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Bobby Jindal Endorses Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio is racking up the endorsements, this time from Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal, despite finishing 3rd in the Iowa Caucus. However, he made a really strong showing in Iowa and nearly overtook Donald Trump for a second-place finish, thus adding to the enthusiasm for Rubio. Photo by Gage Skidmore

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Winners and Losers in the NRA Primary

Every four years the NRA annual meeting turns into an early version of the Republican presidential primary, and last week’s meeting in Nashville was no exception. Appearing before approximately 5,000 attendees in the ballroom of the Music City Center, and hundreds if not thousands of others watching on closed-circuit televisions scattered throughout the center, a […]

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Bobby Jindal: We Need Religious Freedom Laws to Protect Christian Business from Discrimination

The Washington Examiner reported the Louisiana GOP Governor Bobby Jindal defended religious liberty laws, like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act recently passed in Indiana and Arkansas: “Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal defended Indiana’s new religious freedom law — and left the door open for signing a similar one in his state.” “I am always in favor […]

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February 2016

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June 2015

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April 2015

4/13/2015 - Winners and Losers in the NRA Primary

4/6/2015 - Bobby Jindal: We Need Religious Freedom Laws to Protect Christian Business from Discrimination

February 2015

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2/10/2015 - Bobby Jindal reveals Common Core Repeal Plan

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March 2014

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