/2013 - Detroit Unions try to Pressure Detroit Manager as City is Bankrupt

October 2013

10/8/2013 - Detroit’s Bankruptcy changes City Bond Game, says Economists

August 2013

8/21/2013 - Unions decry Detroit’s Chapter 9 Bankruptcy, call it “Unconstitutional”

8/5/2013 - NEWSFLASH: Bankrupt Detroit has Subpar Worker Skills

July 2013

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7/26/2013 - Detroit’s Unions Dealt Major Blow in Restructuring by Courts

7/19/2013 - Buh Bye Motor City: Detroit goes Bankrupt

May 2012

5/23/2012 - WMUZ; Logan Churchwell Explains the Media’s Response to Vote Fraud Allegations