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CNN Wonders Why Sexism Exists in (Liberal) Silicon Valley

Unfortunately, sexism is allegedly alive and well in Silicon Valley, which is far from a conservative or moderate political atmosphere. CNN did a piece on how sexism is prevalent in the start-up industry in northern California, but neglected to mention that the area is politically liberal and progressive. More often than not, left-leaning activists claim […]

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CNN, LA Times Glance Over Black Bloc Agitators’ Role in Violence, Disrupting Pro-Trump Rally

The Los Angeles Times covered the pro-Trump rally, scheduled in Berkeley, California, and pointed out that 21 people were arrested after fights broke out between Trump supporters and the anarchist ‘black bloc’ agitators who showed up at the rally to counter-protest. The Times article did not mention that it was the same ‘black bloc’ agitators […]

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The Left Blamed California Drought on Climate Change

Despite the recent development of a limited end of California’s emergency drought order, leftists and liberals alike have blamed global warming and climate change on the ongoing drought in the state. However, as The Daily Caller pointed out, the state of California has had droughts over the course of its history (even going beyond European settlement): […]

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Liberal Media Uses Phrase ‘Anti-Abortion’ to Describe Activists behind Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

Two activists behind the undercover Planned Parenthood videos were charged with fifteen felonies for their videos, which alleged that Planned Parenthood sold baby/fetal body parts. Planned Parenthood is the darling of the Left as their abortion provider. The conservative media uses the phrase “pro-life,” while pro-abortion types in the liberal media call the pro-life movement […]

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Los Angeles Times Heralds Protesters Disrupting GOP Town Halls

Protesters have flooded Republican politicians’ hometown town halls as of late. Starting with the likes of Utah’s Jason Chaffetz, local and out-of-town protesters have disrupted GOP politicians’ town halls as of late to protest the election (and policies) of President Donald Trump. The LA Times outlined the number of town halls disrupted by protesters: Utah […]

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New York Times Called Anti-Trump Protests Mostly ‘Peaceful’

The New York Times said the following about the mostly ‘peaceful’ protests against incoming President-Elect Donald Trump: Most of the gatherings have remained peaceful, but tempers have flared sporadically. Demonstrators burned trash cans in Oakland on Wednesday night, and tried to block a highway on Thursday before the police intervened. In Portland on Thursday night, […]

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Protests Occur after Trump Wins Presidency; But Wasn’t It Supposed to be Violent Trump Voters?

The liberal media continued to blame Donald Trump, now the president-elect, for violence at rallies. It was discovered that the Democratic National Committee was responsible for that. However, anti-Trump protests took place early this morning in California and Washington, D.C. and there were some injuries as well as some items burned. So much for violent […]

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July 2017

7/14/2017 - CNN Wonders Why Sexism Exists in (Liberal) Silicon Valley

April 2017

4/17/2017 - CNN, LA Times Glance Over Black Bloc Agitators’ Role in Violence, Disrupting Pro-Trump Rally

4/17/2017 - The Left Blamed California Drought on Climate Change

March 2017

3/30/2017 - Liberal Media Uses Phrase ‘Anti-Abortion’ to Describe Activists behind Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos

3/3/2017 - The Hillary Clinton Effect? California Public Officials Can’t Hide Government Information in Private Emails

February 2017

2/23/2017 - Los Angeles Times Heralds Protesters Disrupting GOP Town Halls

December 2016

12/12/2016 - Dear Liberal Media: Fake News Creator is a Liberal in Los Angeles

November 2016

11/20/2016 - San Francisco Teachers Union Passed Out Anti-Trump Lesson Plans

11/15/2016 - New York Times Called Anti-Trump Protests Mostly ‘Peaceful’

11/9/2016 - Protests Occur after Trump Wins Presidency; But Wasn’t It Supposed to be Violent Trump Voters?

October 2016

10/26/2016 - After Fraud, Pentagon Wants Soldiers to Give Back Enlistment Bonuses

September 2016

9/30/2016 - ‘Black Lives Matter’ Activist DeRay McKesson Talks about White Privilege, Police Officers to San Diego State Students

9/30/2016 - American Authorities Tried to Deport Ugandan Man Twice, who was later Shot after Confronting the Police

July 2016

7/18/2016 - NBC News Article on Nice Truck Attack Calls Attacker a “Deranged Man,” Doesn’t Mention Radical Islam until 9th Paragraph

June 2016

6/13/2016 - New York Times Doesn’t Waste Time, Blames Guns for Orlando Shooting

6/10/2016 - Court Rules that Concealed Carry isn’t a Constitutional Right

6/9/2016 - Bernie Sanders Supporters Accuse Liberal Media of Supporting Hillary Clinton

6/8/2016 - New York Times Highlights Woman Card for Hillary Clinton after Winning California

6/2/2016 - Poll: Bernie Sanders within 2 Points of Hillary Clinton

6/2/2016 - UCLA Campus was Locked Down due to Murder-Suicide

May 2016

5/23/2016 - Professor: You Get Extra Credit if You Write Letters Demanding Free College Tuition

