Accuracy in Media

December 2014

12/9/2014 - Obama Went on an Off-the-Record “Profanity-Laced” Tirade Against the Press Over Scandal Coverage [Video]

12/2/2014 - Obama picks Replacement for Chuck Hagel at the Pentagon

12/1/2014 - GOP Staffer resigns amid Obama’s Daughter Controversy, but Media Laughed at Bristol Palin

November 2014

11/28/2014 - Majority of Americans say Government should get out of Health Care

11/24/2014 - Obama: America wants a “New Car Smell” in 2016, hinting Hillary is Old News

11/24/2014 - Chuck Hagel forced to Resign by the Obama White House

11/22/2014 - Obama’s Net Neutrality Proposal creates a Tax on Internet Use

11/21/2014 - Mitt Romney: Obama has to Realize He Lost the Midterms

11/21/2014 - Obama’s Immigration Speech Raises More Questions, Not Answers

11/19/2014 - Obama: “I just heard about this” Gruber controversy

11/18/2014 - Last Stand? Embattled Mary Landrieu rallying votes for Keystone XL Pipeline Bill

11/18/2014 - Obama: “I’ve Stolen Ideas” from likes of Jonathan Gruber, “Liberally”

11/17/2014 - Gruber-ing: The New ObamaCare Lies Timeline

11/12/2014 - Lacking Information from Obama, Democratic Senators call MSNBC for White House Updates [Video]

11/10/2014 - Obama doubles U.S. Troops in Iraq to Fight ISIS

11/8/2014 - Obama Administration Strikes Out, Again, on Civil Rights Housing Discrimination Rule

October 2014

10/28/2014 - Pentagon to Quarantine U.S. Troops returning home from West Africa Assignment

10/27/2014 - Jay Carney: Obama Doesn’t Watch Cable News—“Voracious” Reader of Print [Video]

10/24/2014 - Chris Matthews: Democrats Treating Obama as if He Has Ebola [Video]

10/16/2014 - Obama will nominate New Attorney General after Election Day

10/9/2014 - Obama Blasts the Media for Feeding “Cynicism”

September 2014

9/30/2014 - Obama deflects blame, says Intelligence Community Underestimated Islamic State, al-Qaeda

9/29/2014 - Obama: U.S. Economy is better off due to My Leadership

9/27/2014 - U.S. Treasury moves to limit Tax Loopholes for U.S. Corporations

9/26/2014 - Journalists Complain About White House Meddling With Their Reports on Obama

9/24/2014 - Reuters reports on Obama’s lack of “Reagan” Touch before 2014 Midterms

9/22/2014 - U.S. looking for Sunni Allies in Iraq

9/21/2014 - U.S.: We won’t do a Shock-and-Awe Airstrike Campaign in Syria

9/20/2014 - Obama pledges 3,000 U.S. Troops to Fight Ebola in Africa

9/19/2014 - One Week Wonder—“Meet the Press” Returns to Third Place

9/10/2014 - White House Press Secretary Gets Four Pinocchio’s for “JV” Spin

9/9/2014 - “Meet the Press” Scores Big Ratings Win in Chuck Todd’s Debut

9/8/2014 - Latinos Upset that Obama doesn’t issue Executive Order on Immigration

9/7/2014 - Islamic State helping Egyptian Extremists to Fight the Army

9/3/2014 - Obama increase Protection Force for U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

August 2014

8/31/2014 - After Foley Beheading, Qatar working to free more U.S. hostages in Syria

8/27/2014 - NYT’s Maureen Dowd Hits Obama for “Outsourcing” Race Relations to Sharpton

8/26/2014 - Liberal Press wonders why Obama is Criticized for Taking a Vacation during Crises

8/21/2014 - Obama Golfs, Sends Eric Holder to Ferguson, Missouri

8/13/2014 - White House Tech Team Promises to Fix HealthCare.Gov

8/12/2014 - Media Loves Jobs Report, but People are Earning LESS than in 2008

8/11/2014 - Obama signs Veterans Affairs Reform Bill into Law after Arriving Late (Again)

July 2014

7/24/2014 - Obama: Joe Biden would make a “Superb” President

7/20/2014 - Iran seeks an Extension of Nuclear Talks as the West Cowers in Fear

7/18/2014 - Endless Corruption: Ex-Obama Cabinet Official sought Campaign Funds, Broke the Law

7/9/2014 - Chicago, a Gun Control City, sees 9 killed and 50 injured over July 4th weekend

