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D.C., after a Petition reached City Hall, Designated ‘Trans Pride’ Crosswalks

In a press release sent via e-mail, the District of Columbia installed ‘Trans Pride’ crosswalks in the city after a petition to do so gathered 12,000 signatures: D.C. Installs Rainbow, Trans Pride Crosswalks to Honor LGBTQ Community Following Successful Care2 Petition Campaign ****** The Care2 petition by a transgender resident was successful after gathering over […]

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‘Day Without Immigrants” Strike Protests Trump, Immigrant Workers Didn’t Go to Work Today

The social media campaign hashtag is #ADayWithoutImmigrants, where immigrant workers went on strike to highlight their value to the American economy. D.C. chef Jose Andres closed five of his restaurants for the day, in addition to children not showing up to class. La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group with a history of promoting amnesty policies, praised […]

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5% Increase in Homeless Population in D.C. Since Last Year

Homelessness fell in seven of the nine jurisdictions in the city, but it rose overall. According to the Annual Point-in-Time Count of Persons Experiencing Homelessness report, there were 12,215 homeless people on Jan. 28, 2016. That’s a 5 percent increase from 2015 to 2016 across all nine local jurisdictions. There were 11,623 homeless people in […]

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DC Could Get Its First Gun Range

A gun range in D.C.? Okay. The first gun range and gun store within the city limits of Washington, D.C. is scheduled to open within the next year. DC Gun Range and DC Guns and Ammo will be located under the same roof at a site on Queens Chapel Road in the city’s northeast quadrant. […]

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June 2017

6/13/2017 - D.C., after a Petition reached City Hall, Designated ‘Trans Pride’ Crosswalks

February 2017

2/16/2017 - ‘Day Without Immigrants” Strike Protests Trump, Immigrant Workers Didn’t Go to Work Today

May 2016

5/12/2016 - 5% Increase in Homeless Population in D.C. Since Last Year

5/9/2016 - D.C. Mayor Won’t Fund Effort to Pay Ex-Cons to Not Commit Crimes

5/4/2016 - DC Could Get Its First Gun Range

April 2016

4/19/2016 - Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founders were Apparently Arrested during D.C. Protest

4/18/2016 - DC Mayor Wants Statehood for District of Columbia

March 2016

3/13/2016 - D.C. Tax Office Accidentally Withdrew Up to $7 Million from Taxpayers

3/11/2016 - Ex-Putin Advisor Died from Blunt Force Trauma, Not a Heart Attack

February 2016

2/24/2016 - Arrests Made in Brutal Attack on U.S. Veteran

2/9/2016 - Danish Woman Charged with Using Pepper Spray to Defend Herself

2/2/2016 - Pay People to Not Commit Crimes? DC Democrat Pens Bill

January 2016

1/21/2016 - Winter Storm (Couple Inches of Snow) Cripples DC Area

1/3/2016 - Too Much Regulation? No More Styrofoam in D.C., Maryland

October 2015

10/29/2015 - DC Convention Pushes Marine Corps Marathon out of Downtown DC

September 2015

9/22/2015 - 3rd Time is the Charm? 3rd Defeat in 1 Year for D.C. Gun Control Laws

9/13/2015 - Lightly Attended Gun Control Rally in D.C. gets Media Attention

August 2015

8/31/2015 - DC’s Homicides Tally Matches all of 2014 with 105 Homicide Deaths

8/31/2015 - DC Homicides on the Rise and 97.5% of DC Cops Lack Confidence in Police Chief

July 2015

7/20/2015 - DC Metro, after Brutal Stabbing Murder on a Train, says It Didn’t Ban Guns in the Transit System

June 2015

6/3/2015 - D.C. Police Claims They’re Not Stopping Gun Carry Permits, but Are They Really?

May 2015

5/29/2015 - DC Metro Censors Free Speech, Won’t Run Pamela Geller Ad on Mohammed

5/20/2015 - Democratic Congressman wants Pay Raise, but Doesn’t Say He Owes Millions in Legal Bills

5/9/2015 - VE Day Celebrated with Old-School Airplane Flyover

5/1/2015 - House GOP to Overturn D.C. Abortion Law

April 2015

4/27/2015 - America’s Fixed-Rail Metro Model is Just Old and Flawed

February 2015

2/26/2015 - Marijuana is Legal in D.C.

2/26/2015 - Gun Control: D.C. approved only 16 of 76 Gun Permit Applications

2/21/2015 - DC Gun Permits Law still Disenfranchises Potential Gun Owners

2/10/2015 - D.C. Sued for Restrictive Firearms Applications after Ban Overturned

2/3/2015 - Border Patrol Union Leader Blasts D.C. using them as “Political Football”

January 2015

1/28/2015 - D.C. issues First Gun Permits!

1/6/2015 - D.C. City Council forces Schools to Pay for Abortions and Gay Advocacy Groups

November 2014

11/23/2014 - D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray rejects Plea Deal in Corruption Scandal

July 2014

7/11/2014 - D.C. Going to Pot? City could Legalize Marijuana Soon

November 2013

11/10/2013 - ObamaCare “Success”: 5 People sign up in D.C.

September 2013

9/13/2013 - D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray kills Living Wage, anti-Wal-Mart bill