Accuracy in Media

October 2015

10/30/2015 - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Endorses Hillary Clinton

10/28/2015 - Democrats Love the Boehner-Obama Budget Deal, but Conservatives Don’t

10/28/2015 - Democratic Donor Admits to Medicare Fraud of up to $1.8 Million

10/27/2015 - “There’s a Lot of Sexism in the Democratic Party,” says Weekly Standard Editor

10/26/2015 - The Rich Donate to Fill Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Coffers

10/26/2015 - Bernie Sanders’ Free College Platform Misses the Point

10/22/2015 - Democratic Challenger in New Hampshire Support Sanctuary Cities

10/22/2015 - Joe Biden is Not Running for President in 2016

10/21/2015 - Democrat Jim Webb Withdraws from 2016 Race, Won’t Say if He’s Still a Democrat

10/21/2015 - Democrat Blocked Accountability Measure for Veterans Affairs in the U.S. Senate

10/21/2015 - WATCH: Joe Biden Disputes Hillary Clinton’s Account of the Bin Laden Raid

10/20/2015 - Clinton Campaign Walks Back Hillary Clinton’s Gun Comments

10/20/2015 - Jim Webb Weighs Independent Run for the White House

10/19/2015 - Small Poll Gains for Hillary Clinton after Democratic Party Debate

10/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton Fakes Southern Accent for the Crowd

10/19/2015 - Bernie Sanders Admits He’ll have to Raise Taxes to Pay for His Plan

10/16/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Flip-Flop on TPP Trade Deal Noted by the Obama White House

10/16/2015 - Joe Biden’s Family is ‘On Board’ for a Possible 2016 Run

10/16/2015 - FBI Investigating Hillary Clinton for Violating the Espionage Act with Her Secret E-mail Server

10/14/2015 - California Democratic Governor Vetoes Life-Saving Drugs for Terminally Ill Patients

10/14/2015 - WATCH: Jim Webb says the Iran Deal is a Sign of Weakness

10/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton: I didn’t take a Position on Keystone until I took a Position on Keystone

10/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton says America Needs to Stand Up to the NRA

10/14/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Defends Flip-Flops, says She Continues to Evolve

10/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton Claims She’s Been Transparent

10/14/2015 - Bernie Sanders Defends Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal, says Americans are ‘Sick’ of the Scandal

10/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton Flip-Flopped on Trade Deal

10/13/2015 - WATCH: Bernie Sanders says He’s a Democratic Socialist

10/13/2015 - Uh Oh: Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Ratings are the Lowest Since 1992

10/13/2015 - Bill Clinton Once Boasted He Never Had So Much Money in His Life after Leaving the White House

10/13/2015 - DNC Vice Chairwoman Uninvited from Democratic Party Debate after Pushing for More Debates

10/12/2015 - Polls find Hillary Clinton takes Large Lead in South Carolina, Nevada

10/12/2015 - No Comment from DNC Chair when Asked if Bernie Sanders is Electable

10/9/2015 - WATCH: Former Hillary Clinton Advisor can’t explain her Policy Positions

10/9/2015 - No Comment from the Obama White House on Hillary Clinton’s TPP Flip Flop

10/9/2015 - WATCH: Nancy Pelosi says Transferring Guantanamo Bay Detainees to America is an “Economic Opportunity”

10/8/2015 - Under Union Pressure, Democrats Bail on Education Form with Campbell Brown

10/8/2015 - Hillary Clinton Flip Flops on the TPP Free Trade Deal

10/8/2015 - Hillary Clinton Feigns Ignorance of Super PACs Attacking Primary Challengers, GOP

10/8/2015 - WATCH: Focus Groups Indicate Bernie Sanders could Win New Hampshire, Iowa

10/8/2015 - Hillary Clinton is Too Condescending, New Hampshire Democrats say

10/7/2015 - Democrats want to Discredit EPA Critics

10/7/2015 - Analysis: 6 Things Wrong with Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Gun Comments

10/7/2015 - In Introducing Hillary Clinton, Host in Iowa says, “Who Cares” about Benghazi, Secret Emails

10/7/2015 - FBI Seizes 4 State Dept Servers in their Hillary Clinton Email Probe

10/6/2015 - Labor Unions, Bernie Sanders Blast Obama for Asia Free Trade Agreement

10/6/2015 - Is Maryland a Purple State? GOP Gov. Hogan has 58% Approval Rating

10/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Faced Softball Questions on the Today Show

10/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton is on the Defensive so far in 2016 Bid for President

10/5/2015 - MSNBC Reports Carly Fiorina is Scaring Democrats & Crushing Hillary Clinton in Iowa

10/5/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Claims She’s the Most Transparent Official in American History

10/5/2015 - Bernie Sanders Rally in Boston Draws 24,000

10/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton Claims She’s a Political Outsider because She’s a Female Candidate

10/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton Vows to Impose Gun Control via Executive Order

10/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton hasn’t gotten Endorsed by Teamsters Union, who Supported Her in 2008

10/2/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal could be a ‘Death Knell,’ Democratic Governor says