7/9/2014 - Media Organizations Accuse Obama of “Stifling Free Expression”

7/1/2014 - Israel Hits Hamas in Gaza as Families Bury 3 Murdered Israeli Teenagers

June 2014

6/27/2014 - Bluffing? John Kerry Promises U.S. Support in Iraq

6/26/2014 - Not a Joke: Democrats Suggest Lawyers for Immigrant Children in Holding Facilities

6/25/2014 - Court Forces Obama Admin to Release Drone Killing Memo

6/21/2014 - Libya Criticizes U.S. for Capturing Benghazi Suspect

6/20/2014 - Iraq Asks for U.S. Air Support, but Obama Shrugs His Shoulders

6/17/2014 - Terrorist Leader in Benghazi Attacks Apprehended, Possibly En Route to U.S.

6/10/2014 - Thousands of Veterans Waiting for Health Care

6/5/2014 - Obama announces Sweeping Climate Change Rules with the Pen

6/3/2014 - Afghanistan’s Karzai Slams U.S.-Taliban Prisoner Swap for Bowe Bergdahl

May 2014

5/31/2014 - VA Secretary Shinseki Resigns, but What’s Next for America’s Veterans?

5/29/2014 - AP’s Julie Pace: Obama West Point Speech “Odd” [Video]

5/28/2014 - Obama goes to West Point, Talks about Syrian Rebels

5/22/2014 - Nancy Pelosi (finally) appoints Democrats to Benghazi Select Committee

5/20/2014 - Obama Learned About VA Hospital Scandal from the News [Video]

5/19/2014 - Obama Aide: He’s “Madder than Hell” about Veterans’ Affairs Health Care Delays

5/14/2014 - Marco Rubio: I’m Ready to be President

April 2014

4/30/2014 - U.S. sanctions Putin’s Allies as Ukraine Splits

4/17/2014 - Too Little, Too Late? Ukraine starts Anti-Separatist Operations

4/10/2014 - Maryland Legislators Raise Minimum Wage to $10 as ObamaCare exchange falls apart

4/4/2014 - Networks Turn Down White House Request for Primetime Health Care Address

4/3/2014 - Obama: U.S. strikes in Syria wouldn’t have helped

March 2014

3/18/2014 - Obama imposes Weak Sanctions on Russia after Crimea Crisis

3/11/2014 - Russia and the West at a Standstill over Crimea

3/8/2014 - Russia, Putin embarrass Obama over Ukraine intervention

3/6/2014 - As war looms, Obama fights for Minimum Wage Increase

3/2/2014 - Obama upsets China with a visit from the Dalai Lama

February 2014

2/20/2014 - The European Union imposes Sanctions on Ukraine due to Protest-related Violence

2/19/2014 - Where’s Obama? Obama AWOL as Ukraine Bursts into Flames

2/13/2014 - Obama signs Another Executive Order, this time for Hiking the Minimum Wage

2/11/2014 - Obama delays ObamaCare again…until 2015

2/8/2014 - Obama changing Tax Rules as the GOP Protests Rule Change

2/7/2014 - Obama says Putin is not a Bad Guy after all

2/3/2014 - Obama Defends Obamacare—Says He Has Held “Everybody” Accountable for Botched Rollout [Video]

2/3/2014 - HealthCare.Gov still not ready for Prime Time with Errors Galore

2/2/2014 - Obama appoints new NSA chief as Criticism Mounts

January 2014

1/29/2014 - Top Tweets from Obama’s #SOTU

1/28/2014 - Pre-Emptive Strike? GOP blasts Obama’s Executive Bypass Strategy

1/24/2014 - NY Times’ Jill Abramson Calls Obama White House the “Most Secretive” That She’s Ever Dealt With [Video]

1/21/2014 - Obama criticized by Human Rights Watch over NSA Policies

1/17/2014 - Obama touts Manufacturing Jobs as Economy Stumbles

1/3/2014 - Doctors and Hospitals Predict ObamaCare Confusion

1/3/2014 - U.S. Supreme Court Justice delays ObamaCare Contraception Mandate

December 2013

12/30/2013 - ObamaCare: Painful for All

12/27/2013 - Obama: Late Enrollment Rush isn’t a Big Deal, Extends ‘Deadline’ again

12/24/2013 - ObamaCare: Coverage for Some, Not for Many

12/23/2013 - Israel’s Netanyahu says any American Spying is Unacceptable

12/21/2013 - Of Course: Obama Adviser says Obama has Unilateral Power

12/16/2013 - ObamaCare: 15,000 Enrollments Don’t Go Through, White House calls it Progress

12/10/2013 - ObamaCare, or HealthCare.Gov, fails 10% of the Time

12/6/2013 - Obama Says Media Too Focused on Government Failures [Video]

12/5/2013 - Obama Pivots to the Economy, again, at Soros Think Tank

12/3/2013 - Sebelius Op-Ed in USA Today: Don’t Give Up on ObamaCare

12/2/2013 - HealthCare.Gov only signs up 100,000 in November; 200,000 Total in 2 Months

12/2/2013 - Reuters asks if the “Second Coming” of ObamaCare Website will work?

