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Buried Lede on Tentative Policing Post-Ferguson in ABC News’ Article on ‘Out of Control’ Chicago Violence

ABC News focused on the rise in gun violence in Chicago, which has strict gun control laws and thereby restricts law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves. However, buried in the article is a telling statement from the Chicago police superintendent: And an increase in the reluctance by law enforcement to engage in proactive, violence prevention policies. […]

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August 2017

8/21/2017 - Vandals burn Abraham Lincoln Bust in Chicago after Charlottesville Violence

June 2017

6/30/2017 - Gay March in Chicago Booted Gay Jewish Activists for Having Star of David on Flags

April 2017

4/26/2017 - Chicago Mural of Michelle Obama Created Attribution Controversy

January 2017

1/6/2017 - Former Chicago Officer Told ’60 Minutes’ that Cops are Stepping Back after Viral Videos

1/6/2017 - Buried Lede on Tentative Policing Post-Ferguson in ABC News’ Article on ‘Out of Control’ Chicago Violence

November 2016

11/5/2016 - Liberal Media Ignores Grim Chicago Murder Statistics, Could Be the Worst Since 2003

October 2016

10/20/2016 - Fact Checking NPR’s Final Presidential Debate Fact Check: Yes, Chicago has Strict Gun Laws

September 2016

9/3/2016 - NBA Player Dwyane Wade ‘Conflicted’ after Donald Trump Tweet on His Cousin’s Death

9/2/2016 - ABC News Glances over Strict Gun Laws in Chicago as August Homicide Rate was Highest in 20 Years

June 2016

6/26/2016 - Teacher Booted from Chicago Teachers Union after Coaching Chess Team during Strike

May 2016

5/2/2016 - Study: Police Officers are Hesitant to Shoot Black Suspects

April 2016

4/22/2016 - Teachers Union President Calls GOP Governor an ISIS Recruit

4/22/2016 - D.C., Chicago & Baltimore Account for Over Half of U.S.’s Murder Rate Increase

March 2016

3/28/2016 - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Picks Own Police Chief, Spurns Recommendations

3/16/2016 - Paid Left-Wing Protesters Claim Victory in Disrupting Trump Rally

3/16/2016 - Chicago Activists Upset at Hillary Clinton’s Support for Mayor Rahm Emanuel

3/12/2016 - Trump Cancels Chicago Rally after it gets Violent

January 2016

1/26/2016 - So Chicago will get Its First Gun Store

1/6/2016 - Chicago Police Payout: $5.5 Million for Police Brutality Decades Ago

1/5/2016 - Report finds Chicago Public Schoolteachers Smoked Weed, Stole Money

1/4/2016 - Illinois Considering Recall for Chicago’s Mayor

December 2015

12/30/2015 - Former Chicago Police Officer in Laquan McDonald Shooting Pleads Not Guilty

12/30/2015 - Rahm Emanuel should Resign, says Al Sharpton

12/28/2015 - Chicago Police Under Fire Again after Officer-Involved Shooting

12/11/2015 - Chicago Protest Leader wants to Defund Chicago’s Police Department

12/10/2015 - Hillary Clinton Supports Embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel while Protests Go On

12/10/2015 - Protesters Demand Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Resignation

12/10/2015 - Illinois State Lawmaker Files Paperwork to Start Special Election Process to Oust Rahm Emanuel

12/2/2015 - Chicago Police Chief Fired, but No Criticism of Mayor’s Cover-Up?

12/1/2015 - College Student Issued Threat to Kill White People after Chicago Cop Dash Cam Footage Released

November 2015

11/28/2015 - Nine-Year-Old Boy was Killed Execution-Style to Get Back at His Dad, who has Gang Ties

11/27/2015 - Chicago Cop, involved in Dash Cam Footage Shooting of Black Male Suspect, had 18 Complaints

11/25/2015 - Democratic Mayor of Chicago, an Obama Ally, Tries to Keep Chicago Calm

11/25/2015 - Protesters Take to the Streets after Dash Cam Footage of Chicago Cop Shooting Black Teen was Released

September 2015

9/26/2015 - Secret Emails? Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel Sued by Chicago Tribune Over It

9/4/2015 - Survey finds Chicago Criminals Buy Illegal Guns from Family and Friends, Not Gun Owners or Gun Shops

July 2015

7/24/2015 - Report finds Chicago Neighborhood with Most Gun Permits is 55% Black, 34% Hispanic

April 2015

4/21/2015 - Uber Driver Stops Chicago Gunman who Fired Into a Crowd

February 2015

2/25/2015 - Rahm Emanuel, ex-Obama official and Chicago Mayor, goes to a Run-off Election

July 2014

7/9/2014 - Chicago, a Gun Control City, sees 9 killed and 50 injured over July 4th weekend

September 2013

9/18/2013 - Ex-Obama official Bill Daley says No to Illinois Governor race

August 2013

8/19/2013 - Illinois puts Background Checks for all Gun Buyers

8/17/2013 - Ex-U.S. Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. to serve 30 months in prison

July 2013

7/7/2013 - Unpopular Illinois Governor nixes parts of Concealed Carry bill

June 2013

6/16/2013 - Former Obama adviser Bill Daley exploring Illinois Gov. bid