10/2/2015 - WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Angrily Responds to Reporter’s Question about Late-Term Abortions

10/1/2015 - In Secret E-mails, Hillary Clinton said Israel was “Cocky”

September 2015

9/30/2015 - Hillary Clinton Backs Labor Unions’ Gripe about ObamaCare’s Cadillac Tax

9/30/2015 - WATCH: Planned Parenthood CEO said They Don’t Have Mammogram Machines

9/29/2015 - Digging for Black Gold? Hillary Clinton Fundraises with Oil Investors after Opposing Keystone XL

9/28/2015 - Democrats are Slamming Obama’s Economy

9/27/2015 - Poll: 46% of New Hampshire Democrats Support Bernie Sanders

9/25/2015 - The Third Democratic Debate will be Held at UNLV, where Hillary Clinton was Paid $225,000 to Speak

9/24/2015 - Hollywood may Support Joe Biden, so Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager Visits California

9/24/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Denies Starting Obama-Muslim Rumor in 2008

9/23/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton doesn’t Name a Woman for the $10 Bill

9/22/2015 - MSNBC’s Morning Joe calls for More Democratic Debates

9/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton Opposes Legal Limits on Abortion at Any Stage of Pregnancy

9/21/2015 - Poll: Clinton Regains Some Footing, but Still Under 50%

9/21/2015 - Liberal Media Covers GOP Candidates’ Remarks on Obama-Muslim Connection, but Ignore Hillary’s 2008 Accusation

9/21/2015 - Morning Joe: Hillary Clinton Started the Obama-Muslim Rumors

9/21/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton says She’s a “Real Person”

9/20/2015 - DNC Debates are Scheduled to Help Hillary Clinton?

9/16/2015 - Charts of Hillary Clinton’s Dwindling Support pre-Iowa Caucuses

9/16/2015 - MSNBC says White Women are Fleeing from their Support of Hillary Clinton

9/15/2015 - NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Bills Taxpayers $41,000 for Europe Trip

9/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Support Falls by 21 Points in Latest Poll

9/14/2015 - CNN Panel Laughs at Hillary Clinton’s Claim She is a Progressive and a Centrist

9/14/2015 - Feel the Bern? Bernie Sanders Opens Double-Digit Lead in Iowa, New Hampshire Polls

9/11/2015 - Democrats Block Bill Opposing the Iran Deal

9/11/2015 - New York Times Launched ‘Jew Tracker’ in light of the Iran Deal

9/10/2015 - Anthony Weiner Told to Stay Away from Work Event

9/9/2015 - Hillary has Lost Support among Democratic Voters

9/9/2015 - Democrats Secure Enough Votes in the Senate to Block the GOP on Iran Deal

9/9/2015 - So Hillary Clinton says the Email Server was a Mistake

9/8/2015 - Morning Joe Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Reset to Make Her Funnier

9/8/2015 - Joe Biden Appeals to Labor Unions

9/8/2015 - Hillary Clinton: “What I Did Was Allowed,” She Claimed in AP Interview

9/7/2015 - Even CNN Criticized Hillary Clinton over Handling Emails Scandal

9/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Ratings Falling to 2001 Levels after a Pardon Controversy

9/7/2015 - WATCH: Andrea Mitchell says Hillary Clinton Never Answered Why She Had a Private Email Server

9/7/2015 - During Interview, Hillary Clinton Disagrees with Past Decision to Use Secret Email Server

9/7/2015 - #FeelTheBern: Bernie Sanders Takes Lead in New Hampshire Polls over Hillary Clinton

9/5/2015 - Joe Biden on Possible 2016 Run: “I Just Don’t Know”

9/4/2015 - Cory Booker, Democratic Senator from New Jersey, Supports a “Flawed” Iran Deal

9/2/2015 - 57% of Democratic Voters have Unfavorable View of Hillary Clinton, Poll Finds

9/2/2015 - WATCH: Positive Ads for Hillary Clinton Aren’t Helping Her Sagging Poll Numbers

9/1/2015 - Bernie Sanders Once Said “Nothing Incompatible between Socialism and Democracy”

August 2015

8/30/2015 - CBS’s Minnesota Affiliate Criticizes Hillary Clinton Ditching the State Fair

8/29/2015 - Hillary Clinton is Facing an Enthusiasm Gap

8/28/2015 - Pro-Life Group Criticizes Hillary Clinton over Terrorist Comparison on Pro-Life Views

8/28/2015 - WATCH: CNN feels it’s “Really Disturbing” that Voters Associate Hillary Clinton with Dishonesty

8/26/2015 - Hillary Clinton Hires Ex-2008 Staffer who also Worked at Planned Parenthood

8/26/2015 - Free Beacon Analysis: Carly Fiorina Pays Women as Much as Men on Her Campaign

8/26/2015 - Biden’s Potential 2016 Bid Exposes Hillary Clinton’s Weakness

8/26/2015 - Bill Clinton Doesn’t Like Getting Upstaged by Joe Biden, Apparently

8/25/2015 - If Joe Biden Runs, a Major Clinton Donor could Defect to Biden’s Camp

