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CNN Cancels Struggling Crossfire

On Wednesday, CNN made the move that I have been calling for since April. They canceled the ratings-challenged Crossfire program after less than one year on the air. Crossfire, which ran on CNN originally from 1982 to 2005, returned last September with four rotating hosts—Van Jones and Stephanie Cutter on the left, and Newt Gingrich […]

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CNN’s “Crossfire” Remains on “Temporary” Hiatus

CNN, which has devoted most of its recent airtime to coverage of the disappearance of Malaysian Air flight MH370, is keeping its low-rated Crossfire program on temporary hiatus, according to the Erik Wemple Blog. Crossfire, whose time slot was carved out of Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room program last fall, has given back that time slot […]

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Jeff Zucker Yet to Work His Magic at CNN

Jeff Zucker was hired by CNN to hopefully do what he did during his tenure at the Today show—transform a low-rated program into a ratings leader. One year after taking the helm at the oldest cable news network, the results are mixed at best. After Zucker took the helm, he began to tinker with the […]

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Crossfire Ratings Tank

After a promising debut, CNN’s new version of Crossfire has quickly tanked in the ratings. It took less than two weeks, as viewers got a longer look at the program. Crossfire’s ratings actually declined from the programming it replaced, The Situation Room, which surrendered its final half hour to make room for the new program. The […]

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Crossfire Set to Return on September 16

CNN has announced that the new version of Crossfire will debut on September 16, and that they are tweaking the current programming lineup to accommodate the show. Crossfire, which aired on CNN from 1982 – 2005, is being rebooted with new hosts Newt Gingrich and S.E. Cupp on the right, and Stephanie Cutter and Van […]

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