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Chris Matthews: NY Times ‘Still the Liberal Paper,’ WaPo ‘Not Ideological Anymore’

MSNBC Hardball host Chris Matthews said the New York Times is “still the liberal paper” during an interview about the media and the Trump administration. The interview was conducted by Edward-Isaac Dovere for Politico’s “Off Message” podcast, which was posted Tuesday. He described how newspapers have evolved since his time as an aide to Democratic Speaker Tip O’Neill in […]

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The Bias Buzz Podcast: Why Ryancare Failed, Trump Reverses Obama Climate Policies, Dems Threaten Gorsuch Filibuster, Brexit and More

Episode 65.  This week we discuss the Republican’s failure to pass a replacement bill for Obamacare, the power of the House Freedom Caucus, Trump’s reversal of Obama climate policies, Democrats rallying against Neil Gorsuch, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes under fire, Brexit and more. Please SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. SoundCloud audio is below:

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The Bias Buzz Podcast: Baton Rouge Anti-Police Attack, War on Cops, Nice Terrorist Attack, Attempted Coup & More

Don and Brian talk about the police shootings in Baton Rouge and the War on Cops, Nice and Germany terrorist attacks, Attempted coup in Turkey, Melania Trump’s RNC speech, Marilyn Mosby’s failure in Freddie Gray case, Chris Matthews attacks Benghazi victim’s mother, Tim Duncan’s retirement, Starbucks and Black Lives Matter. You can find it on Soundcloud […]

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Chris Matthews Slams GOP for Having Benghazi Victim’s Mother “Lie” About Hillary Clinton at Convention [Video]

Devoted Hillary Clinton supporter Chris Matthews was livid last night at the GOP for daring to have the mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith speak at the Republican National Convention and “lie” about Hillary Clinton, when they could have done so many more positive things. Patricia Smith, the mother of information management officer Sean Smith […]

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May 2018

5/3/2018 - Chris Matthews: NY Times ‘Still the Liberal Paper,’ WaPo ‘Not Ideological Anymore’

December 2017

12/18/2017 - MSNBC Admits to Sexual Harassment Payout Involving Chris Matthews

April 2017

4/19/2017 - Chris Matthews Suggested IRS Employees Leak Trump’s Audit Status

March 2017

3/30/2017 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Why Ryancare Failed, Trump Reverses Obama Climate Policies, Dems Threaten Gorsuch Filibuster, Brexit and More

3/1/2017 - Chris Matthews Criticized Trump for Not Taking the Blame for Yemen Raid that led to Navy SEAL’s Death

October 2016

10/25/2016 - MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Stumps NY Times Reporter When Asked About Pro-Life Employees at Paper [Video]

July 2016

7/21/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Baton Rouge Anti-Police Attack, War on Cops, Nice Terrorist Attack, Attempted Coup & More

7/20/2016 - Rudy Giuliani: “Hillary, If You Were Me, They’d Put You In Jail”

7/19/2016 - Chris Matthews Slams GOP for Having Benghazi Victim’s Mother “Lie” About Hillary Clinton at Convention [Video]

June 2016

6/16/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast: Orlando Terrorist Attack, Trump’s Poll Numbers, Chris Matthews Gushing Over Hillary

6/16/2016 - The Bias Buzz Podcast- Orlando Terrorist Attack Aftermath, Trump’s Plunging Poll Numbers, Green Party Woos Bernie Sanders, Brexit Vote and More

6/9/2016 - Chris Matthews Gushes Over Hillary Clinton’s Achievements [Video]

6/7/2016 - Chris Matthews’ Guest Calls Out Matthews for Not Releasing Tax Returns

May 2016

5/5/2016 - Chris Matthews Caught on Hot Mic Talking about Melania Trump

April 2016

4/28/2016 - MSNBC Conveniently Ignores Primary Loss of Chris Matthews’ Wife Kathleen

March 2016

3/14/2016 - Chris Matthews Conveniently Neglects to Mention That Hardball Guests Have Contributed $79,050 to Wife’s Congressional Campaign

February 2016

2/16/2016 - Nearly 11,000 Sign Petition Demanding MSNBC Suspend Chris Matthews for “Shilling for Hillary Clinton”

2/11/2016 - Chris Matthews: Want to Take Down Sanders? Find a Better Candidate [Video]