8/25/2015 - State Dept Never Told DHS about Hillary Clinton’s Secret Server, Potentially Violating Federal Rules

8/25/2015 - WATCH: White House’s Josh Earnest Trapped on Question of Obama Supporting Biden over Hillary

8/25/2015 - Nothing to See Here: Hillary Clinton Advisor John Podesta Not Worried about Obama Endorsing Biden

8/24/2015 - Obama gives Joe Biden the Go Ahead to Run in 2016

8/24/2015 - California Governor Jerry Brown says Hillary’s Emails have “Dark Energy”

8/24/2015 - Of Course: Harry Reid Voices Support for Iran Deal

8/24/2015 - Joe Biden Meets with Elizabeth Warren, May Enter 2016 Race to Challenge Hillary

8/23/2015 - Petition Asks for Jon Stewart to Moderate 2016 Democratic Debates

8/21/2015 - “Absolutely Nothing Controversial” about Hillary’s E-mails, Claims Spokesman

8/21/2015 - Judge tells State Dept to Talk to the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/20/2015 - State Dept and Intelligence Community at Odds over Classified Info in Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

8/20/2015 - Iran Deal Opponents Not Fans of Obama’s Secret Deals

8/20/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Communications Director believes Voters Don’t Care about Emails Scandal

8/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Her Aides, Huma Abedin & Cheryl Mills, May Have Broken Federal Laws

8/20/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Stumbles Through Interview

8/19/2015 - Democrats want Donald Trump’s Name Removed from DC Hotel

8/19/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matters Protesters have Testy Exchange

8/19/2015 - Unions want Bernie Sanders, not Hillary Clinton

8/19/2015 - Avoiding Reality: Hillary Clinton Not Taking Blame for Secret Email Server

8/19/2015 - CNN Poll finds Support for Hillary Clinton Below 50%

8/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Isn’t Worried about Bernie Sanders’ Poll Surge

8/17/2015 - Democrat Calls Hillary Clinton E-mail Probe a “Witch Hunt”

8/17/2015 - WATCH: Trey Gowdy says Hillary’s E-mails Statement Reminds Him why Americans Hate Lawyers

8/16/2015 - 54% of Battleground State Voters Less Likely to Vote for Hillary Clinton over Iran Deal Support

8/15/2015 - WATCH: Iowa Democrats Unsure of Supporting Hillary Clinton

8/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton says Russia’s Putin is Like Character in Show House of Cards

8/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton Discussed CIA Drones in Private, Unsecured E-mail Server

8/15/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Jokes about Snapchat and How Message Disappear on Their Own

8/14/2015 - Planned Parenthood Workers, PACs Donated $25 Million since 2000

8/14/2015 - Democrats Have the Oldest Slate of Candidates, says Chuck Todd

8/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Inner Circle May have Committed Felony by Sending Classified Info via Personal E-mail

8/12/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Claims She’ll “Model the Kind of Behavior” Americans Should Follow

8/12/2015 - Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Poll

8/11/2015 - Jewish Groups Accuse Obama White House of Spewing Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

8/11/2015 - WATCH: Democratic Long Shot says Americans “Don’t Want a Coronation”

8/11/2015 - Little Support for a Third Term of Obama: 65% say No

8/11/2015 - Bernie Sanders Fever: Latest Crowd 5 Times Larger than Hillary’s Campaign Launch

8/11/2015 - Hillary Dodging Questions: Walks Away from Iran Question on Camera

8/10/2015 - Black Lives Matter Protesters Disrupt Bernie Sanders Speech

8/8/2015 - Democrats Tell Fox News’ Ed Henry They’re Worried about Hillary Clinton Avoiding the Media

8/7/2015 - WATCH: Democrat O’Malley Blasts Democratic Debate Schedule that Favors Hillary Clinton

8/7/2015 - Poll: Voters Think Joe Biden would be a Better President than Hillary Clinton

8/7/2015 - Hillary Clinton Under Fire in Last Night’s GOP Debate

8/7/2015 - A Woman of the People? Hillary Clinton goes to Hollywood Fundraiser with Music Stars’ Manager

8/6/2015 - WATCH: Chuck Todd says August Ad Buys for Hillary Clinton Signals Serious Problems

8/6/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton hasn’t Watched the Planned Parenthood Undercover Videos, Spokeswoman admits

8/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Pays Women Staffers Less than Men on Her Campaign

8/5/2015 - Barbara Boxer says Planned Parenthood Controversy is Over Women’s Health, Not Abortion

8/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton in Colorado for Posh Fundraiser with Former Goldman Sachs Exec

8/5/2015 - WATCH: July Polls were Bad for Hillary

8/5/2015 - Half of Hillary’s Charitable Giving Went To…Her Own Foundation

8/4/2015 - Pennsylvania Democrat, Indicted for Racketeering, Vows to Run for Re-Election

8/4/2015 - Flip Flopping Hillary: Clinton Criticizes Planned Parenthood Critics

8/4/2015 - Poll shows Hillary Clinton down 15 Points in Favorability since June

8/4/2015 - Democrats Circle the Wagons, Block Effort to Defund Planned Parenthood

