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Target, Transgenderism, and Transformation

Target Corp. (TGT) stock has plunged approximately 12% less than a month after the organization declared that its transgender customers and employees could utilize “…the restroom or fitting room facility that corresponds with their gender identity.” Over 1.2 million people have signed the American Family Association’s “Boycott Target Pledge,” in a massive display of consumer […]

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Obama Administration Lost Track of Illegal Immigrant Children

This isn’t good, especially if children are being put into dangerous homes: The Obama administration has lost track of scores of immigrant children who have been caught crossing into the United States illegally, according to a new government oversight report that found children are sometimes being placed into homes with other illegal immigrants and non-citizens. […]

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Harry Reid Chastises CNN’s Dana Bash—Calls Her “Irresponsible” and “Reckless” [Video]

On Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) lost his composure during a press conference on the ongoing federal government shutdown battle when he scolded CNN reporter Dana Bash by calling her question about the Senate possibly restoring funding to the NIH “irresponsible” and “reckless.” Bash noted that Reid and other Democrats had lamented that […]

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May 2016

5/16/2016 - Target, Transgenderism, and Transformation

5/9/2016 - Obama’s Dept of Justice Goes After North Carolina over Bathrooms

5/3/2016 - Maternity Leave is Not ‘Me’ Time

April 2016

4/24/2016 - Target Allows Transgenders to Access Whichever Bathroom They Desire

4/18/2016 - 1,200% Increase in Number of Children Illegally Crossing the Border from 2011-2014

March 2016

3/24/2016 - Border Patrol Expects Surge of Illegal Immigrants at the time of the GOP Convention in July

February 2016

2/24/2016 - U.S. Expects More Illegal Immigrant Children to Come Across the Border

2/23/2016 - Obama Administration Lost Track of Illegal Immigrant Children

June 2015

6/13/2015 - Sarcasm Alert! 4 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe

October 2013

10/3/2013 - Harry Reid Chastises CNN’s Dana Bash—Calls Her “Irresponsible” and “Reckless” [Video]