January 2016

1/29/2016 - Hillary Clinton Claims No One Can Buy Her

1/27/2016 - Chris Matthews says “Two Cuban Guys” will be Debating

1/26/2016 - Chris Matthews: Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Out to Get Hillary [Video]

1/13/2016 - Chuck Schumer Becomes Latest Democrat to Dodge Question on the Difference Between a Socialist and a Democrat [Video]

1/6/2016 - Hillary Clinton Dodges Question on the Difference between a Socialist and a Democrat [Video]

December 2015

12/22/2015 - MSNBC Hoping for Ratings Gold with Tonight’s “Citizen Trump” Documentary

November 2015

11/20/2015 - A Compliment? Chris Matthews says Paul Ryan sounds like Luke Skywalker

11/13/2015 - Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio may not be Hispanic

October 2015

10/9/2015 - Chris Matthews on Hillary: “You Don’t Get Authenticity by Going on SNL and Reading Scripts” [Video]

August 2015

8/1/2015 - DNC Chair Stumbles When Asked “What’s the Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist?” [Video]

July 2015

7/8/2015 - WATCH: Even Chris Matthews says Democrats Pander to Illegal Immigrants for Votes

June 2015

6/24/2015 - Hillary Backer Chris Matthews Jabs Fellow MSNBCer Ed Schultz for “Jumping Up and Down” for Bernie Sanders [Video]

6/9/2015 - WATCH: Chris Matthews Questions Hillary’s Leftward Tilt

May 2015

5/26/2015 - Chris Matthews Likens Hillary Clinton’s “Secretive” Nature to FDR

5/15/2015 - VIDEO: Chris Matthews says GOP Views Hispanics like Infrastructure

April 2015

4/22/2015 - Chris Matthews: Clinton Hasn’t Made Any “Mistakes That Matter Two Weeks from Now” [Video]

4/22/2015 - Obama says There’s Less War than During the Cold War

March 2015

3/2/2015 - Chris Matthews: Foreign Donations, Benghazi Likely to Dog Hillary During Campaign [Video]

February 2015

2/17/2015 - State Dept: We Can Fight ISIS with… Jobs!

January 2015

1/26/2015 - Chris Matthews Pans Bill Clinton’s Demands on Clinton Biopic [Video]

December 2014

12/16/2014 - AP’s Julie Pace:: “We’re Not Sure” What Clinton’s Message Is “and Why She’s Running for President” [Video]

12/10/2014 - Chris Matthews asks if UVa Rape case will end up like Duke Lacrosse

October 2014

10/24/2014 - Chris Matthews: Democrats Treating Obama as if He Has Ebola [Video]

10/16/2014 - Whiny Chuck Todd Blasts McConnell Campaign’s Use of His Comments

June 2014

6/5/2014 - Chris Matthews Destroys White House Suggestion that Bergdahl is Being “Swift Boated” By Fellow Soldiers [Video]

6/4/2014 - NBC’s Chuck Todd: White House Was Caught” Flat-Footed” by Bergdahl Response [Video]

May 2014

5/30/2014 - Chris Matthews: VA Scandal is Real—Benghazi, IRS and Fast & Furious Are a “Nasty Bouquet” From the GOP [Video]

5/28/2014 - Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele Shows Some Spine—Pushes Back on Chris Matthews [Video]

5/1/2014 - Chris Matthews’ Benghazi-Free Zone [Video]

March 2014

3/14/2014 - Chris Matthews: “I Think the Senate Goes” in 2014 [Video]

February 2014

2/12/2014 - Liberal Media Downplay Washington Free Beacon’s Name From Hillary Reports [Video]

January 2014

1/14/2014 - Chris Matthews Warns Democrats to Vote in 2014, Otherwise GOP “Haters” Will Win and “Erase” Obama [Video]

December 2013

12/30/2013 - ObamaCare: Painful for All

12/6/2013 - Obama Says Media Too Focused on Government Failures [Video]

12/5/2013 - Hardball’s Chris Matthews Planning to Serve up Softballs to Obama Tonight [Video]

November 2013

11/20/2013 - Chris Matthews: Obamacare Working in States Where GOP isn’t “Viciously” Trying to Sabotage It [Video]

11/15/2013 - Chris Matthews: GOP Has Turned Small Issues Like Benghazi, Obamacare Failure Into Distractions [Video]