8/3/2015 - Socialist Bernie Sanders says Climate Change is the “Greatest Threat” Today

8/3/2015 - ABC News says Joe Biden could Enter the 2016 Race

8/2/2015 - Hillary Clinton Strategist Avoids Questions on Dipping Poll Numbers

8/2/2015 - WATCH: CNN points out Clintons “Not Dead Broke by Anyone’s Standards”

July 2015

7/30/2015 - Hillary Expressed Tepid Support for Investigating Planned Parenthood, All Abortion Clinics

7/29/2015 - Democrats STILL Mum on Support of Planned Parenthood Investigation

7/29/2015 - WATCH: Clinton Campaign says Bernie Sanders could Win Iowa and New Hampshire

7/28/2015 - Liberal Group Demands Democrats must fight ‘Culture of White Supremacy’

7/28/2015 - Ex-Im Bank Fight Pits GOP Establishment vs. Conservatives

7/28/2015 - State Dept Pledges it will Turn Over 5,000 Documents related to Benghazi Terrorist Attacks

7/28/2015 - Democratic Senator Fundraising off of Planned Parenthood Scandal

7/27/2015 - Democrats Want to Micro-Manage Your Work Hours

7/27/2015 - Former New York Times Journalist now works for Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

7/27/2015 - Among Democrats, Hillary has the Highest Unfavorability Rating for 2016

7/25/2015 - New York Times Altered Hillary Clinton Story

7/25/2015 - O’Malley says Citizenship is a Human Right

7/24/2015 - Looks like Hillary Clinton’s Virginia Fundraiser was Overexaggerated

7/24/2015 - Polls Show that Americans Can’t Trust Hillary Clinton

7/23/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Ratings are “Falling Like a Rock,” says Bloomberg TV

7/23/2015 - Democrats Lead Charge against Group that Exposed Planned Parenthood Practices

7/22/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC Host says Democratic Candidates are Like Robots

7/22/2015 - WATCH: GOP Candidate Carly Fiorina Blasts Hillary’s “Extreme” Abortion Views

7/20/2015 - Democrat Martin O’Malley Booed by Progressives over “All Lives Matter” Remark

7/19/2015 - Most Hillary Clinton Donors also Gave to Clinton Foundation

7/17/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Fundraising Numbers Show Lack of Grassroots Enthusiasm, says CNN

7/15/2015 - WATCH as MSNBC Panel Laughs at Hillary Clinton’s Robotic Answer on the Iran Deal

7/15/2015 - Maryland Democrat, Potential Congressional Candidate, Arrested for Indecent Exposure

7/15/2015 - No Comment: Democrats, Hillary Clinton Silent on Planned Parenthood Scandal

7/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton Outraises Long Shot Challenger Chafee $45 Million to $29,000

7/14/2015 - Ha! MSNBC Panel says Hillary Clinton Risks Having Boring Speeches

7/13/2015 - WATCH: Democratic Strategist says Hillary Clinton saw Interview as “Task to be Endured”

7/10/2015 - WATCH: Senate Democrat Express Concern about Obama’s Iran Deal

7/9/2015 - Bernie Sanders: Government Jobs can stop Kids from Going to Prison

7/9/2015 - Embattled Baltimore Mayor Fires Police Commissioner

7/9/2015 - Hillary Denied She was Subpoenaed, but Congress Releases the Subpoena

7/9/2015 - WATCH: Liberal Media says Hillary Clinton’s Interview was Awful

7/8/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Reporter “Startled” by Lack of Enthusiasm for Hillary in Primary States

7/8/2015 - WATCH: Even Chris Matthews says Democrats Pander to Illegal Immigrants for Votes

7/8/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton Claims Voters Trust Her

7/7/2015 - Democrat Accuses GOP of Leaking Benghazi E-mails related to Sidney Blumenthal

7/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton E-mailed Lobbyist for Foreign Government while at State Dept

7/6/2015 - WATCH: CNN says Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Ropes Off Reporters shows It’s All About Hillary

7/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Campaign Ropes Off Reporters at Event

7/5/2015 - Poll: 47% of Democrats say they’re ‘Extremely Proud’ to be American

7/4/2015 - Ready for Bernie? Democratic Hopeful holds Largest Rally Yet

7/1/2015 - New York Times Fawns over Hillary’s Pinterest Page

June 2015

6/26/2015 - Hillary has “Sleazy” Associates, says Lindsey Graham

6/26/2015 - Liberals’ Purge of American Civil War hits D.C. Area with Appomattox Statue

6/26/2015 - Hillary Surrogate Claire MsCaskill Blasts Bernie Sanders

6/26/2015 - WATCH: NBC Reviews how Hillary Clinton isn’t Transparent

6/26/2015 - VIDEO: Obama did Promise to Break D.C. Gridlock, Contrary to Recent Claims

6/24/2015 - Hillary Clinton Brooklyn HQ Rent is $25,000 a Month, Paid for by “Frugal” Clinton Campaign

6/24/2015 - WATCH: Democrat Strategist says Clinton Fundraiser for $2,700 a Couple is Cheap

