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Rio Needs Federal Funding to Hold the Olympics

From the Zika virus to a behind-schedule construction effort to dirty and sewage-filled waters and the ongoing impeachment procedures against Brazil’s elected president Dilma Rousseff, this Rio Olympics is looking to be a giant disaster. Add in this financial crisis for the host city and this is almost like Sochi in Russia. Photo by Mark_JH

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Russian Athletes Banned from International Competition, Including Olympics

That’s big news, especially if they can’t participate in the Olympics this summer: Russian track and field athletes remain banned from international competition, including the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Athletics chiefs have decided not to lift the suspension, which was imposed in November following accusations of state-sponsored doping. But individual athletes can compete as neutrals […]

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August 2016

8/27/2016 - USA Today Columnist: Brazil’s Police Far From Innocent in Ryan Lochte-Robbery Saga

8/27/2016 - Brazilian Authorities Prioritize Charging Ryan Lochte in Robbery Case

June 2016

6/20/2016 - Rio Needs Federal Funding to Hold the Olympics

6/20/2016 - Russian Athletes Banned from International Competition, Including Olympics

6/15/2016 - Not Comforting: World Health Org. says Zika Virus Chances are ‘Very Low’

6/8/2016 - NBC Host Savannah Guthrie to Skip Rio Olympics due to Zika

May 2016

5/13/2016 - Brazil’s President Suspended and Will Face Impeachment Trial

April 2016

4/28/2016 - Chaos Reigns as Brazil Prepares for the Olympics, 100 Days Away

4/19/2016 - Brazil’s Lower Legislature Votes to Impeach President Dilma Rousseff

March 2016

3/31/2016 - Dilma Rousseff Close to Impeachment; Biggest Brazilian Party Quits Gov’t

February 2016

2/17/2016 - World Health Organization Invests in a $56 Million Plan to Fight the Zika Virus

2/8/2016 - Colombia: Over 3,100 Pregnant Women Tested Positive for Zika Virus, but No Suspected Birth Defects

April 2015

4/14/2015 - Cuba Deal Doesn’t Lead to Better Human Rights Conditions in Latin America

November 2014

11/1/2014 - Brazil’s Rousseff wins Close Re-election; Markets Fall

February 2014

2/26/2014 - Brazil’s Rousseff could win Re-Election after all

November 2013

11/1/2013 - Obama Pivots from ObamaCare to Pro-Business Policy

October 2013

10/29/2013 - Brazil threatens to limit Facebook and Social Media Use

10/13/2013 - Brazil investigating Google antitrust claims

September 2013

9/20/2013 - Obama ruins U.S.-Brazil ties

9/5/2013 - Brazil Demands Apology from U.S. over NSA Spying

9/4/2013 - U.S. spied on Mexico and Brazil’s Presidents

August 2013

8/24/2013 - India and Brazil struggle as Currency Flops against U.S. Dollar

8/21/2013 - Snowden’s Leaked Info Destroyed by the British Gov’t, says The Guardian newspaper

July 2013

7/18/2013 - Brazil nixes plan to use Cuban doctors, looking to Spain & Portugal

June 2013

6/24/2013 - Brazil President promises Reform; protests continue

6/22/2013 - Brazil protests threaten to upset World Cup preparation