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MSNBC Host Tweeted Conspiracy Theory about Trump’s Airstrikes, Syria and Putin

Lawrence O’Donnell, a host on MSNBC, tweeted out a seemingly tin-foil-hat-type conspiracy about Syria, President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Somehow, O’Donnell felt that Trump may have ordered airstrikes at Putin’s behest. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was impossible to suspect Putin ok’d Assad’s gas attack so Trump could fire missiles & change […]

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Russia Tells America to Not Interfere in Syrian Civil War

So much for that ‘red line’ or ‘Russian reset’ by the Obama administration: Russia has warned the United States not to intervene militarily in Syria against forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad, threatening that it may shoot down any aircraft attempting to launch strikes. In a bluntly worded statement, a spokesman for Russia’s defense ministry […]

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Russia Ignores Obama’s Pleas for a Ceasefire

Russia doesn’t take Obama seriously: Despite President Obama’s call Monday urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to maintain a fragile cease-fire in Syria, Russia has shifted the bulk of its fire power to areas outside Aleppo where a new offensive to recapture Syria’s largest city is poised to take place soon, a U.S. defense official tells Fox […]

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May 2017

5/17/2017 - Obama: I Didn’t Bomb Syria and My Inaction Took ‘Political Courage’

April 2017

4/20/2017 - MSNBC Host Tweeted Conspiracy Theory about Trump’s Airstrikes, Syria and Putin

4/7/2017 - So What? Hillary Clinton Tells What She Thinks She’d Do about Syria

February 2017

2/11/2017 - Mocking Obama? Syria’s Assad welcomes US Troops into Syria to Fight ‘Terrorists’

October 2016

10/8/2016 - Russia Tells America to Not Interfere in Syrian Civil War

May 2016

5/5/2016 - Kerry Warns Syria’s Assad about Political Transition

April 2016

4/21/2016 - Russia Ignores Obama’s Pleas for a Ceasefire

March 2016

3/28/2016 - Ancient City of Palmyra, Syria Taken by Assad’s Forces from ISIS

3/21/2016 - From Hillary Clinton’s Emails: Google Sought to Help Oust Assad in Syria

3/15/2016 - Putin Orders the Start of Withdrawing Russian Troops from Syria

February 2016

2/3/2016 - Russian Commandos Spotted in Syria

December 2015

12/24/2015 - Obama Administration Tried to Overthrow Assad, but Failed

12/18/2015 - Former Obama Cabinet Official said Obama Nixed Syria Airstrikes

12/17/2015 - WATCH: White House says Assad could Stay in Power, if Syrian People want Him to

November 2015

11/23/2015 - Syrian Government Uses Chemical Weapons Routinely

11/23/2015 - Assad Thanks Russian Airstrikes for Helping His War Effort

October 2015

10/31/2015 - Boots on the Ground: Obama Deploys US Special Forces in Syria

10/29/2015 - Iran is in Syria with Troops to Help Keep Assad in Power

10/25/2015 - Iranian General Killed in Action in Syria

10/3/2015 - Empty Rhetoric: Obama says Russia is in Syria “Out of Weakness”

10/1/2015 - Russian Airstrike Hits CIA-Trained Rebel Forces in Syria

September 2015

9/30/2015 - WATCH: Obama White House Tries to Distance Self from Failed Syrian Rebel Training Program

9/15/2015 - What Red Line? Russia Sends Tanks to Syria

July 2015

7/27/2015 - Hold On a Sec: Syria’s Assad Didn’t Turn Over ALL their Chemical Weapons?!

June 2015

6/18/2015 - Civilians, Hospitals Targeted by Syria’s Assad in Military Defeats

6/18/2015 - WATCH: White House says Obama’s Red Line in Play with Syria’s Use of Chemical Weapons

6/17/2015 - John Kerry is Certain Syria’s Assad Used Chemical Weapons

May 2015

5/8/2015 - Assad continues Chemical Weapons Attack after Disarmament Agreement

April 2015

4/27/2015 - Israel Hits Assad, Hezbollah Targets in Syria and Lebanon

March 2015

3/16/2015 - Flip Flopping: John Kerry says He’ll Negotiate with Syria’s Assad

3/4/2015 - Syrian al-Qaeda Group Nusra Front may Reorganize to Fight Assad

January 2015

1/7/2015 - Pentagon: U.S. training of Syrian Rebels to start in Spring 2015

April 2014

4/3/2014 - Obama: U.S. strikes in Syria wouldn’t have helped

January 2014

1/7/2014 - Al-Qaeda flexes muscle in Syria, Iraq while U.S. considers Iran’s help

November 2013

11/28/2013 - Syria, Assad won’t Give Up Power at Geneva Peace Talks

11/16/2013 - Syria Opposition: Assad must Go!

