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Over Two-Thirds of Police Officers Surveyed Think Post-Incident Protests are Anti-Police

From ABC News: A new survey indicates that more than two-thirds of police officers believe that protests that typically follow high-profile police shootings are “motivated to a great extent by anti-police bias” — one of several findings that appear to highlight deep divisions between law enforcement and the citizens they protect. The survey conducted by the National […]

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Buried Lede on Tentative Policing Post-Ferguson in ABC News’ Article on ‘Out of Control’ Chicago Violence

ABC News focused on the rise in gun violence in Chicago, which has strict gun control laws and thereby restricts law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. However, buried in the article is a telling statement from the Chicago police superintendent: And an increase in the reluctance by law enforcement to engage in proactive, violence prevention policies. […]

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The Ferguson Effect? CBS News Noted Chicago Police Activity Declined as Murders Spiked

The ‘Ferguson effect’ is when police officers are fearful of viral videos and criticism from all corners of the general public and refrain from rushing into danger, generally speaking. Is this to blame for Chicago police’s decline in activity while violence rages almost out-of-control? The Chicago PD is under investigation by the Justice Department. And […]

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Liberal Media Headlines Mostly Got It Right, Covered Ambush Killings of Police Up 250% since Last Year

NBC News’ headline read, “Sharp Rise in Ambush Killings Leaves Police Officers, Families on Edge”, leaving out the hard statistics facing police officers and their families: They appear to be under attack by suspects. At least the article detailed the grim statistics, such as 56% spike in officers shot and killed, 21 officers killed in […]

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Liberal Media Does Its Job in Reporting: Keith Scott was Armed during Fatal Encounter with Charlotte Police Officer

The liberal media did its job and reported the facts in an officer-involved shooting, unlike the case surrounding Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, in addition to Michael Brown and then-Officer Darren Wilson. Sadly, Keith Lamont Scott lost his life in this fatal encounter between him and a black police officer in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mr. […]

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January 2017

1/17/2017 - Over Two-Thirds of Police Officers Surveyed Think Post-Incident Protests are Anti-Police

1/10/2017 - Murder Suspect Shoots, Kills Orlando Female Police Officer

1/6/2017 - Former Chicago Officer Told ’60 Minutes’ that Cops are Stepping Back after Viral Videos

1/6/2017 - Buried Lede on Tentative Policing Post-Ferguson in ABC News’ Article on ‘Out of Control’ Chicago Violence

1/4/2017 - Washington Post Admits that White Males are the Majority of Those Killed by Police

1/3/2017 - Another Police Officer Down: Pennsylvania State Trooper Shot and Killed

December 2016

12/30/2016 - The Ferguson Effect? CBS News Noted Chicago Police Activity Declined as Murders Spiked

12/30/2016 - Liberal Media Headlines Mostly Got It Right, Covered Ambush Killings of Police Up 250% since Last Year

12/10/2016 - Family of Knife-Wielding Teen Shot by Cops: He Was Not Going to Hurt Anyone

12/1/2016 - Liberal Media Does Its Job in Reporting: Keith Scott was Armed during Fatal Encounter with Charlotte Police Officer

November 2016

11/29/2016 - No Blame for Black Lives Matter, Though: San Antonio Police Officer Killed in Ambush

11/27/2016 - The Dangers of Being a Cop: Wayne State University Cop Shot in the Head, Passes Away

11/26/2016 - Liberal Media Jumps on Story of Police Using Concussion Grenades on Protesters, but Police Say They Didn’t Use Them

11/17/2016 - Louisiana Deputy Wounded in Ambush Moved to Rehab Hospital in Houston

October 2016

10/23/2016 - Black Lives Matter Activists Tell Hillary Clinton to Eradicate ‘Anti-Blackness within the DNA Code of Policing’

10/22/2016 - Black Lives Matter Activists Tell Hillary Clinton to Admit America’s Cardinal Sin of Racism

10/22/2016 - Hillary Clinton Held Private Meeting with Unnamed Black Lives Matter Activists

10/19/2016 - VIDEO: Female Chicago Police Officer Didn’t Use Gun for Fear of Media Backlash

10/12/2016 - NBC News, CBS News Report Tulsa Man Shot by Cops had PCP in His System on Homepages

10/3/2016 - Gun Laws are Hard for the Liberal Media to Understand

September 2016

9/30/2016 - ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activist DeRay McKesson Talks about White Privilege, Police Officers to San Diego State Students

9/22/2016 - No, Liberal Media, Keith Lamont Scott was Armed and Didn’t Have a Book

9/22/2016 - Liberal Media Fight Back against Police Report on Scott Shooting

9/22/2016 - Charlotte Resident’s Article Shows How Charlotte Went from Protests to Riots

