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Props to the Washington Post…Seriously

This morning, the Washington Post home page had a link to this article, “Biggest cuts in U.S. history? Well, no.” The article fact checks President Obama’s and Speaker Boehner’s claim that the recent budget deal was “the largest annual spending cut in our history” (in President Obama’s words). Reporter Glenn Kessler points out in the […]

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May 2016

5/12/2016 - IRS Collected a Record $1.91 Trillion in Taxes, but Still Runs a Deficit

January 2016

1/14/2016 - U.S. Gov’t Collects Record-High Tax Revenues but Still Runs a Deficit

September 2015

9/12/2015 - U.S. Gov’t Collected $2.88 Trillion in Taxes, But Has $529 Billion Deficit

August 2015

8/27/2015 - CBO says Deficit, Public Debt will Double the Next 10 Years

April 2015

4/20/2015 - GOP could end Sequestration and Increase Spending

4/13/2011 - Props to the Washington Post…Seriously