October 2013

10/31/2013 - Kurds take control of Northeastern Syria

10/7/2013 - Slow destruction of Syria Chemical Weapons begins

10/4/2013 - Syria Rebels to try to stop Infighting along border with Turkey

September 2013

9/28/2013 - Obama and Russia agree on Syria Chemical Weapons Deal

9/21/2013 - John McCain responds to Putin Op-Ed on Russian Website

9/18/2013 - Israel calls for Assad’s Ouster in Syria

9/18/2013 - U.N.: Sarin Gas used in Attack, France blames Syria’s Assad

9/16/2013 - Assad’s Syrian Gov’t Hails Victory as Obama Embarrassed by Russia

9/13/2013 - Another Obama Pivot? Shifting to U.S. after Syria Embarrassment

9/12/2013 - Putin could arm Syria if U.S. Intervenes, says Putin ally

9/8/2013 - Turkey claims all G20 Leaders want to go into Syria

9/7/2013 - Russian Politicians call off U.S. trip after Congress says No Thanks

9/4/2013 - Russians want to fly to D.C. to Lobby Congress on Syria Vote

9/3/2013 - Saudi Arabia & Israel unite on Syria as Obama Sounds Retreat

9/1/2013 - China urges Caution on Syria, wants to wait on the U.N.

August 2013

8/31/2013 - Oh, Great?! France ready to Support U.S. in Syria

8/30/2013 - Turkey sends Aid Workers w/Chem Weapon training to Syria

8/27/2013 - U.N. Chemical Weapons Inspectors to delay Inspections by a Day

8/27/2013 - U.S. may go into Syria, says Sec of State John Kerry

8/26/2013 - Twin Bombings hit Lebanese Mosques, kill at least 27

8/26/2013 - Obama: Red Line crossed w/Chemical Weapons, but no U.S. Intervention

8/13/2013 - Syrian Civil War Spillover in Lebanon: Gunmen Shoot Mayor, kill 2 others

8/10/2013 - Saudis offer Russia a deal to leave Assad out to dry

8/7/2013 - Syrian Rebels push back Assad’s forces

8/1/2013 - Laughingstock of the World? U.N. chemical weapons team to inspect 3 Syrian sites

July 2013

7/26/2013 - EU “symbolically” lists Hezbollah as Terrorist Network

7/24/2013 - Turkey kills 1 civilian crossing into Syria along border

7/21/2013 - Britain rethinking arming Syrian rebels? Parliament questions Leaders

7/20/2013 - Gunmen kill Pro-Assad figure in Lebanon

7/11/2013 - Car Bomb explodes in Hezbollah suburb in Lebanon

7/9/2013 - Syrian Civil War intensifies as fighting erupts in Homs

7/5/2013 - On Time? U.N. team to investigate Syrian chemical weapons use

June 2013

6/29/2013 - Lebanon in flames as Syrian war spills over

6/23/2013 - Lebanon on Brink of Collapse while Syrian war rages

6/21/2013 - Russia says NO! to Syrian no-fly zones

6/18/2013 - U.N.: Syrian civil war death toll hits 93,000

6/17/2013 - Hezbollah entrance into Syrian fighting forces Western intervention

6/17/2013 - Obama waffling on “Red Line” after Syria uses chemical weapons

6/12/2013 - U.S. close to arming Syrian rebels, says Reuters

6/10/2013 - Israel won’t enter Syrian civil war, says PM Netanyahu

6/10/2013 - Hezbollah kills protester in Lebanon

6/6/2013 - Dog with No Bite: U.N. warns Syria over border clashes

6/3/2013 - Russia fears arms race after EU lifts Syria arms embargo

May 2013

5/22/2013 - Israel fires back at Syrian troops near Golan Heights

5/22/2013 - Syria Update: Hezbollah suffers heavy losses

5/17/2013 - Syria Update: al-Qaeda fighters take back key city