August 2016

8/29/2016 - Oliver North Interviews Sheriff David Clarke on Police, Black Lives Matter

8/17/2016 - Blaming Mortgage Lenders for Milwaukee Violence? NBC News Article Asks the Question

8/17/2016 - Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Know What to Do about Glenn Beck

8/17/2016 - CNN Glanced Over Violent Remarks of the Sister of Milwaukee Suspect

8/11/2016 - NBC News, CBS News No Mention of Arkansas Shooting of Police Officers

July 2016

7/21/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Baton Rouge Anti-Police Attack, War on Cops, Nice Terrorist Attack, Attempted Coup & More

7/20/2016 - Trump: Black Lives Matter is “Essentially Calling Death to the Police”

7/20/2016 - Another Police Officer Down: Kansas City Loses One of Their Own

7/19/2016 - Baton Rouge Shooter had Ties to African Nationalist Group

7/18/2016 - Slain Baton Rouge Police Officer’s Facebook Post Reminds Everyone of Love

7/18/2016 - Milwaukee Police Officer Shot while Sitting in Squad Car

7/18/2016 - New Father among Baton Rouge Police Officers Murdered This Weekend

7/15/2016 - NEW AIM Special Report: Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ has become ‘Death and Destruction’

7/14/2016 - ABC News Doesn’t Mention Black Lives Matter Link to Dallas Cop Killer

7/13/2016 - “Credible” Plot to Ambush Baton Rouge Police Foiled

7/12/2016 - Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani Criticizes Black Lives Matter

7/12/2016 - Police Officers “are the Only Ones Dying to Protect Black Americans,” says Milwaukee Police Chief

7/12/2016 - Dallas Police Chief David Brown to Black Lives Matter: “Get Off That Protest Line and Put an Application In”

7/12/2016 - Minnesota Traffic Stop Victim’s Girlfriend “Baffled” by Anti-Cop Violence

7/12/2016 - Chuck Todd: “Prejudice” and “Hate” Hard to Take Out of Police Officers

7/12/2016 - ABC News Story on Dallas Mother, Wounded in Shielding Her Kids, Omits Black Lives Matter Motivation of Shooter

7/12/2016 - Harvard Study Debunks Black Lives Matter Narrative of Police’s Use of Lethal Force

7/12/2016 - Joe Biden: “Institutional Racism” Exists in Police Ranks

7/10/2016 - Paul Ryan: ‘Let’s Not Lose Sight of the Values that Unite Us’ after Dallas Ambush

7/9/2016 - Dallas Transit Officer Killed was a Newlywed, a Grandfather

7/9/2016 - Michael Krol Waited Years to Become a Cop, Slain in Dallas Ambush

7/9/2016 - Slain Dallas Police Officer Survived Several Iraq Tours

7/9/2016 - Dallas Detonated a Bomb to Kill Ambush Suspect, a First for Police

7/9/2016 - Dallas Police: Shooter was an Army Veteran

7/8/2016 - In Georgia, 911 Caller Reported a Break-In and then Shot a Police Officer

7/8/2016 - Suspect in Tennessee was Targeting Police Officers

7/8/2016 - More Anti-Police Shootings Mar Day after Dallas Ambush

7/8/2016 - Dallas Police Chief: One of the Ambush Suspects was Angry over Black Lives Matter

7/8/2016 - Minnesota Governor Says Race was a Factor in Minnesota Shooting

7/8/2016 - Obama Talks about Gun Control in Speech Condemning Sniper Ambush of Dallas Police Officers

7/8/2016 - Obama Highlights Racial Profiling in Police-Involved Shootings

7/8/2016 - CNN Trumpets Black Lives Matter Moment for Baton Rouge, Louisiana

7/8/2016 - 11 Police Officers Shot, 5 Fatally, in Ambush in Dallas, Texas

7/7/2016 - Protests Erupt after Two Officer-Involved Shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota

June 2016

6/24/2016 - Van Driver in Freddie Gray Case is Cleared of All Charges

May 2016

5/27/2016 - Louisiana Passes Law that Makes Anti-Police Acts a Hate Crime

5/22/2016 - Police Chief Resigns in San Francisco after Female Suspect Shot and Killed in Stolen Car

5/17/2016 - FBI Report: Killings of Police Officers Declined in 2015, but FBI Worried about Murder Rate Going Up

5/4/2016 - New York Times Highlights Some Police Chiefs’ Opposition to Gun Laws

5/2/2016 - Study: Police Officers are Hesitant to Shoot Black Suspects

April 2016

4/6/2016 - Beyonce Claims She’s Not Anti-Police, but Worried about Police Brutality

