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U.S. Senate Republicans Passed More Spending than Obama Requested

To the tune of an additional $261 million more than what Obama proposed. So much for fiscal conservative principles: The U.S. Senate’s first spending bill of 2016 allocates $261 million more than President Barack Obama requested and lacks significant conservative amendments, but it still sailed to passage Thursday in the Republican-led chamber. An overwhelming number of […]

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Obama has Proposed Tax Hikes of $2.1 Trillion

The Washington Examiner reported: President Obama’s proposed tax changes amount to a $2.1 trillion increase in federal taxes over the next 10 years, according to an official estimate released Thursday. The Joint Committee on Taxation, the congressional body tasked with providing nonpartisan estimates of tax legislation, released an analysis Thursday finding that Obama’s fiscal 2017 budget […]

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House GOP’s $1.07 Trillion Budget Opposed by Conservatives

Well…here you have it: Few Republicans are satisfied with a GOP blueprint that lifts discretionary spending caps by $30 billion next year, to $1.07 trillion. The budget plan includes conservative priorities, including a complete overhaul of the tax code, rolling back banking reform regulations, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and reforming Medicaid and Medicare. And […]

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House Panel Votes to Defund ObamaCare

As the Washington Examiner reported: “A House panel advanced a spending bill that effectively rolls back several provisions of Obamacare in the Republicans’ latest attempts to challenge the controversial law.” “The House Appropriations Committee voted 30-21 along party lines to advance a $153 billion funding bill for several federal agencies such as the Department of […]

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