12/1/2013 - Ethically-challenged Sen. Bob Menendez accuses Obama of “Fear Mongering” on Iran

November 2013

11/28/2013 - Syria, Assad won’t Give Up Power at Geneva Peace Talks

11/27/2013 - Obama Defends ObamaCare…at Fundraisers in California

11/25/2013 - Poll: Americans Don’t Trust Obama

11/24/2013 - Media Tries to Sell ObamaCare Enrollment Boost

11/22/2013 - A Look at Letters of ObamaCare Cancellations

11/21/2013 - ObamaCare will Increase Health Insurance Premiums, say Insurance Execs

11/21/2013 - Obama was Briefed on ObamaCare Website Woes

11/20/2013 - JFK’s Funeral Anniversary brings the Obamas and Clintons

11/20/2013 - Oh the Irony: ObamaCare Example can’t get Health Care

11/19/2013 - Poll: If 2012 Election were Held Today, Romney would have beaten Obama

11/19/2013 - Poll: Obama’s 39% Job Approval Rating Ties GW Bush’s 2nd Term

11/19/2013 - Nancy Pelosi in Denial, says Democrats aren’t retreating from ObamaCare

11/18/2013 - Republican’s Keep Your Plan Bill passes House with Democratic Votes

11/16/2013 - Syria Opposition: Assad must Go!

11/15/2013 - Obama’s Picking Winners and Losers: US Airways, American forced to settle Antitrust Lawsuit

11/14/2013 - ObamaCare: Only 3% of their Goal Enrolled, say Insurers

11/14/2013 - ObamaCare Signs Up a Paltry 106,000 since October

11/14/2013 - Hey Obama: Polls says Europeans, Americans don’t like Spying on Allies

11/13/2013 - Chris Christie for GOP 2016? Christie Dodges 2016 Rumors

11/13/2013 - ObamaCare: Obama warns Enrollment Numbers will be Low

11/13/2013 - Oregon has Enrolled No One in Obamacare Exchanges

11/12/2013 - Obama spars with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal over ObamaCare

11/11/2013 - Israel Blasts Obama’s pro-Iran Policy, Obama gives him a call

11/10/2013 - ObamaCare “Success”: 5 People sign up in D.C.

11/9/2013 - Oh the Irony: Former MSNBC host loses Health Insurance due to ObamaCare

11/9/2013 - For Once, GOP gets Personal on ObamaCare Attacks

11/8/2013 - ObamaCare-ful? Obama gets Lectured by worried Senate Democrats

11/7/2013 - Obama’s Pentagon warns of Relying on Military Power

11/4/2013 - Obama, Out of Options, takes to Twitter to defend ObamaCare

11/4/2013 - Aw?! ObamaCare “threatening” Democratic 2014 Elections

11/3/2013 - Obama: No I didn’t want to swap Joe Biden for Hillary Clinton in 2012

11/1/2013 - Obama Pivots from ObamaCare to Pro-Business Policy

11/1/2013 - CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson: Only 6 Americans signed up for ObamaCare on 1st Day

October 2013

10/31/2013 - Obama blames Insurance Companies for Canceling Plans, not ObamaCare

10/31/2013 - Kurds take control of Northeastern Syria

10/29/2013 - Reuters avoids any News of ObamaCare and Obama’s Lies

10/29/2013 - Brazil threatens to limit Facebook and Social Media Use

10/28/2013 - ObamaCare Data Site Crashes, adds to Obama’s Problems!