March 2016

3/31/2016 - No Charges for Minneapolis Police Officers in Shooting Jamar Clark

3/16/2016 - Poll of New York Police: 87% Think New York City is Less Safe since De Blasio Took Office

3/16/2016 - Maryland Police Officer Mortally Wounded by Friendly Fire during Ambush

3/14/2016 - Police Officer Shot in D.C. Suburb and Dies of His Injuries

February 2016

2/11/2016 - Obama’s Dept of Justice Sues Ferguson over Policing

2/10/2016 - San Antonio Observer Backs Off Plan to Publish Police Officers’ Names

2/9/2016 - INFOGRAPHIC: #BlueLivesMatter and Stats Behind the Shield

January 2016

1/15/2016 - Baltimore Earmarks $200,000 to Make Police Vans Safer after Freddie Gray

1/12/2016 - Hillary Clinton says Police are ‘Terrorizing’ Communities

1/6/2016 - Chicago Police Payout: $5.5 Million for Police Brutality Decades Ago

December 2015

12/31/2015 - Washington Post’s Police Shooting Study Debunked

12/30/2015 - Despite Grand Jury Decision, 2 Cleveland Police Officers could be Charged in Tamir Rice’s Death

12/30/2015 - Former Chicago Police Officer in Laquan McDonald Shooting Pleads Not Guilty

12/30/2015 - Rahm Emanuel should Resign, says Al Sharpton

12/29/2015 - Uh, Big Mistake: New York Times Posted Wrong Tamir Rice Story

12/28/2015 - Chicago Police Under Fire Again after Officer-Involved Shooting

12/17/2015 - Mistrial in Freddie Gray Case as the Jury was in a Deadlock

12/11/2015 - Chicago Protest Leader wants to Defund Chicago’s Police Department

12/10/2015 - Hillary Clinton Supports Embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel while Protests Go On

12/10/2015 - Protesters Demand Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Resignation

12/10/2015 - Illinois State Lawmaker Files Paperwork to Start Special Election Process to Oust Rahm Emanuel

12/2/2015 - Chicago Police Chief Fired, but No Criticism of Mayor’s Cover-Up?

12/1/2015 - College Student Issued Threat to Kill White People after Chicago Cop Dash Cam Footage Released

November 2015

11/27/2015 - Chicago Cop, involved in Dash Cam Footage Shooting of Black Male Suspect, had 18 Complaints

11/25/2015 - Democratic Mayor of Chicago, an Obama Ally, Tries to Keep Chicago Calm

11/25/2015 - Protesters Take to the Streets after Dash Cam Footage of Chicago Cop Shooting Black Teen was Released

October 2015

10/12/2015 - Cops were Justified in Tamir Rice Shooting, Experts Conclude

September 2015

9/6/2015 - Liberal Media Refuses to Tie Anti-Cop Violence to #BlackLivesMatter Movement

August 2015

8/31/2015 - DC Homicides on the Rise and 97.5% of DC Cops Lack Confidence in Police Chief

May 2015

5/13/2015 - Baltimore’s Real Problem? Police Unions

5/6/2015 - New York Mets Honor Slain NYPD Officer

5/5/2015 - RIP Officer Brian Moore: Dies of His Injuries after Being Shot in the Head

5/4/2015 - 2 Suspects Killed and Cop Wounded in Attack on a Texas Mohammed Cartoon Contest

5/3/2015 - NYPD Officer Hospitalized after being Shot in the Head

April 2015

4/26/2015 - Freddie Gray Protests Stopped Spectators at Baseball Game from Leaving

4/26/2015 - Baltimore Freddie Gray Protests Turn Violent Downtown

4/22/2015 - Baltimore Police Officers Suspended in Probe related to Suspect’s Fatal Spine Injury

March 2015

3/29/2015 - Actress Apologizes to Cops after Accusing them of Racial Profiling

3/28/2015 - Nebraska State Senator Won’t Apologize for Saying Cops are like ISIS Terrorists

3/17/2015 - Watchdog to NASCAR: Stop Funding Al Sharpton

3/16/2015 - Ferguson Protester Arrested in Shooting 2 Cops

February 2015

2/4/2015 - Reporter goes through Use-of-Force Police Simulator and finds It’s Tough

January 2015

1/5/2015 - NYPD is Out of Control, even after Bill de Blasio’s (In)action

1/2/2015 - Bill de Blasio re-appoints anti-Cop Judge

December 2014

12/30/2014 - Bill de Blasio Booed at Police Academy Graduation

12/22/2014 - New York Yankees will pay for Slain NYPD Cop’s Son’s Education