October 2013

10/29/2013 - Chris Matthews: “If We Get a Fact Wrong, We are Being Dishonest and Incompetent” [Video]

10/17/2013 - MSNBC President Phil Griffin Calls Chris Matthews a “National Treasure”

10/16/2013 - Ann Coulter Likes to Watch MSNBC—Would Fire Chris Matthews

September 2013

9/20/2013 - Chris Matthews Wonders Why Illegal Aliens Would Risk Voting [Video]

9/12/2013 - Chris Matthews: GOP Against Minority Voting Because “They Don’t Like Their Votes” [Video]

9/10/2013 - Chris Matthews: “I Think a lot of Conservative Things Make Sense” [Video]

August 2013

8/23/2013 - Chris Matthews: “Of Course There’s Voter Fraud” [Video]

8/21/2013 - Chris Matthews Begs Viewers to Watch Hardball in New Time Slot

8/7/2013 - Chris Matthews: MSNBC Doesn’t Have a Pro-Obama Bias Because He Has Never Appeared on the Network

July 2013

7/22/2013 - Chris Matthews Apologizes to Black Colleagues on Behalf of “All White People” [Video]

June 2013

6/26/2013 - Chris Matthews: Climate Change Will Turn Miami Into an Atlantis [Video]

6/19/2013 - Chris Matthews: Christie “Reasonable,” Santorum “Radical”

May 2013

5/29/2013 - Chris Matthews Wants Obama to Play More Offense, Less Defense, on Scandals [Video]

5/17/2013 - Chris Matthews Grills Carney—Even the Bush Administration Conducted Leak Investigations in Public [Video]

April 2013

4/22/2013 - CNN’s Gloria Borger on Boston Bombing Reaction: “Obama Learned from George Bush’s Mistake After 9/11” [Video]

February 2013

2/8/2013 - David Freddoso Decries Media Spin for Obama[Video]

January 2013

1/22/2013 - Chris Matthews: GOP Will Have to “Rig the Elections” To Win In the Future [Video]

December 2012

12/31/2012 - Another Banner Year for Media Bias

12/28/2012 - MSNBC President Calls Chris Matthews a “Statesman”

12/14/2012 - Chris Matthews Accuses Mainstream Media of Being too “Balanced” Towards GOP During the Campaign

12/12/2012 - Chris Matthews Berates Guest Over Backing from Koch Brothers—Gives UAW a Pass

12/7/2012 - Chris Matthews Still Pushing Narrative that Republicans “Don’t Like Black Presidents”

12/5/2012 - Chris Matthews Plays Race Card—Jokes GOP is “Concerned” About Minorities Gathering in Large Groups [Video]

November 2012

11/16/2012 - Chris Matthews Chastises CEOs Making Cuts Due to Obamacare

11/9/2012 - New York Post Ribs Matthews Over Hurricane Sandy Remark

11/8/2012 - Chris Matthews Admits His Hurricane Sandy Remark Was “Stupid and Wrong”

11/7/2012 - Chris Matthews: Obama Will Lose the South Due to Republicans Stoking Racial Fears

11/6/2012 - Chris Matthews Accuses Romney’s “Revenge” Reaction Of Stoking Racial Fears

11/2/2012 - New Study Shows that MSNBC is Overwhelmingly Negative Towards Romney

11/1/2012 - Chris Matthews Labels Global Warming Skeptics “Pigs” Who “Don’t Care About the Planet”

October 2012

10/25/2012 - Chris Matthews: Palin’s Use of “Shuck and Jive” Is a Racist Attack on Obama

10/23/2012 - Chris Matthews Tells Romney Supporter That Libya Attack Was All “About the Video” [Video]

10/18/2012 - Chris Matthews Says It Wasn’t Constitutional for Romney to Challenge Obama [Video]

10/4/2012 - Chris Matthews Not Thrilled With Obama Debate Performance

September 2012

9/18/2012 - Chris Matthews: Romney Thinking He Could Beat Obama Was “An Arrogant Point of View”

9/4/2012 - Chris Matthews Charges Romney with “Encouraging White Anger” [Video]

August 2012

8/31/2012 - “Morning Joe” Co-Hosts Regret Chris Matthews’ Outburst Against RNC Chair