10/25/2013 - ObamaCare Contractors Point Finger…at Each Other

10/24/2013 - Obama: International Criminal, says Human Rights Groups

10/24/2013 - Reuters: ObamaCare doesn’t lead to part-time work

10/23/2013 - Obama says he needs a “Tech Surge” to save ObamaCare

10/23/2013 - Judge: I won’t stop ObamaCare subsidies

10/21/2013 - ObamaCare: Media mislabels Big Problems as “Glitches” to mask Problems

10/20/2013 - Just as Everyone Thought: Hillary Clinton fuels 2016 speculation

10/20/2013 - China holds 2 Bloggers for Spreading Rumors

10/18/2013 - Obama accuses GOP of causing “Unnecessary Damage” to the Economy

10/18/2013 - ObamaCare: Only 1 Delaware Resident signed up!

10/18/2013 - Obama: I Only Like Bloggers Who Support Me!

10/16/2013 - GOP Rep: It’d be “Crazy” to talk Immigration with Obama

10/16/2013 - As If It Matters Anymore: 3 Americans get Nobel Prizes in Economics

10/15/2013 - Media panics as “Default” approaches while GOP, Obama at impasse over Debt Ceiling

10/10/2013 - Hey Obama: You Spent $634 Million for a Terrible ObamaCare Website?

10/9/2013 - Obama: GOP is trying to Extort Me and Americans over the Debt Ceiling, ObamaCare!

10/7/2013 - Obama Falters in Asia as China picks up the Slack

10/7/2013 - Hey Obama, Putin approves you cutting Asia trip short!

10/6/2013 - Power of the Obama Dollar: Falling Fast as Debt Limit Looms

10/4/2013 - Syria Rebels to try to stop Infighting along border with Turkey

10/3/2013 - Obama the Great Divider? Tells GOP He won’t Negotiate

10/2/2013 - World War II Veterans storm closed WWII Memorial due to “Government Shutdown”

10/1/2013 - ObamaCare Launches Today, despite Unpopularity in America

10/1/2013 - Government Shutdown? 59% of Gov’t Workers head to Work

September 2013

9/29/2013 - Poll: Dear Obama, Americans want Compromise over Debt Ceiling

9/28/2013 - Obama and Russia agree on Syria Chemical Weapons Deal

9/27/2013 - House GOP to Obama: Delay ObamaCare by 1 Year

9/27/2013 - Obama delays ANOTHER ObamaCare provision!

9/25/2013 - Obama in Panic Mode: Don’t Defund ObamaCare, he warns

9/25/2013 - Poll: Americans doubt Economic Recovery under Obama

9/21/2013 - John McCain responds to Putin Op-Ed on Russian Website

9/20/2013 - Obama ruins U.S.-Brazil ties

9/20/2013 - House GOP adopts Heritage Action plan to Defund ObamaCare

9/19/2013 - Arizona extends ban on giving Driver’s License to Illegals

9/18/2013 - Ex-Obama official Bill Daley says No to Illinois Governor race

9/18/2013 - U.N.: Sarin Gas used in Attack, France blames Syria’s Assad

9/17/2013 - Obama favorite Larry Summers withdraws name for Fed Reserve

9/17/2013 - Obama: I Won’t Negotiate with Congress on Debt Ceiling

9/16/2013 - Assad’s Syrian Gov’t Hails Victory as Obama Embarrassed by Russia

9/13/2013 - Another Obama Pivot? Shifting to U.S. after Syria Embarrassment

9/12/2013 - Putin could arm Syria if U.S. Intervenes, says Putin ally

9/11/2013 - Europe blames Assad for Chemical Weapons Attack, wants UN Report

9/10/2013 - Mexico Face Plant: Taxing the Rich plan won’t help Economy

9/9/2013 - Don’t Worry Brazil: Obama will Investigate NSA spying on You

9/8/2013 - Turkey claims all G20 Leaders want to go into Syria

9/7/2013 - Russian Politicians call off U.S. trip after Congress says No Thanks

9/5/2013 - Brazil Demands Apology from U.S. over NSA Spying

9/5/2013 - Bill Clinton back in the Limelight, tries to Save ObamaCare

9/5/2013 - Senate Committee passes Syria War Resolution

9/4/2013 - U.S. spied on Mexico and Brazil’s Presidents

9/4/2013 - Russians want to fly to D.C. to Lobby Congress on Syria Vote

9/3/2013 - Saudi Arabia & Israel unite on Syria as Obama Sounds Retreat

9/3/2013 - Russian Reset 2.0? Putin may Sock It to Obama at G-20 Summit

9/1/2013 - China urges Caution on Syria, wants to wait on the U.N.

August 2013

8/31/2013 - Oh, Great?! France ready to Support U.S. in Syria

8/30/2013 - Turkey sends Aid Workers w/Chem Weapon training to Syria

8/29/2013 - Another Day, Another ObamaCare Delay!

