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‘Trump Bump’: Oh, Now the Liberal Media Cares?

Since Donald Trump’s Election Night victory over Hillary Clinton, the stock market has seen a “Trump bump,” or stock prices going up ever since his election. The liberal media did not cover the “Trump bump” as much as other news, based on our research. This week, some liberal media headlines pointed out the stock market bump […]

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Trump: Buzzfeed a ‘Failing Pile of Garbage’, CNN ‘is Terrible’ and is ‘Fake News’

Donald Trump, the President-Elect, went all-out on Buzzfeed and CNN for their reports on his alleged (not substantiated) ties to Russia. Here are some of the notable quotes from the press conference yesterday, as reported by CNBC: Trump called BuzzFeed a “failing pile of garbage,” arguing the online media outlet “will suffer the consequences.” A […]

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Rio Needs Federal Funding to Hold the Olympics

From the Zika virus to a behind-schedule construction effort to dirty and sewage-filled waters and the ongoing impeachment procedures against Brazil’s elected president Dilma Rousseff, this Rio Olympics is looking to be a giant disaster. Add in this financial crisis for the host city and this is almost like Sochi in Russia. Photo by Mark_JH

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10 Worst Questions from the CNBC Moderators

Here are the ten most egregiously biased and dumb questions from the CNBC moderators Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and John Harwood (transcript via Washington Post): “What is your biggest weakness and what are you doing to address it?” (Quintanilla to all candidates) “Is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?” (Harwood to Trump) […]

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December 2014

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September 2014

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January 2014

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July 2013

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November 2011

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September 2010

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