6/22/2015 - Polls Expose Hillary Clinton’s Weaknesses

6/22/2015 - Big Money Hillary: Her Lawyer helped Push Big Money in Campaigns

6/22/2015 - WATCH: CNN Panel expresses Concern over Hillary’s Bad Polling in Battleground States

6/22/2015 - VIDEO: Democratic Strategist wouldn’t be Shocked if Hillary Loses in Iowa, New Hampshire

6/20/2015 - Bernie Sanders talks Immigration, Praises Amnesty

6/17/2015 - Clinton Campaign tells Fox News’ Ed Henry He was Limited to One Question from Last Month

6/17/2015 - CNN finds Hillary Clinton’s Trustworthiness dips below 50% in Battleground State

6/16/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC says Hillary is Evasive on Trade, Obama’s Record

6/16/2015 - VIDEO: Morning Joe Hostess Bombarded with Hillary Clinton Calls after Criticizing Hillary

6/16/2015 - Hillary Clinton Campaign Denies Reporter Access to Event and Couldn’t Use the Bathroom

6/16/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Lives in “A Bubble of Privilege,” Can’t Connect w/Voters

6/15/2015 - Bernie Sanders wants a Top Income Tax Rate of 50%

6/15/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s “relaunch” Speech Fell Flat

6/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram, Gets Bombarded with Criticism

6/11/2015 - Clintons are Just Out of Touch, Vox Reporter says

6/11/2015 - WATCH: Bill Clinton says He’ll Stop Paid Speeches when Hillary wins in 2016

6/10/2015 - WATCH: MSNBC Guest says Hillary Shouldn’t Talk about Personal Finances

6/10/2015 - Top New York Times Shareholder is a Clinton Foundation Donor

6/9/2015 - Hillary Clinton Embraces SEIU Labor Union that Turned Against Her in 2008

6/9/2015 - WATCH: Chris Matthews Questions Hillary’s Leftward Tilt

6/9/2015 - Remember When the New York Times Used Democratic Opposition Research?

6/8/2015 - Clintons Donated $100K to New York Times in 2008, when the Paper Endorsed Her

6/6/2015 - Hacking Blame Game: Obama White House Blames Congress for Hacking

6/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton and Democratic Super Lawyer Fight Voting Laws

6/5/2015 - VIDEO: Iowa Voters want Answers, but Hillary is Dodging Them

6/5/2015 - Marco Rubio: Hillary Clinton is Avoiding Questions because She Has to Answer for Her Actions

6/5/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Re-Launch Campaign Event Canceled a Children’s Event

6/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton is Too Cautious, warns Obama advisor David Axelrod

6/4/2015 - Chafee enters Democratic Primary for 2016 White House Bid

6/2/2015 - CNN Poll shows Hillary Clinton Losing Support among Independents

6/2/2015 - VIDEO: Democratic Strategist Pfeiffer says Hillary has to Answer “Legitimate” Questions

6/1/2015 - WATCH: Martin O’Malley, Democrat Long Shot, Blasts Hillary on Wall Street Coziness

6/1/2015 - WATCH: Hillary’s “Monarch in Waiting” Strategy is a Failure, says WaPo Columnist

6/1/2015 - VIDEO: Nancy Pelosi Dodges Question about Hillary Clinton on TV

May 2015

5/29/2015 - AIM Fact Check: Hillary Clinton on Gender Pay Gap Myth

5/29/2015 - WATCH: NBC says Clinton’s Wealth and Scandals will be a Problem in 2016

5/29/2015 - 1972 Bernie Sanders Essay said Women Fantasize about Being Raped

5/28/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton says she won’t “turn white” in the White House

5/28/2015 - WATCH: Hillary Clinton’s Southern Accent Returns *Cringe*

5/27/2015 - Ex-Senator Mary Landrieu to become a Lobbyist

5/27/2015 - Washington Post says Clinton’s Finances Too Hard to Understand, but what about Mitt Romney’s?

5/25/2015 - WATCH: CNN says Hillary’s ‘I’m One of You’ is a Bad Pitch

5/25/2015 - Clinton Donors Lined Her Pockets for Speeches and Gave to Clinton Foundation

5/25/2015 - Democrats Celebrate Memorial Day with Pic of Obama Eating Ice Cream

5/22/2015 - Clinton Foundation Fudges Donation Numbers

5/22/2015 - Hillary’s Change of Heart on Campaign Finance is Self-Protection

5/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton has Lowest Favorability Ratings since 2008

5/21/2015 - Sketchy Joe Morrissey, Virginia Democrat, Confirms Baby Daddy Drama

5/20/2015 - WATCH: Democrats Can’t Name Any of Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments

5/19/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Dodge-the-Press Strategy

5/19/2015 - WATCH: Iowa Voters get Impression that Hillary Clinton is Secretive

5/18/2015 - Democratic Senate Candidate Loretta Sanchez Apologizes for Indian Whooping-Cry Gesture

5/18/2015 - WATCH: Face the Nation says Hillary is Running Scared

5/17/2015 - LOL: Andrea Mitchell says GOP, Not Hillary, talks to Reporters and Normal Americans