8/27/2013 - U.S. may go into Syria, says Sec of State John Kerry

8/27/2013 - Obama Sequester II? Treasury says default is mid-October

8/26/2013 - Obama: We need better NSA surveillance safeguards

8/26/2013 - Obama: Red Line crossed w/Chemical Weapons, but no U.S. Intervention

8/23/2013 - Another Obama Promise: I can make Colleges Affordable!

8/22/2013 - Obama Pivot: Back to the Economy, Stupid!

8/20/2013 - Someone’s Mad: Snowden Journalist to release UK Secrets after Gay Partner detained

8/19/2013 - Press whines that August is a Bad Month for…Obama’s Vacation?

8/16/2013 - Obama’s Justice Department: Blocking Airline Merger

8/16/2013 - Oh My! Obama interrupts Vacation to Address Egyptian Violence

8/14/2013 - Obama’s Justice Department: Eric Holder to reduce Drug Crime Sentences

8/13/2013 - California Liberals aim to “Bottle Sunlight”?

8/12/2013 - Obamanomics: Obama Slams Canada for Keystone XL delays

8/12/2013 - Obama Tries to Look Tough, Calls Putin a “Bored Kid”

8/11/2013 - Yemeni Terrorism could Delay Closing Guantanamo Bay

8/9/2013 - Congress “wins” ObamaCare waiver while Americans don’t

8/9/2013 - Sequester Pain? Pentagon cuts Unpaid Leave from 11 to 6 Days

8/6/2013 - Obama lifts ban on older iPhones, iPads

8/6/2013 - Transparency Now? Obama considering Changes in NSA Surveillance Program

8/5/2013 - NEWSFLASH: Bankrupt Detroit has Subpar Worker Skills

8/5/2013 - U.S. Finally Approves Interim Egyptian Government

8/5/2013 - Senate confirms Samantha Power as UN Ambassador

8/4/2013 - Pentagon Warns of Cuts due to Sequestration

8/3/2013 - Tough Sell: NSA Chief defends self at Hacking Conference

8/2/2013 - Hunger Strike coming to a close at Guantanamo Bay

8/2/2013 - House GOP caves on Student Loans Bill

8/2/2013 - Chinese Solar Power FAIL: Collapse of Green Energy

8/1/2013 - Snowden finally leaves Moscow Airport, has Asylum in Russia

July 2013

7/31/2013 - Libya At War: Islamists and Tribes Fighting it Out

7/30/2013 - Israel and Palestinians disagree over Peace Talks

7/29/2013 - Russia’s Putin: Snowden case won’t hurt US-Russia relations

7/29/2013 - Reuters Pushes “ObamaCare Foot Soldiers train to enroll the Masses” article

7/27/2013 - House rejects bid to curtail NSA surveillance program

7/26/2013 - Japan looks to update Constitution to add Pre-Emptive Strikes

7/26/2013 - Detroit’s Unions Dealt Major Blow in Restructuring by Courts

7/25/2013 - Obama nominee for Homeland Security under Investigation

7/25/2013 - Not Shovel Ready? Obama Speaks on Economy, Again!

7/23/2013 - Oops! US Navy drops bombs in Great Barrier Reef, upsets environmentalists

7/22/2013 - Barack Obama divides America with Trayvon Martin speech

7/21/2013 - How Obama Truly Was Like Trayvon Martin

7/20/2013 - Putin says He’s putting U.S. before Snowden

7/20/2013 - Judge clears Feds to sue Credit Ratings Agency S&P

7/19/2013 - House GOP vote NAY on ObamaCare delays

7/17/2013 - Egyptian Clashes leave at least 7 Dead

7/17/2013 - From Russia, with No Love for Snowden

7/16/2013 - U.S. Senate Showdown on Nuclear Option

7/15/2013 - Study finds Obama’s Extravagant Travel Costs

7/15/2013 - Split Farm Bill passes in U.S. House

7/12/2013 - U.S. still sending F-16 Jets to Egypt during Unrest

7/11/2013 - U.S. considering Complete Withdrawal from Afghanistan

7/9/2013 - Obama wants a “Smarter” Government

7/9/2013 - Obama Indecision: U.S. not aligned with any Egyptian faction

7/8/2013 - Socialist Latin American countries offer Snowden asylum

7/7/2013 - Layoffs Rise but Reuters says Economy is Improving

7/6/2013 - Obama “brings out the African in the American”, says Reuters

7/3/2013 - Where will Snowden hide? Nowhere, it seems

7/3/2013 - Egypt’s Morsi rebuffs army’s 48-hour ultimatum as ministers resign in droves

7/2/2013 - DOJ investigates American Airlines, US Airways on Merger

7/2/2013 - Trayvon Martin & George Zimmerman Trial gets UGLY

7/1/2013 - U.S. to target North Korean Bank in Sanctions

7/1/2013 - Obama to Egypt protesters: Let’s talk it out guys!

