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Media Flubs Three Trump-Russia Stories

In a zealous investigative reporting effort to unearth more scoops on the alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, the media flubbed three major stories related to that subject. CNN erroneously reported how President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., received advanced notice of WikiLeaks files from Russia, but that was debunked by the Washington Post. ABC […]

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Shocking? Utah Helps People Move Upward from Poverty

Megan McArdle at Bloomberg wanted to find out why the state of Utah happens to have the highest income mobility metric in the nation for the likelihood of moving from the lowest quintile of income to the richest: 10.8% (by comparison, Charlotte, North Carolina has the statistic of 4%). She mentioned how most of the legwork […]

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‘Trump Bump’: Oh, Now the Liberal Media Cares?

Since Donald Trump’s Election Night victory over Hillary Clinton, the stock market has seen a “Trump bump,” or stock prices going up ever since his election. The liberal media did not cover the “Trump bump” as much as other news, based on our research. This week, some liberal media headlines pointed out the stock market bump […]

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Bloomberg’s Halperin and Heilemann Mock Clinton Campaign Reset: “Ham-Handed,” “One of the Stupidest Things They’ve Done” [Video]

Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect co-hosts John Heilemann and Mark Halperin mocked Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Tuesday for announcing their “ham-handed” plan to show Hillary as caring, humorous and spontaneous—qualities that she has clearly been lacking and something that Halperin and Heilemann, among others, in the media aren’t sure she can pull off: […]

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December 2017

12/18/2017 - Yes, the Media Spends Tons of Time Bashing Trump — And There’s Data to Prove It

12/11/2017 - Media Flubs Three Trump-Russia Stories

April 2017

4/10/2017 - Liberal Media Go All-In on “Nuclear” GOP for Gorsuch Confirmation Vote

March 2017

3/29/2017 - Shocking? Utah Helps People Move Upward from Poverty

3/28/2017 - ‘Trump Bump’: Oh, Now the Liberal Media Cares?

3/9/2017 - Wall Street’s ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue for Women’s Strike: Liberal Media Approved It

September 2015

9/24/2015 - Poll: America Loves Pope Francis, but Not Climate Change

9/9/2015 - Bloomberg’s Halperin and Heilemann Mock Clinton Campaign Reset: “Ham-Handed,” “One of the Stupidest Things They’ve Done” [Video]

August 2015

8/6/2015 - State Dept Unaware that Iran is Sanitizing a Nuclear Site

July 2015

7/7/2015 - WATCH: Liberal Reporter Defends Hillary’s Roping-the-Press Tactics

May 2015

5/8/2015 - VIDEO: Bloomberg Reporter said Everyone Knows Hillary’s Server is Unacceptable

5/6/2015 - WATCH: Hillary got a 25% Honesty Rating. That’s Not Good

April 2015

4/15/2015 - VIDEO: Hillary Clinton’s Anti-Big Money Campaign Exposes Her as a Hypocrite

March 2015

3/19/2015 - New Hampshire Dems Critical of Hillary’s Handling of Email Account

February 2015

2/26/2015 - Reporters want Hillary to Stop Giving Paid Speeches

2/20/2015 - Bloomberg: Hillary Clinton and Bill “want to be Well-Funded” even by Foreign Donors

2/6/2015 - Bloomberg doesn’t reveal Conflict of Interest in Greenpeace Report

April 2013

4/18/2013 - North Dakota Fracking Revolution Ushers in U.S. Energy Independence