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Brian Williams Fails to Further Question FBI Mueller Probe

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams failed to acknowledge difficult questions surrounding the Robert Mueller probe, which is now heading into its second year. In an interview with four former FBI officials, Williams failed to probe deeper into the origins of the Mueller probe, and instead, repeating the thesis from The New York Times that the FBI was […]

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MSNBC’s Brian Williams: It’s ‘Our Job’ to ‘Scare People to Death’ Over North Korea [Video]

As if we needed another reminder of how liberally biased the media is comes MSNBC’s Brian Williams who told a panel on his “11th Hour” program Tuesday night that it was the media’s job to “scare people to death” over North Korea in response to President Trump’s tough talk towards the Communist dictatorship which is threatening […]

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Lawrence O’Donnell’s Days at MSNBC May be Numbered

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnel’s contract is about to expire, and according to The Huffington Post, the network isn’t looking to keep the longtime host: “Four well-placed sources tell HuffPost that MSNBC has not been in contact with O’Donnell’s team of representatives to negotiate a new deal. The absence of active negotiations weeks before a contract […]

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Deborah Turness Out as NBC News President

NBC News president Deborah Turness has been named the president of NBC News International, which is the network’s side of a new partnership with EuroNews, a pan-European satellite news service based in Lyon, France. Turness oversaw the firing of Meet the Press host David Gregory and the removal of Brian Williams as the Nightly News anchor after he […]

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NBC News Chairman Calls Brian Williams’ Credibility Problems “Ancient History”

NBC News Chairman Andy Lack is unconcerned about disgraced former NBC Evening News anchor Brian Williams’ history of lying. He told The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple that it’s “ancient history to me.” Lack also thinks that Williams’ new program on MSNBC—”The 11th Hour with Brian Williams”—is “off to a nice start,” though the ratings tell a different […]

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Disgraced NBC News Anchor Brian Williams to Help MSNBC

Just as I was about to publish this blogpost with a different headline, I saw this headline from MSNBC—“Disgraced Fox News exec Roger Ailes to help Trump”—and decided to parrot it. Brian Williams, the disgraced former anchor of NBC Nightly News, will be getting his own half-hour show on MSNBC from Labor Day through Election Day, according […]

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Gallup: Americans Trust in Media at 40 Percent

A new Gallup poll released this week shows that just 40% of Americans have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of trust and confidence in the media to report the news fully, accurately and fairly. This matches the lowest that number has been, set in 2012 and tied in 2014. The high watermark for media […]

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May 2018

5/17/2018 - Brian Williams Fails to Further Question FBI Mueller Probe

August 2017

8/11/2017 - MSNBC’s Brian Williams: It’s ‘Our Job’ to ‘Scare People to Death’ Over North Korea [Video]

May 2017

5/15/2017 - Lawrence O’Donnell’s Days at MSNBC May be Numbered

5/10/2017 - MSNBC’s Brian Williams Calls Comey Firing “Tuesday Afternoon Massacre” [Video]

February 2017

2/15/2017 - Deborah Turness Out as NBC News President

October 2016

10/3/2016 - NBC News Chairman Calls Brian Williams’ Credibility Problems “Ancient History”

August 2016

8/17/2016 - Disgraced NBC News Anchor Brian Williams to Help MSNBC

May 2016

5/30/2016 - Brian Williams At It Again: America Bombed Japan “In Anger”

October 2015

10/2/2015 - Gallup: Americans Trust in Media at 40 Percent

September 2015

9/11/2015 - Brian Williams Returns to the Air on September 22

June 2015

6/22/2015 - Chuck Todd: Brian Williams “Shockingly Honest” in Lauer Interview—Proud of How NBC Handled the Situation

6/18/2015 - Brian Williams to Return to NBCUniversal in Unspecified Role

May 2015

5/22/2015 - PBS Edits Out Brian Williams from Lincoln Awards Ceremony—Replaces Him with Michelle Obama Intro

April 2015

4/28/2015 - NBC News Chairman Believes Viewers Want Brian Williams Back On the Air

4/27/2015 - Dan Rather: “Very Hard” to See How Brian Williams Returns to NBC Nightly News [Video]

4/27/2015 - Report: NBC News Finds Brian Williams Embellished at Least 11 Times

4/26/2015 - Report: Brian Williams Lied at least 6 Times

4/16/2015 - Brokaw on Brian Williams: A “Really, Really Serious Case” [Video]

4/7/2015 - ABC’s World News Tonight Ends NBC Nightly News’ Reign at No. 1

March 2015

3/23/2015 - WaPo Fact Checker Gives John Kerry Four Pinocchio’s for Climate Change Hearing Claims

3/19/2015 - NBC Nightly News Juices “Nightly News” Ratings with Rebroadcasts

3/7/2015 - Andy Lack Returns to NBC—Can Couric Be Far Behind?

February 2015

2/17/2015 - NBC Nightly News Ratings Drop After Brian Williams Debacle

2/15/2015 - More Brian Williams Myths Exposed by Washington Post

2/15/2015 - Professor Blames Conservatives for Putting Liberal Media’s Credibility into Question

2/12/2015 - Gannett Broadcasting Tells Employees Not to Speak to Press about Brian Williams

2/11/2015 - Rachel Maddow: “Awkward” that No One from NBC Will Talk to us About Brian Williams [Video]

2/11/2015 - Bye Bye Brian- NBC Suspends Williams for 6 Months

2/10/2015 - Former NBC Boss Defends Brian Williams—Says the “Substance” of What he Said Is True

2/10/2015 - Brian Williams’ Trustworthiness Plummets

2/8/2015 - Brian Williams Temporarily Stepping Away from NBC Nightly News Amid Scandal

2/7/2015 - NBC President’s Memo to Staff on Brian Williams

2/6/2015 - NBC News to Launch an Investigation of Brian Williams Helicopter Lie

2/6/2015 - Hillary Clinton Ally Says She’s No Brian Williams

2/6/2015 - “Morning Joe” Glosses Over Brian Williams Story [Video]

2/5/2015 - “Brian Williams Misremembers” Memes Galore

2/4/2015 - NBC’s Brian Williams Apologizes for False Iraq Story [Video]

March 2013

3/25/2013 - Rahm Emanuel’s Brother Upset at NBC Over “Rock Center” Interview

3/22/2013 - Koppel Irked at NBC for “Rock Center” Shuffling

3/18/2012 - Brian Williams’ “Rock Center” Ratings Dropping Like a Stone

3/3/2012 - NBC News Expands on Radio at the Expense of CNN

January 2012

1/26/2012 - NBC Scores Big With GOP Debate

September 2011

9/29/2011 - NBC News Prez Thinks It’s Okay for News Division to Take a Stand

July 2011

7/11/2011 - Broadcast News Anchors Don’t Give A Tweet

March 2011

3/30/2011 - NBC News Silent on GE Tax Issue