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Even the Queen Couldn’t Save CNN on Tuesday Night

In the “What Were They Thinking?” category we may need to add CNN’s decision on Tuesday night to break away from the Wisconsin recall election shortly after the polls closed to air extended highlights of the network’s earlier coverage of Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. And they paid dearly for the decision. CNN, which after making […]

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Erin Burnett’s “Out Front” is In Back

After just seven months, Erin Burnett, who was hired away from CNBC by CNN with much hoopla, has failed to meet expectations, much less the ratings of her predecessors. Burnett’s show, Out Front, was launched in October, replacing the low-rated John King, USA. The show is a departure for Burnett who was known for her […]

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September 2013

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6/7/2012 - Even the Queen Couldn’t Save CNN on Tuesday Night

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October 2011

10/1/2011 - CNN’s Erin Burnett on Her New Show: “I Won’t Be Studying the Ratings”