June 2013

6/30/2013 - Snowden’s Ecuador asylum request could take time

6/30/2013 - Senate still pushes “Immigration Reform” bill

6/28/2013 - Russia, Putin Troll and Embarrass Obama

6/28/2013 - Obama: “Shouldn’t have to” talk with Russia, China for Snowden

6/27/2013 - Obama delays Keystone XL pipeline again as economy struggles

6/26/2013 - Media Celebrate Obama’s Green Agenda

6/25/2013 - Russian Reset FAIL: Snowden hiding in Russia

6/25/2013 - Supreme Court strikes down Voting Rights Act provision

6/25/2013 - Can’t Get No Satisfaction—Mick Jagger Takes a Swipe At Obama and NSA

6/25/2013 - Immigration “Reform” Bill passes Senate; House up next

6/21/2013 - U.S., Cuba to resume mailing relations

6/18/2013 - Time Magazine’s Father’s Day Tribute Omits Black Dads—Media Silent

6/18/2013 - Out of Touch? Obama doesn’t think Americans’ privacy was violated

6/17/2013 - Obama pleads with Congress to pass immigration reform

6/16/2013 - Former Obama adviser Bill Daley exploring Illinois Gov. bid

6/14/2013 - Obama scraps age limit on Morning-After Pill

6/14/2013 - Oh No! Obama picking Fed’s Bernanke’s successor?!

6/11/2013 - Yemen pushes Obama to close Guantanamo Bay

6/9/2013 - Reuters disappointed U.S. doesn’t sign U.N. arms treaty

6/9/2013 - Gov’t $ at Work: Accuses Apple of raising E-Book prices in 2010

6/7/2013 - Sideshow? Obama addresses mental health issues amid scandals

6/7/2013 - Unemployment Rate ticks up to 7.6%, 16% of young Americans out of work

6/7/2013 - Big Brother? Obama admin collecting American’s phone records

6/6/2013 - Drone War Strikes Again: 7 Yemeni militants dead

6/6/2013 - Obama appoints Susan Rice as new Nat’l Sec Adviser

6/4/2013 - Rep. Issa says IRS targeting came from D.C.

6/4/2013 - Obama admin fires back, says AG Holder didn’t lie

May 2013

5/31/2013 - Fox News: We never received DOJ subpoena records

5/28/2013 - U.S. Court rules bin Laden photos can be kept secret

5/27/2013 - Big Media Lobby for Immigration Bill

5/26/2013 - Myanmar (Burma) Muslims kill Buddhist Monk

5/24/2013 - GOP eyes Sebelius Fundraising for Health Care

5/23/2013 - Fracking leads to Water Dispute in North Dakota

5/22/2013 - Headline of the Week: “Obama tries to bounce back after a tough week”

5/21/2013 - Drone strikes kill Yemeni al-Qaeda militants

5/21/2013 - AP says reporters afraid of DOJ monitoring

5/20/2013 - Iran head of U.N. disarmament conference

5/19/2013 - House set to cut Food Stamps

5/17/2013 - Sequester: Defense Dept. puts civilians on unpaid leave for 11 days

5/17/2013 - Obamanomics Analysis: Class of 2013 without jobs, have debt

5/16/2013 - Obama fires acting tax chief with strings attached

5/16/2013 - Obama releases Benghazi e-mails same day as IRS chief resignation

5/16/2013 - Obamanomics: Reuters tries to paint a positive U.S. economy

March 2013

3/12/2013 - Nancy Pelosi: President Obama “Has Always Been Very Respectful Of the Views Of the Republicans”

3/8/2013 - CNN Panelists Call Out Soledad O’Brien for Taking Quote Out of Context

3/6/2013 - Sequester Bluster: WaPo Fact Checker Gives Obama Four Pinocchios

February 2013

2/14/2013 - Not So Thrilling—Obama’s State of the Union Lowest-rated Since 2000

2/8/2013 - David Freddoso Decries Media Spin for Obama[Video]

January 2013

1/28/2013 - Obama Blames Fox News and Rush Limbaugh for “Nasty Atmosphere” in Washington