8/30/2012 - Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell Try to Put Condoleezza Rice On the Spot With “Birtherism” Question

8/29/2012 - Matthews Attacks Mitt Romney After Ann Romney’s Speech

8/28/2012 - Gingrich Exposes Chris Matthews’ “Racist Thinking”

8/27/2012 - Chris Matthews Attacks RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, Accuses GOP of Playing Race Card

8/16/2012 - Chris Matthews Admits Joe Biden’s “Chains” Remarks Were About Slavery

8/2/2012 - Shocking! Chris Matthews Admits Son’s Political Views Are To the “Left of Obama”

July 2012

7/24/2012 - Chris Matthews Only Tells Half the Story on Zell Miller

7/19/2012 - Chris Matthews Can’t Understand Why Conservatives Keep Bashing “the Perfect American”

June 2012

6/28/2012 - Matthews: SCOTUS Decision on Health Care Is the “Whole Ballgame” for Obama

6/14/2012 - NBC’s Matthews to Elizabeth Warren: “Let me help you with this”

6/14/2012 - Chris Matthews Coaches MA Senate Candidate Warren to Defeat Brown [VIDEO]

6/14/2012 - Matthews Flunks Florida Voter Registration Law

6/12/2012 - Matthews Says Obama Jobs Bill is “Small Bore;” Wants Him to “Go Big”

6/11/2012 - MSNBC’s Matthews Defends Obama Against WashPost Reporter

6/6/2012 - Matthews Tells Schultz That He Could Be the Head of the AFL-CIO [VIDEO]

6/6/2012 - Obama and Israel: The Undermining of a Historic Relationship

6/4/2012 - MSNBC’s Matthews Chides Clinton Over Birtherism

6/4/2012 - MSNBC’s Matthews Criticizes Obama’s Negative Campaign Strategy

6/4/2012 - Matthews: “What Was Bill Clinton Thinking?” [VIDEO]

6/1/2012 - Rep. Lewis: Voter ID Laws are a “Deliberate or Systematic Attempt to Steal This Election” [VIDEO]

May 2012

5/31/2012 - NBC’s Matthews Promotes Fraudulent Voting Practices

5/24/2012 - Matthews Not Thrilled with Right-Wing “Jackasses”

5/23/2012 - Chris Matthews Asks DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Where All the Obama Surrogates Are

5/23/2012 - NBC’s Matthews Concerned that Obama Doesn’t Have Enough Media Surrogates

5/16/2012 - TIME’s Halperin Admits Media Have Pro-Obama Bias on Bain

5/15/2012 - TIME’s Halperin: Press is VERY Sympathetic to Obama Narrative on Bain

5/14/2012 - Matthews: Wall Street is Doing It For the Money When They Back the GOP

5/11/2012 - MSNBC Mashup: Bullying Mitt Romney

April 2012

4/25/2012 - Chris Matthews Likens the GOP to the KKK [Video]

4/24/2012 - Bias Clip: MSNBC’s Matthews Likens Romney to KKK and ‘Birthers’

4/12/2012 - WaPo’s Capehart : “My Faith In the Justice System Has Been Restored with Zimmerman Prosecution” [Video]

March 2012

3/30/2012 - Matthews Accuses GOP of Making it Harder for Minorities to Vote [Video]

3/25/2012 - MSNBC Separates the News from the Views?

3/23/2012 - Chris Matthews Declares He’s a Centrist

3/15/2012 - Matthews: Romney Sounds Like African Colonialist [Video]

3/15/2012 - Bias Clips: Chris Matthews Likens Romney to “African Colonialist”

3/12/2012 - Matthews: “Why Don’t We Just Take a Picture of Everybody Who Votes?”

3/9/2012 - Matthews on Romney Supporters: “Is This North Korea?”

February 2012

2/27/2012 - MSNBC President: “I Want MSNBC to Reflect America in the 21st Century, Not the America of the 1940s.”