5/16/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Campaign Worried She’s Unapproachable, Spent Too Long in Her Bubble Life

5/16/2015 - Clintons Made $25 Million for Speeches

5/15/2015 - Obama tells Media They’re to Blame for Hyping Spat with Liz Warren

5/15/2015 - Republican Lawmakers are Younger than Democrats

5/15/2015 - Amtrak Received $1.3 Billion from Obama’s Stimulus

5/14/2015 - Study Claims GOP Can’t Win Over Black Voters

5/14/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s No Comment on Trade Deal Exposes “Lack of Leadership”

5/14/2015 - Hillary Clinton Loves the “Bubble” of Avoiding Media, says GOP

5/13/2015 - Obama’s Trade Bill Fails Initial Senate Vote, then Compromise Saved It

5/13/2015 - WATCH: Democrat says GOP Budget could Lead to Another Baltimore

5/13/2015 - VIDEO: Remember when Hillary Clinton said She Wrote Her Book ‘Hard Choices’ in Her Attic?

5/12/2015 - VIDEO: Obama rails on Fellow Democrats over Trade Deal Impasse

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Bernie Sanders says He Can Beat Hillary Clinton

5/11/2015 - Detroit Senator Wanted for Questioning after Girlfriend’s Car Sprayed by Shotgun Shells

5/11/2015 - WATCH: Why does Hillary Dismiss Low Trust Ratings?

5/11/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Lack of Trustworthiness Will Come Back to Haunt Her

5/11/2015 - The Battle to Define ‘Who is Hillary Clinton’ is On

5/6/2015 - WATCH: Hillary got a 25% Honesty Rating. That’s Not Good

5/4/2015 - ObamaCare has Led to More ER Visits, Not Less

5/4/2015 - Baltimore Got Over $1.8 Billion from Obama’s Stimulus Program

5/3/2015 - Nearly Half of ObamaCare Exchanges in States in Financial Difficulty

5/2/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Bad Week Continues

5/2/2015 - VIDEO: Bill Clinton’s Inner Circle Upset at How Cozy He is With Donors

5/1/2015 - WATCH: Bernie Sanders will force Hillary to Address Scandals

April 2015

4/30/2015 - Hillary Fact Check: She Misleads on Gender Pay Gap Myth

4/30/2015 - VIDEO: Harry Reid Compares GOP Budget to Deadly Nepal Earthquake

4/30/2015 - VIDEO: White House Dodges Clinton Foundation Scandal

4/29/2015 - Bernie Sanders 2016: A Headache for Hillary Clinton

4/25/2015 - Hillary Clinton Once Blasted Obama for Negotiating Backroom Deals

4/22/2015 - Hillary Clinton Uses Messengers to Tell Her Message

4/22/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Supporter says He Knows Her Positions, Then Admits He Doesn’t

4/20/2015 - Democrats Lining Up to Take On Hillary in 2016

4/18/2015 - MSNBC says Hillary Clinton’s ‘Control Freakishness” Creates Unnatural Feel of Campaign

4/18/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Drove Past Elderly People in Wheelchairs at an Event

4/17/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Really Old

4/17/2015 - VIDEO: Oh the Irony when Hillary Clinton Blasts Big Money but wants to Fundraise Billions

4/16/2015 - VIDEO: Ad Hits Hillary Clinton on Her Support of the Ex-Im Bank

4/16/2015 - Ebony Magazine: Hillary Clinton needs to Mend Fences with Black Community

4/15/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ignored 2012 Letter from Congress over Secret E-mails

4/15/2015 - Poll: Hillary Clinton Not Trusted in Battleground States, by a thread

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Big Money Campaign Exposes Her as a Hypocrite

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Iowans Wonder Why Hillary Clinton Didn’t Even Talk to Them

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: No One could Figure Out Why Hillary Clinton is Running Again

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC’s Morning Joe says Hillary Clinton is ‘the Same Show’ and Live in a Bubble

4/14/2015 - VIDEO: CNN Anchors Laugh at Hillary Clinton Pumping Her Own Gas

4/13/2015 - Anti-Clinton Posters Pop Up in New York City, Las Vegas

4/13/2015 - VIDEO: Iowans Unsure of Supporting Hillary Clinton after Bad 2008 Primary

4/13/2015 - Not Ready for Hillary: Take a Look at Her Logo

4/12/2015 - Elizabeth Warren wants to Expand Social Security

4/12/2015 - Hillary Clinton will Announce 2016 Bid Today

4/10/2015 - VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren says Hillary Clinton needs to Clarify Positions

4/10/2015 - Poll: Looks like Hillary Clinton’s Numbers are Falling

4/10/2015 - Ready for Hillary? She May Declare 2016 Campaign This Weekend

4/9/2015 - VIDEO: After Harry Reid’s Retirement, Democrats say Nancy Pelosi should Go

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: CNN says Democrats are Skeptical of Obama’s Iran Deal as well

4/8/2015 - Dear Hillary Clinton: Your Husband, Bill, Passed RFRA Laws back in the Day