November 2012

11/30/2012 - For MSNBC, the Republicans’ “War on Women” Is Alive and Well [Video]

11/15/2012 - In the Tank? Chicago Reporter Congratulates Obama on Re-election at Press Conference

11/5/2012 - New York Daily News Spurns Obama, Backs Romney

11/2/2012 - New Study Shows that MSNBC is Overwhelmingly Negative Towards Romney

October 2012

10/18/2012 - Chris Matthews Says It Wasn’t Constitutional for Romney to Challenge Obama [Video]

10/17/2012 - CNN’s Crowley Gives Obama a Boost During Debate[Video]

10/4/2012 - Chris Matthews Not Thrilled With Obama Debate Performance

September 2012

9/19/2012 - Jay Carney Gets Amnesia Over His 2008 Column Criticizing Obama [Video]

9/18/2012 - Chris Matthews: Romney Thinking He Could Beat Obama Was “An Arrogant Point of View”

9/4/2012 - Chris Matthews Charges Romney with “Encouraging White Anger” [Video]

August 2012

8/22/2012 - Reuters Captures the Real Obama

8/21/2012 - Obama Disavows Priorities USA Ad—Sort Of [Video]

July 2012

7/9/2012 - CNN’s Candy Crowley Grills Robert Gibbs Over Obama Campaign’s Misleading Outsourcing Ads

7/6/2012 - President Obama: Turn Off Fox News

7/5/2012 - Obama Campaign Is “All Wet” on Romney Outsourcing Claims

June 2012

6/28/2012 - Matthews: SCOTUS Decision on Health Care Is the “Whole Ballgame” for Obama

6/19/2012 - Fmr. Democratic Rep. Davis: Voter ID Laws DO NOT Disenfranchise Minorities

6/12/2012 - NBC’s Mitchell to Romney Spokesman: “You People”

6/8/2012 - Fox and Friends’ Controversial Anti-Obama Video

6/4/2012 - MSNBC’s Matthews Chides Clinton Over Birtherism

6/4/2012 - MSNBC’s Matthews Criticizes Obama’s Negative Campaign Strategy

May 2012

5/30/2012 - Grover Norquist Debunks Media Myths on Tax Pledge

5/24/2012 - Matthews Not Thrilled with Right-Wing “Jackasses”

5/23/2012 - NBC’s Matthews Concerned that Obama Doesn’t Have Enough Media Surrogates

5/22/2012 - Romney: From ‘Bullying’ to ‘Raping’ [Video]

5/22/2012 - Dem. Congressman on MSNBC: Mitt Romney, Bain “Raping” Companies

5/17/2012 - New Book Casts Doubt on Obama’s Christian Identity

5/15/2012 - Media Mashup: The View’s Tough Questions for Obama

5/15/2012 - TIME’s Halperin: Press is VERY Sympathetic to Obama Narrative on Bain

5/15/2012 - American Family Radio; Logan Churchwell Explains the Four Steps to Vote Fraud

5/14/2012 - How Our “Gay President” Learned About Sex

5/14/2012 - Newsweek/Daily Beast Columnist Makes Hitler Comparison with Ann Romney

5/11/2012 - MSNBC Mashup: Bullying Mitt Romney

5/11/2012 - ABC News’ Roberts “Gets Chills” for Obama

5/8/2012 - AIM Release: The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed

5/8/2012 - The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed – ADDENDUM

5/8/2012 - The Left’s National Vote Fraud Strategy Exposed

5/4/2012 - Soviets Funded Black “Freedom” Journal

April 2012

4/30/2012 - MSNBC Panel Promotes New Obama Campaign Slogan

4/28/2012 - Surprise! Obama Prefers Liberal Newspapers

4/26/2012 - Bias Clips: O’Reilly Takes NBC News to Task Over Media Bias

4/24/2012 - Bias Clip: MSNBC’s Matthews Likens Romney to KKK and ‘Birthers’

4/23/2012 - NY Times Public Editor Admits Paper Has a Pro-Obama Bias

4/20/2012 - Mutually Assured Dogstruction

4/18/2012 - Bishop Says Obama on Hitlerian Path

4/12/2012 - Bias Clips: NBC’s Mitchell Plays Defense for Obama, DNC & Hilary Rosen

4/6/2012 - American Family Radio; AP head endorsing Obama?