2/22/2012 - Chris Matthews: “Lean Forward Has Been a Winner for Us” [Video]

2/16/2012 - The Obama Thrill Is Coming Back for Chris Matthews

2/1/2012 - Matthews Calls The Washington Post the “Most Hawkish Paper in the Country”

January 2012

1/6/2012 - TIME’s Mark Halperin Admits the Media Are Going After Romney

1/4/2012 - Chris Matthews: Iowa Caucus Showed the Power of Destruction [Video]

December 2011

12/30/2011 - Biden Gets Lukewarm Support from Hardball Audience in Iowa

12/23/2011 - Chris Matthews: Cut JFK Some Slack on Marital Infidelities

12/21/2011 - Bill Clinton Says That the Media Favored Obama Over Hillary in 2008

12/20/2011 - Shocker: Chris Matthews Exposed By “Hardball” Guest for Being a Partisan

12/15/2011 - Chris Matthews Apologizes for MSNBC Story Linking Romney to the KKK [Video]

12/7/2011 - Matthews Admits That He May Have Believed Too Much in Obama in 2008 [Video]

12/6/2011 - Matthews: GOP Field is A “Diabolic Clown Show”

November 2011

11/28/2011 - Chris Matthews: “National Media Leans a Little to the Left”

11/18/2011 - ABC Fails to Find the “Occupy” Message

11/16/2011 - Matthews: GOP Nomination Process Full of Hate

11/7/2011 - Chris Matthews: Obama Needs to “Give Us Purpose” to Win Reelection [Video]

11/4/2011 - Chris Matthews Literally Swears He Didn’t Use a Ghostwriter for New Book

11/2/2011 - Chris Matthews: “Still Time to Build an Obama Party”

October 2011

10/3/2011 - Hardball Hosts “The Great Democratic Debate” Tonight

September 2011

9/27/2011 - Chris Matthews: GOP Campaign is about Heat and Hate

9/8/2011 - Robert Gibbs Rips Chris Matthews for “Crazy, Unfounded Accusations” Against Obama

9/6/2011 - Two Out of Four Liberals Agree that Health Care Reform Was Obama’s Biggest Mistake [Video]

August 2011

8/12/2011 - Matthews: “Something Has Broken Bad Lately” for Obama

8/9/2011 - Chris Mathews: “Newsweek Cover of Bachmann Made Her Look Like Gaddafi”

July 2011

7/29/2011 - Matthews’ Bad Math: “Half the Debt Came from Bush”

7/8/2011 - MSNBC Nixes Matthews Cameo in HBO Pilot

June 2011

6/24/2011 - Matthews: “Corrupt Media on the Right” Lying About Climate Change

6/21/2011 - Are the Media Building Up Bachmann to Bring Down Romney? [Video]

6/15/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Reverses Course, Praises Bachmann

6/13/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Comes Up Empty on Palin Emails

6/8/2011 - Matthews Fails to Convince Dem Congresswoman that Bush Tax Cuts Were All Bad

6/1/2011 - Matthews Thinks It’s ‘Dandy’ That Kucinich Could Run in Washington State

May 2011

5/27/2011 - Warning! Chris Matthews Now Wants Palin to Run for President

5/25/2011 - Obama Still Thrilling Chris Matthews

5/24/2011 - Chris Matthews Thinks It’s ‘Unusual’ for The GOP to Stand With Israel and Against Obama

5/18/2011 - Leaning Left, Matthews Allows Audience Member to Accuse GOP of White Supremacy

April 2011

4/25/2011 - The Four+ Fallacies of Lean Forward, 2.0

4/22/2011 - Shocker! MSNBC’s Matthews Praises National Review

4/20/2011 - Freudian Slip? Matthews Calls Obama a Muslim

4/15/2011 - MSNBC’s Matthews Calls Fox News a “Roach Motel” for GOP Candidates

4/15/2011 - Matthews Lauds New DNC Chairman Wasserman Schultz

4/7/2011 - Chris Matthews Congratulates Media Matters for Fox-Beck Breakup

March 2011

3/16/2011 - Matthews to Leno: “I Want to Be Somewhat Nonpartisan”

February 2011

2/15/2011 - Matthews: ‘CPAC Is Almost Like a Carnival Levitation Act’

2/4/2011 - Media Gives Schumer a Pass While Attacking Palin and Bachmann

2/2/2011 - Matthews Compares Tea Party to Muslim Brotherhood, Calls Them War-Hooping Nut Bags

January 2011

1/27/2011 - MSNBC VP: “MSNBC Doesn’t Have A Political Agenda”

1/21/2011 - The Thrill Is Back for Chris Matthews

December 2010

12/13/2010 - Can Matthews Offer Better Insight than a Fifth-Grader?