4/8/2015 - VIDEO: MSNBC notes Democrats could have Buyer’s Remorse with Hillary Clinton

4/7/2015 - GOP and Democrats Oppose UN Arms Treaty

4/7/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary’s Campaign ‘Haunted’ by 2008 Flop

4/5/2015 - Liz Warren: We Have No Other Choice But to Negotiate with Iran

4/5/2015 - California’s Water War and Woes Continue

4/5/2015 - Top Public Employee Union Donated to Left, Democratic Causes

4/3/2015 - Democratic Senator Robert Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

4/1/2015 - Harry Reid admits He’s Proud He Slandered Mitt Romney on Taxes

March 2015

3/30/2015 - Chuck Schumer replaces Harry Reid at Democratic Party Leadership Senate Post

3/30/2015 - Obama Mocks Hillary Clinton, says Founders Liked “New Blood” in Politics

3/30/2015 - Ex-Maryland Democratic Governor O’Malley Thinks He’s a 2016 Candidate

3/30/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton is Not the “Best Choice” for America, says Ex-Governor O’Malley

3/23/2015 - Obama Launches Passionate Defense of ObamaCare, Ignoring Polls and Reality

3/23/2015 - Democrats’ Message for 2016: Protect ObamaCare

3/22/2015 - Without Liz Warren, Martin O’Malley tries to go to the Left of Hillary

3/20/2015 - Hillary Clinton’s Favorability Drops in Latest Poll among Independents

3/19/2015 - Dick Durbin Claims GOP’s Stalling of Loretta Lynch is Racist

3/18/2015 - Pro-Life Groups Criticize Democrats for Stalling Human Trafficking Bill

3/17/2015 - Harry Reid Blocks Sex Trafficking Bill due to Abortion Provision

3/13/2015 - Kay Hagan, Bitter and Ousted Democratic North Carolina Senator, Blames Money for Election Loss

3/12/2015 - Democrats: Put Pregnant Women on ObamaCare Rolls!

3/12/2015 - The Democrats’ 2016 Bench is Very Thin

3/12/2015 - Barbara Boxer says “Don’t Vote for Her’ if You Don’t Believe Hillary Clinton

3/12/2015 - More Democrats are Worried about Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Prospects after E-mail Scandal

3/11/2015 - Democrat Hopeful Martin O’Malley takes swipe at Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Scandal

3/9/2015 - Trey Gowdy: “Huge Gaps” in Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

3/8/2015 - GOP Hopeful Lindsey Graham says He’s Never Used E-mail

3/6/2015 - Obama’s Trip to Red States Too Little, Far Too Late

3/4/2015 - Nancy Pelosi wasn’t Happy during Netanyahu’s Speech

3/2/2015 - Republicans are on the Way to Reform American Education

February 2015

2/28/2015 - DHS gets temporary funding and Media Lets Democrats off the hook

2/27/2015 - Obama Suck-Up Martin O-Malley, ex-Maryland governor, gets ZERO votes in poll

2/26/2015 - Hillary’s Campaign Motto so far: Gender Equality!

2/26/2015 - Harry Reid accused of Violating Ethics Rules

2/24/2015 - Texas Democrat Hires Convicted Felon

2/24/2015 - Senate Democrats Block DHS Funding Bill

2/22/2015 - Democrats’ 2014 Autopsy Report: Lack of White Voters and Clear Message

2/22/2015 - Marco Rubio zings Liberal Press, asks why Democrats aren’t asked about Joe Biden’s Remarks

2/20/2015 - Conservative Group Criticizes Jeb Bush for Giving Hillary Clinton an Award Post-Benghazi

2/19/2015 - CNN Poll on DHS Shutdown Blame Omits Democrats as an Option

2/19/2015 - Democrats Flip-Flop on Funding DHS

2/18/2015 - Virginia Democrats run from Voting to Support Israel, Twice

2/18/2015 - Democrats Choosing Illegal Immigrants over DHS, says Heritage Action

2/18/2015 - Foreign Countries and Companies are Donating to Hillary; Isn’t this an Ethics Problem?

2/16/2015 - ObamaCare Extension? Democrats are asking for one

2/15/2015 - Boehner: Stop Stonewalling, Senate Democrats, and Fund DHS

2/14/2015 - Eugene Robinson Praises Hillary Clinton’s Avoidance Strategy [Video]

2/14/2015 - Democratic Mega Donor Tom Steyer involved in Oregon Ethics Scandal

2/14/2015 - Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber Resigns after Ethics Scandal

2/13/2015 - Democrats Urge Oregon Governor to Resign amid Controversy

2/12/2015 - Oregon’s Democrat Governor, embroiled in Ethics Scandal, may not Resign

2/11/2015 - Democratic Mega Donor Denied Pregnant Housekeeper Maternity Leave

2/8/2015 - No, Liberals, Granny Hillary doesn’t know best

2/6/2015 - Oregon’s Governor called to Resign after Conflict of Interest, Cronyism emerge

2/5/2015 - Jailed ex-Democrat voted to Let Inmates have Porn

2/5/2015 - Democrats could Skip Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