4/5/2012 - Obama Gives Coal Miners the Shaft

4/4/2012 - Obama’s “Reptile Dysfunction” Energy Policy

4/2/2012 - Beck to Publish Blockbuster on Obama’s Communist Mentor

February 2012

2/21/2012 - Garrison Keillor to Host Obama Campaign Fundraiser

2/6/2012 - Chrysler Flacks for Obama in Super Bowl Ad [Video]

January 2012

1/30/2012 - Obama to Hold First Completely Virtual Town Hall Today

1/27/2012 - Chris Matthews Tells AZ Congressman that Unemployment Is Lower Than When Obama Took Office

1/27/2012 - Obama’s SOTU Ratings Continue to Fall

1/21/2012 - Obama Stands By Change

1/9/2012 - Chris Wallace Exposes DNC Chairwoman Wasserman-Schultz’s Double Standard [Video]

1/8/2012 - Gingrich Goes After Liberal Media Bias During New Hampshire Debate [Video]

1/6/2012 - Ed Schultz Tells Liberal Critics to “Shut Up”

1/3/2012 - Former Obama Aide Lobbied for The Washington Post

1/2/2012 - Hollywood Liberals Expressing Disappointment with Obama

December 2011

12/27/2011 - Christmas Message from Ronald Reagan

12/21/2011 - Bill Clinton Says That the Media Favored Obama Over Hillary in 2008

12/20/2011 - Shocker: Chris Matthews Exposed By “Hardball” Guest for Being a Partisan

12/13/2011 - Gingrich, Obama, Beck and the “Progressive Party”

12/12/2011 - ABC Scores Big With Republican Debate; Bias Remains

12/7/2011 - Matthews Admits That He May Have Believed Too Much in Obama in 2008 [Video]

November 2011

11/10/2011 - White House: No Apology from Obama “Hot Mic” Comments About Netanyahu

11/7/2011 - Chris Matthews: Obama Needs to “Give Us Purpose” to Win Reelection [Video]

11/2/2011 - Chris Matthews: “Still Time to Build an Obama Party”

October 2011

10/31/2011 - Obama: Pelosi “One of the Best Speakers of the House” and “Will Be…Again in 2013”

10/30/2011 - WH Chief of Staff: Obama Administration’s First Three Years Have Been “Brutal”

10/26/2011 - Local Press Banned from Obama San Fran Fundraiser

10/11/2011 - Jay Carney: Don’t listen to what the President says, figure out what he means

10/5/2011 - Obama Blasts Cantor and the GOP on Jobs Bill, No Mention of Harry Reid [Video]

September 2011

9/27/2011 - Chris Matthews: GOP Campaign is about Heat and Hate

9/26/2011 - Maxine Waters on Obama’s CBC Speech: “I’m not sure who the President was talking to”

9/22/2011 - The Gray Lady is Singing the Blues

9/17/2011 - Obama Is Up, With Twitter Followers

9/8/2011 - Al Gore Accuses Obama of Bowing to Polluters

9/7/2011 - Giuliani Slams Obama’s “Politically Correct” Security Policy

9/1/2011 - Obama Tells Supporters That He Is “Frustrated” with Congress

August 2011

8/26/2011 - Comcast Employees Biggest Obama Campaign Donors

8/25/2011 - Help Wanted: Obama Campaign Looking for Someone With Common Sense

8/18/2011 - Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘Obama AWOL from Black Communities’ [Video]

8/17/2011 - N.Y. Times Frustrated With Obama

8/12/2011 - Matthews: “Something Has Broken Bad Lately” for Obama

8/5/2011 - ABC’s Jake Tapper Nails Jay Carney on Obama’s Job Creation Plans

July 2011

7/4/2011 - V.P. Biden Joins Twitter, Precautions Taken to Avoid Gaffes

May 2011

5/31/2011 - L.A. Times Explains Obama’s ‘Intellectual Stammer’

5/25/2011 - Obama Still Thrilling Chris Matthews

5/18/2011 - Leaning Left, Matthews Allows Audience Member to Accuse GOP of White Supremacy

5/15/2011 - Howard Fineman: Judge Obama on Values Not Performance

5/4/2011 - David Shuster: ‘Obama Should String Out Bin Laden Story to Blunt GOP’

5/3/2011 - Obama Girl Behar: “Skip the Next Election”

March 2011

3/27/2011 - Olbermann Gives Some Friendly Advice to Obama on Libya

September 2010

9/14/2010 - MSM Attacks Republican Tobacco Ties But Glosses Over Democrat Ones

February 2008

2/18/2008 - Obama’s Communist Mentor