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Andrea Mitchell Praises ‘Madam Secretary’ for ‘Diplomacy in Action’

NBC News chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell said she thinks American diplomacy is better on TV than in real life. On Monday, Mitchell interviewed actor Erich Bergen, co-star of the CBS “Madam Secretary” in which Tea Leoni plays CIA-analyst-turned-Secretary-of-State Elizabeth McCord. Mitchell praised the show for its portrayal of what she thinks diplomacy should look […]

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CBS Veers From Legacy in Tabloid-Style Stormy Daniels Interview

Sunday’s CBS “60 Minutes” interview with Stephanie Gregory Clifford, the pornography actress known as Stormy Daniels, is a far departure from the storied CBS legacy of Edward R. Murrow’s World War II broadcasts of the battle between Western civilization and the onslaught of German Nazism. Throughout his leading questions, “60 Minutes” interviewer Anderson Cooper showed […]

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Study: Audience Slip Continues for Local TV News

Local television news, long the largest source of income for local stations, has been losing audience steadily over the last decade and took yet another downturn last year, according to a new study by the Pew Center for Journalism and the Media. Among the findings: Local news continues to garner more audience that cable news, […]

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CBS, BBC Join Forces

CBS News and BBC News are teaming up with a new “editorial and newsgathering relationship” that will “significantly enhance the global reporting capabilities of both organizations,” the networks said in a joint statement Thursday. The networks have worked together before – notably during World War II when Edward R. Murrow of CBS broadcast many of his […]

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May 2018

5/22/2018 - Andrea Mitchell Praises ‘Madam Secretary’ for ‘Diplomacy in Action’

April 2018

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7/13/2017 - CBS, BBC Join Forces

May 2017

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April 2017

4/27/2017 - ‘The Model of the Democratic Party is Failing,’ said Bernie Sanders

March 2017

3/6/2017 - Broadcast Networks Have Lost Over 1 Million Viewers Since February

February 2017

2/20/2017 - President Trump Upset Liberal Media with Tweet on Media as the ‘Enemy of the American People’

October 2016

10/24/2016 - Hawaii Five-O Goes All In for Gun Control

June 2016

6/28/2016 - Remember when CBS Edited Obama’s On Camera Response to Benghazi?

6/20/2016 - Gun Store Alerts Feds that CBS Producer Broke the Law

May 2016

5/24/2016 - Hillary the Hypocrite, CBS Points Out that Clinton Wanted More Debates Against Obama in 2008 [Video]

April 2016

4/23/2016 - Celebrity First Lady: Michelle Obama to Cameo in CBS TV Series ‘NCIS’

March 2016

3/22/2016 - WATCH: Focus Group Member says Hillary Clinton is the “Worst Liar”

3/1/2016 - CBS CEO Moonves on Trump Candidacy: “It May Not be Good for America, But it’s Damn Good for CBS”

October 2015

10/16/2015 - Hollywood Attempts to Rehabilitate Dan Rather

September 2015

9/14/2015 - Feel the Bern? Bernie Sanders Opens Double-Digit Lead in Iowa, New Hampshire Polls

August 2015

8/31/2015 - DC Homicides on the Rise and 97.5% of DC Cops Lack Confidence in Police Chief

8/30/2015 - CBS’s Minnesota Affiliate Criticizes Hillary Clinton Ditching the State Fair

8/25/2015 - If Joe Biden Runs, a Major Clinton Donor could Defect to Biden’s Camp

8/21/2015 - WATCH: CBS Disputes Hillary Clinton’s Claim about Classified Info in Her E-mails

July 2015

7/16/2015 - Obama Livid that Reporter Asked about Americans Held Hostage in Iran

May 2015

5/1/2015 - VIDEO: CBS says Hillary Clinton Broke Confirmation Hearing Promise to be Transparent

April 2015

4/24/2015 - Former CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson to Host New National Sunday Morning Show

March 2015

3/27/2015 - VIDEO: CBS Poll finds Hillary Clinton’s Ratings Took Hit from E-mail Scandal

3/18/2015 - Democrats are Now Looking at Al Gore in 2016? No, Seriously.

3/16/2015 - CBS admits Hillary’s E-mail Scandal is Unprecedented

3/11/2015 - CBS admits Hillary Clinton’s Press Conference raises “Uncomfortable Questions”

3/9/2015 - Trey Gowdy: “Huge Gaps” in Hillary Clinton’s E-mails

February 2015

2/16/2015 - CBS’s Schieffer: Jordan responds w/Force to Hostage Execution and Obama goes to Fundraiser

November 2014

11/21/2014 - DOJ Emails on “Fast and Furious” Show Targeting of Former CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson

11/6/2014 - Fox News Tops Cable, Broadcast Networks in Midterm Election Coverage

September 2014

9/29/2014 - Gun Rights Policy Conference Scores a Bullseye

June 2014

6/3/2014 - Dan Rather: Journalists have Lost Their “Guts”

May 2014

5/5/2014 - Sharyl Attkisson: If I Let the Left Influence Me, I’d Only Be Covering the Weather [Video]

April 2014

4/14/2014 - Sharyl Attkisson: Obama White House Has Had a “Chilling Effect” on Reporting [Video]

March 2014

3/20/2014 - Freed from CBS, Sharyl Attkisson Launches Website Exposing Obama Scandals

May 2013

5/28/2013 - Bob Schieffer: Obama Needs to “Rethink His Entire Communications Policy”

5/25/2012 - Dan Rather Claims the Media too CONSERVATIVE, Corporatist

February 2012

2/1/2012 - Dana Loesch, Sharyl Attkisson to Receive Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Awards at CPAC 2012

November 2011

11/26/2011 - Rather Blasts Corporate-Owned Media, Praises Occupy Movement

11/14/2011 - CBS Scores With Debate Ratings, Loses With Internet Viewers

July 2011

7/20/2011 - CBS under-samples Republicans by wide margin in debt poll

April 2011

4/20/2011 - CBS’ Cost Cutting Doesn’t Extend to CEO’s Paycheck

4/11/2011 - News Anchors Losing Influence

March 2011

3/17/2011 - Couric Talking to ABC

3/8/2011 - Dan Rather: ‘I Felt Like Hell After CBS Dumped Me’

February 2011

2/26/2011 - CBS Legal Drama Portrays Tea Party as Racist