2/5/2015 - Hillary Supporters want her to run as “Grandma-in-Chief” in 2016

2/4/2015 - Hillary Clinton is an Ailing Third-World Dictator

2/4/2015 - Dear Liberal Media: Democrats are also Anti-Vaxxers

2/2/2015 - Ouch: Democrats wanted Mitt Romney to run in 2016

January 2015

1/30/2015 - The Democratic Presidential Candidate Bench is very Thin

1/30/2015 - Warren Backers Fund Anti-Hillary Poll

1/15/2015 - NBC’s Chuck Todd: Hillary Clinton Isn’t an Intimidating Candidate [Video]

1/11/2015 - Harry Reid to Remain in Nevada while Recovering from Accident

1/8/2015 - Barbara Boxer, D-CA, will Retire in 2016

1/6/2015 - Washington Post admits Democrats have a White Man Problem

1/6/2015 - The Democratic Party is Stuck in 1979

1/6/2015 - ABC News Recaps Hillary Clinton’s Tough Year [Video]

1/4/2015 - Democrats Outraised GOP in Midterms and Lost Big

December 2014

12/12/2014 - Democrats Scrambling after Losing the South, post-Landrieu Defeat

November 2014

11/26/2014 - Chuck Schumer Slams Media for Being “Negative” and “Sensationalistic”

11/14/2014 - Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Accuses the Media of Sexism [Video]

11/5/2014 - Election Day Recap: A Post-Mortem of 2014

September 2014

9/29/2014 - Obama: U.S. Economy is better off due to My Leadership

9/15/2014 - Carney Tells the Truth—“It’s Not Going To Be A Good Year for Democrats” [Video]

9/11/2014 - Democrat and ex-New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to start Prison Time

9/10/2014 - Democrats, Out of Ideas, run Ads on Chris Christie and BridgeGate

July 2014

7/13/2014 - Convicted Dem ex-Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans Sentenced to Ten Years in Prison

7/3/2014 - Wendy Davis, of Abortion Filibuster Fame, Struggles in Texas Governor’s Race

June 2014

6/26/2014 - Not a Joke: Democrats Suggest Lawyers for Immigrant Children in Holding Facilities

6/12/2014 - Survey: MSNBC Has Trust Issues

March 2014

3/18/2014 - Robert Gibbs: Democrats Could “Absolutely” Lose the Senate in November [Video]

3/12/2014 - MSNBC’s Chuck Todd Warns Democrats on Running From Obamacare—“Voters Are Going to Know You’re Full of It” [Video]

3/12/2014 - Senate Democrats Pull an All-Nighter over Global Warming

February 2014

2/14/2014 - Republican becomes San Diego Mayor as Reuters laments fall of Filner

January 2014

1/14/2014 - Chris Matthews Warns Democrats to Vote in 2014, Otherwise GOP “Haters” Will Win and “Erase” Obama [Video]

December 2013

12/27/2013 - What ObamaCare? Democrats Push for a Higher Minimum Wage

12/12/2013 - MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Website is Fixed—Dems Should Tell People “It Works”

12/2/2013 - HealthCare.Gov only signs up 100,000 in November; 200,000 Total in 2 Months

November 2013

11/19/2013 - Nancy Pelosi in Denial, says Democrats aren’t retreating from ObamaCare

11/15/2013 - Jon Corzine, former New Jersey Democratic Governor, on Hook for Millions

October 2013

10/2/2013 - Government Shutdown? Democrats reject GOP bid to keep Parks Open

10/1/2013 - Government Shutdown? 59% of Gov’t Workers head to Work

September 2013

9/4/2013 - Chris Matthews: Democrats Have to Vote for War to “Save the President’s Hide” [Video]

August 2013

8/20/2013 - Democrat Mayor Bob Filner facing Recall Drive

July 2013

7/9/2013 - Gallup: Even Democrats Don’t Watch MSNBC

January 2013

1/4/2013 - Oops! MSNBC Graphic Shows Democrats Control Congress

November 2012

11/15/2012 - Pelosi Calls Russert Question About Her Age “Offensive”

May 2012

5/23/2012 - American Family Radio; Left: Fraud ‘an accepted way’ to win elections

October 2011

10/30/2011 - WH Chief of Staff: Obama Administration’s First Three Years Have Been “Brutal”

10/5/2011 - Obama Blasts Cantor and the GOP on Jobs Bill, No Mention of Harry Reid [Video]

September 2011

9/27/2011 - Chris Matthews: GOP Campaign is about Heat and Hate

June 2011

6/30/2011 - POLITICO buries Senate Democratic obstructionism on budget

6/26/2011 - Survey: Nearly Half of Voters Think Reporters Are More Liberal Than They Are

December 2010

12/29/2010 - Matthews: ‘Democrats Don’t Want to Stop Illegal Immigration’

12/16/2010 - Streisand Tells Larry King That She Is Disappointed in Obama

September 2010

9/23/2010 - New Poll Shows Bias Crisis for Mainstream Media

9/14/2010 - MSM Attacks Republican Tobacco Ties But Glosses Over Democrat Ones