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CNN Hypes Potential 2018 Midterm Election Problems facing Republicans after ‘Narrow’ Kansas Special Election Victory

CNN may be running out of anti-Trump material to publish, especially since they are hyping the results of a Kansas special election that was not really narrow. The Republican candidate, Ron Estes, won the election and replaced former congressman Mike Pompeo (who now works in the Trump administration as the CIA director). The Daily Signal […]

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Black Lives Matter Leader Walks Away from Group, but Media Ignore His Failed Congressional Bid and Tactics to Fire a Teacher

Rashad Turner, a failed congressional candidate in the state of Minnesota and who forced a longtime special education teacher named Theo Olson to retire over a Facebook post, is now separated from the Black Lives Matter movement over their stance on charter schools. In the reports about his about-face from the national activist umbrella of Black […]

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Obama’s Echo Chamber on the Iran Deal Exposed

An interesting take from the Daily Signal: Even observers who agreed with the administration’s Iran policy were stunned by the arrogance of Rhodes, an aspiring novelist with a graduate degree in creative writing. For example, Tom Ricks, a veteran defense reporter, blasted Rhodes in a blog: “To be cynical and ignorant and spin those things […]

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House Bill would Strengthen Welfare-Work Requirement

Rep. Jim Jordan was behind this recently-proposed bill on welfare-work requirements: Rep. Jim Jordan introduced a bill Thursday that would reform the Department of Agriculture’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. “Welfare programs are meant to be a temporary safety net, but they have become a permanent way of life for millions of Americans,” Jordan, R-Ohio, said […]

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Mississippi Governor Receives Religious Liberty Award

The conservative group Family Research Council (FRC) awarded Phil Bryant, the current governor of Mississippi, their first-ever Samuel Adams Religious Freedom Award for protecting religious liberties in his state. Mississippi Gov. @PhilBryantMS was honored with the first ever @FRCdc Samuel Adams Religious Freedom Award #WOTW16 — Leah Jessen (@_LeahKay_) May 27, 2016

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April 2017

4/13/2017 - CNN Hypes Potential 2018 Midterm Election Problems facing Republicans after ‘Narrow’ Kansas Special Election Victory

October 2016

10/24/2016 - Black Lives Matter Leader Walks Away from Group, but Media Ignore His Failed Congressional Bid and Tactics to Fire a Teacher

May 2016

5/31/2016 - Obama’s Echo Chamber on the Iran Deal Exposed

5/29/2016 - House Bill would Strengthen Welfare-Work Requirement

5/29/2016 - The Left is Wrong: Climate Change isn’t Settled Science

5/29/2016 - Mississippi Governor Receives Religious Liberty Award

5/28/2016 - Senator Thune: Privatize Airport Security to Circumvent TSA Bureaucracy

5/28/2016 - Obama’s Hiroshima Speech Lacked Historical Context

5/28/2016 - Why Did 43 Republican Senators Vote to Affirm Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Edict?

5/15/2016 - Unintended Consequences of Transgender Bathroom Protections: Sexual Abuse

5/15/2016 - Woah: Judge Could be Fired and Fined for Traditional Marriage Views

5/14/2016 - Marijuana-Impaired Driving is a New Danger

5/14/2016 - Obama Received More Judicial Confirmations than Bush Did, Senator Says

5/14/2016 - U.S. Senate Republicans Passed More Spending than Obama Requested

5/13/2016 - Texas School District Creates Transgender Bathroom Policy without Input from Parents

5/13/2016 - Austin, Texas Regulations Force Uber and Lyft Out

5/13/2016 - North Carolina’s Lt. Governor: DOJ is Using “Extortionist” Tactics over Bathroom Law

5/11/2016 - Moving Goalposts: Now It’s Easier for ObamaCare Co-Ops Bailouts

5/11/2016 - UNC Students Sue Justice Dept over Bathroom Issue and Loss of Privacy

5/11/2016 - Ben Sasse in Op-Ed: Americans Shouldn’t Be Happy with Propaganda

5/10/2016 - Restrictions Lifted in Alabama on Funeral Merchandise, Supplies and Eases Regulatory Burden

5/10/2016 - Front Line Report from Daily Signal: Kurdish Peshmerga vs. ISIS

5/10/2016 - Why Does It Take 300 Hours to Be a Licensed Shampoo Worker in Tennessee?