5/22/2016 - Police Chief Resigns in San Francisco after Female Suspect Shot and Killed in Stolen Car

5/11/2016 - A California Trump Delegate is a Leader of a White Nationalist Party

April 2016

4/28/2016 - Florida Governor’s Radio Ads in California Criticize New Minimum Wage

4/22/2016 - Court Rules in Favor of Libertarian Non-Profit and Against California Attorney General

4/15/2016 - LA Unions Want to Be Exempt from $15/Hour Minimum Wage

4/8/2016 - $15,000 for Guests to Eat Dinner w/Obama in Hollywood

4/7/2016 - California Authorities Raid Pro-Life Activist’s Home

4/5/2016 - California, New York Pass Higher Minimum Wage Laws

4/3/2016 - California Mayor Bans Trump from Campaigning in West Hollywood

March 2016

3/30/2016 - SCOTUS Deadlocks, Meaning Public Employees Still Have to Pay Union Dues

3/28/2016 - $15 Minimum Wage Deal Tentatively Reached in California

3/28/2016 - San Francisco Mayor Bans Travel to North Carolina over Transgender Bathroom Law

3/28/2016 - Poll Show Ted Cruz Closing the Gap on Trump in California

3/25/2016 - California Voters will Vote on $15-an-hour Minimum Wage

3/18/2016 - SeaWorld Announces End of Breeding Captive Orca Whales

February 2016

2/21/2016 - Obama’s Dept of Justice Wants to Force Apple to Help Them Decrypt iPhone

2/19/2016 - Facebook and Twitter Back Apple against the FBI’s Request for Decryption Help of iPhone

2/18/2016 - Hospital Pays Hackers in Bitcoins to Gain Back Access to Computer Network

January 2016

1/13/2016 - NFL’s Rams to Relocate to Los Angeles, Chargers could Join Them

1/4/2016 - On Twitter, Carly Fiorina Takes Heat for Rose Bowl Pandering

1/4/2016 - Anti-Trump Skywriting at the Rose Bowl Grabs Attention

December 2015

12/30/2015 - San Bernadino Terrorist Wife Claimed She was Pregnant in Applying for a Green Card

12/23/2015 - Sloppy Approval Process for San Bernardino Terrorists

12/22/2015 - In NPR Interview, Obama Blames Terrorism Coverage by Media Stokes Fears

12/21/2015 - Professor, Students Protest Islamophobia by Using Similar Images under Nazi Germany

12/18/2015 - Obama admits He Doesn’t Watch Enough Cable News to Understand Terrorism Fears

12/17/2015 - San Bernardino Terrorists Buried while FBI Agents Guarded the Funeral

12/17/2015 - Whistleblower Claims Obama Administration Shut Down Probe of Radical Islamists, Could’ve Stopped San Bernardino Couple

12/16/2015 - DHS Should Release All Documents Regarding San Bernardino Terrorist, says Congress

12/16/2015 - Los Angeles Public Schools Set to Re-Open after Closure following Threat

12/15/2015 - San Bernardino Terrorist Sent Pro-Jihad Facebook Messages before Coming to America

12/10/2015 - Gun Sales Spike in San Bernardino after Terrorist Attack

12/10/2015 - Former Neighbor of San Bernardino Terrorist to be Indicted

12/9/2015 - Investigators: San Bernardino Terrorist Planned Attack in 2012

12/9/2015 - Terrorist Bride? Questions Emerge about San Bernardino Shooters

12/8/2015 - FBI said San Bernardino Shooters were Radicalized for Some Time

12/8/2015 - San Bernardino Shooter received $28,500 Payment Two Weeks Before the Attack

12/8/2015 - White House Blames GOP for Disunity after San Bernardino Attack

12/5/2015 - One of the San Bernardino Shooters used Fake Address on Visa Application

12/4/2015 - New York Sheriff, a Democrat, Reminds his Town of Protecting Selves with Legal Firearms

12/4/2015 - San Bernardino Shooter Watched ISIS Propaganda Videos

12/4/2015 - U.S. Granted 680,000 Green Cards to People from Muslim-Majority Countries the Last 5 Years

12/4/2015 - Cruz, Sessions Ask Obama to Release Immigration Information of San Bernardino Shooters

12/4/2015 - Liberal Media Distorts Mass Shooting Statistic

12/4/2015 - California Democratic Senator, after San Bernardino Shooting, says Gun Control Laws Work in California

12/4/2015 - Authorities Probing Whether San Bernardino Shooter’s Wife Radicalized the Husband

12/3/2015 - Obama wants a No-Gun List in America, similar to No-Fly Lists

12/3/2015 - San Bernardino Shooter was in Contact with Suspected Terrorists

12/3/2015 - Unknown Motives of San Bernandino Shooters

November 2015

11/23/2015 - WATCH: Democrat Feinstein says Obama’s ISIS Approach is Not “Sufficient for the Job”