5/10/2016 - Congressional Panel Issues Subpoenas in Planned Parenthood Investigation

5/10/2016 - Harvard Law Professor: Treat Conservatives Like Nazis

5/10/2016 - DOJ’s Lawsuit against North Carolina is an Abuse of Power

5/10/2016 - Conservative Lessons from Captain America: Civil War

5/5/2016 - Target’s Stock Has Fallen 4.2% Since Transgender Bathroom Decision

April 2016

4/24/2016 - Texas Moderate Muslims Fight Islamist Radicalization at the Source

4/24/2016 - U.S. Senator: Obama’s Wrong on Climate Change because It’s Not Our Biggest Threat

4/23/2016 - IRS Can Track Your Cell Phone, but Won’t Track Down Missing Tax Funds

4/23/2016 - ESPN’s Firing of Curt Schilling is Similar to People of Faith’s Stance on Marriage

March 2016

3/24/2016 - Venezuela’s Bizzare Energy Crisis

3/24/2016 - Conservatives Call for More Border Security after Belgium Terrorist Attacks

3/24/2016 - ObamaCare Turned 6 Years Old

3/24/2016 - Europe’s Breeding Ground for Terror

October 2015

10/28/2015 - Democrats Love the Boehner-Obama Budget Deal, but Conservatives Don’t

10/28/2015 - Poll: 61% of Americans Don’t Approve of the Debt Limit Hike

September 2015

9/8/2015 - Study: Speed Cameras can Reduce Likelihood of Fatal Accidents by 19%

9/8/2015 - Planned Parenthood Fails to Report Sexual Abuse

August 2015

8/25/2015 - Denver’s Hypocrisy in Targeting Chick-Fil-A

8/3/2015 - Socialist Bernie Sanders says Climate Change is the “Greatest Threat” Today

8/3/2015 - Businesses Give to Planned Parenthood, but Not to Religious Charities: Why?

July 2015

7/1/2015 - Chris Christie Adds Name to GOP Candidates’ List

7/1/2015 - Oklahoma Court nixes 10 Commandments Display Outside State Capitol

June 2015

6/8/2015 - Poll: Americans want Health Insurance Costs to Go Down

May 2015

5/12/2015 - How to Cut Health Insurance Costs for Young Adults by 44%

5/12/2015 - Obama’s Regulations Cost $80 Billion Annually

5/4/2015 - Reagan vs. Obama Economies: Guess Who Wins?

April 2015

4/8/2015 - ObamaCare hasn’t Cut Premium Costs at all

4/7/2015 - GOP and Democrats Oppose UN Arms Treaty

March 2015

3/9/2015 - Not Encouraging: 33% of Federal Executives use Private E-mail on Government Business

3/9/2015 - GOP 2016 Hopefuls go to Iowa’s Ag Summit to Make Their Pitch

3/2/2015 - Scott Walker explains His Views on Immigration

February 2015

2/27/2015 - Scott Walker: I’m for the “Hard-Working Taxpayers” in America

2/27/2015 - 12 Takeaways from CPAC 2015 and the GOP Candidates

2/26/2015 - Texas: Obama’s Amnesty Hurts States

2/26/2015 - Benghazi Cover-Up: Docs show Pentagon knew about Terrorism, not Some Video

2/21/2015 - Wal-Mart raises their Wages, but Liberals Still Whine

2/20/2015 - Conservative Group Criticizes Jeb Bush for Giving Hillary Clinton an Award Post-Benghazi

2/19/2015 - U.S. Press Freedom Declined under Obama, falling to 46th Place

2/19/2015 - Democrats Flip-Flop on Funding DHS

2/19/2015 - 2016 GOP Hopefuls on the Amnesty Delay

2/19/2015 - Fired Atlanta Fire Chief Sues the City for Being Fired for Christian Beliefs

2/18/2015 - U.S. pulls plus on “Clean Coal” Energy

2/18/2015 - Obama’s Carbon Emission Rules could cost Half a Million Manufacturing Jobs

2/18/2015 - GOP tries to Stop Union Election Rule that Benefits… Unions

2/18/2015 - Democrats Choosing Illegal Immigrants over DHS, says Heritage Action

2/18/2015 - Nebraska Woman Loses her Healthcare Three Times under ObamaCare

2/17/2015 - Are Pro-Life (but Graphic) Abortion Displays Free Speech?

2/17/2015 - Want a Job? North Dakota is Hiring

2/13/2015 - Senator asks Loretta Lynch, Attorney General Nominee, why she let Criminals Walk

2/3/2015 - “Hottest Year” U.N. Claim is Bogus

January 2015

1/31/2015 - Obama’s anti-Gun Operation Chokepoint, Explained

1/31/2015 - Ohio’s ObamaCare Expansion has cost $2 Billion

1/31/2015 - How did YOUR Senator Vote on Keystone XL?

1/21/2015 - Paul Ryan: “Opportunity for Everybody” Plan will Help Americans

1/21/2015 - Missed Joni Ernst’s Response to Obama? Read it here

1/21/2015 - State of the Union by the Numbers: Just 1 More Left from Obama

December 2014

12/28/2014 - Elon Musk and Gov. Cuomo: Crony Capitalists in New York

12/28/2014 - New York bans Fracking based on a Flawed Study

12/26/2014 - 12 Ways how the U.S. Government Wasted Your Money

12/26/2014 - Obama praises Medicaid Expansion, an increase of 24% due to ObamaCare

12/26/2014 - The Protestant Pastor who Brought Down a Dictator

June 2014

6/4/2014 - Ex-CBS Investigative Reporter Sharyl Attkisson joins Heritage’s Daily Signal