11/8/2015 - California Governor had Gov’t Employees Look for Oil on Family Land

11/6/2015 - California University Student who went on Stabbing Rampage Praised by ISIS

11/4/2015 - San Francisco Sheriff Loses Election after Sanctuary City Policy Backlash

October 2015

10/14/2015 - California Democratic Governor Vetoes Life-Saving Drugs for Terminally Ill Patients

10/9/2015 - In Denial: Nancy Pelosi denies San Francisco Forced Out the Last Gun Shop in the City

10/7/2015 - Taking a Look at California’s Assisted Suicide Law

September 2015

9/29/2015 - McCarthy Announces Bid to Replace John Boehner as House Speaker

9/28/2015 - INFOGRAPHIC: Income Inequality Snapshot of San Francisco, Liberal Bastion

9/25/2015 - Labor Board charges SEIU Labor Union with Coercive Dues Scheme

9/19/2015 - Firefighters Helped by Rain in Fighting California Wildfires

9/16/2015 - DHS Secretary Criticized San Francisco’s Sanctuary City Policy

9/2/2015 - 244 Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records Arrested in Federal Sweep Operation

August 2015

8/27/2015 - DHS Ordered to Release 2,000 Illegal Immigrant Children by Judge

8/24/2015 - California Governor Jerry Brown says Hillary’s Emails have “Dark Energy”

8/22/2015 - Obama’s Homeland Security Kept Local Police in the Dark over Releasing Dangerous Illegal Immigrants

8/5/2015 - Barbara Boxer says Planned Parenthood Controversy is Over Women’s Health, Not Abortion

8/5/2015 - California Town sees 2 Illegal Immigrants Appointed to City Commission Positions

July 2015

7/30/2015 - Los Angeles Politicians Issue Ban on Gun Magazines that Hold More than 10 Rounds

7/24/2015 - Obama is Ready to Veto Bill that Punishes Sanctuary Cities

7/23/2015 - So Russian Bombers flew within 40 Miles of California Coast

7/21/2015 - House to Vote on Blocking Federal Funding for Sanctuary Cities

7/18/2015 - California Farmers Told Not to Pump Water from Rivers by Regulators

7/14/2015 - Kate Steinle’s Parents Interviewed on Fox News, Push for “Kate’s Law”

7/13/2015 - 62% of Voters say Sanctuary Cities should be Penalized

7/13/2015 - WATCH: Judge Jeanine, AIM Award Winner, Blasts Concept of Sanctuary Cities

7/11/2015 - U.S. Senator tells DOJ to Stop Funding Sanctuary Cities

7/9/2015 - Flashback: Biden Opposed Sanctuary Cities, but Obama and Hillary did not

7/9/2015 - Over 200 Sanctuary Cities in 32 States, Washington Examiner finds

7/8/2015 - Fox News Reports Illegal Immigrant Suspect Used Federal Agent’s Gun to Murder American Woman

7/7/2015 - Feds, San Francisco Officials Blame Each Other for Pier Shooting

May 2015

5/28/2015 - Labor Union Leaders want Living Wage, but Not for their Unions

5/18/2015 - Democratic Senate Candidate Loretta Sanchez Apologizes for Indian Whooping-Cry Gesture

5/7/2015 - Aide to California Attorney General led a Masonic Police Department

April 2015

4/21/2015 - UC-Riverside has a Class on Israeli Apartheid, Condemned as Anti-Semitic by Pro-Israel Groups

4/5/2015 - California’s Water War and Woes Continue

March 2015

3/30/2015 - Carly Fiorina: “Higher than 90% Chance” She’ll Run in 2016

February 2015

2/11/2015 - Democratic Mega Donor Denied Pregnant Housekeeper Maternity Leave

2/3/2015 - Anti-Semitism is Strong on UC-Davis’ Campus with Chanting of Allahu Akbar at Jewish Students

2/2/2015 - Obama to Anti-Vax Movement: Get your kids vaccinated

January 2015

1/24/2015 - California Bars Judges from Affiliating with the Boy Scouts

1/8/2015 - Barbara Boxer, D-CA, will Retire in 2016

1/7/2015 - California Labor Laws are Hilariously Dumb

August 2014

8/23/2014 - Seeing RED: California Pensions to Go Up to Add to State’s Money Woes

May 2014

5/27/2014 - NSA Data Mining could be Blocked by California Law

February 2014

2/14/2014 - Republican becomes San Diego Mayor as Reuters laments fall of Filner

January 2014

1/10/2014 - U.S. Court lets Illegal Immigrant practice Law

October 2013

10/3/2013 - California Fights to Delay Overcrowding Order

August 2013

8/27/2013 - Yosemite Wildfire threatens San Francisco Reservoir

8/20/2013 - Democrat Mayor Bob Filner facing Recall Drive

8/13/2013 - California Liberals aim to “Bottle Sunlight”?

July 2013

7/26/2013 - Google offers to fund Wireless Hotspots in San Francisco