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Despite Successes, Media Still Critical of Trump’s ‘Disastrous’ Asia Trip

Even by many of his critics’ accounts, President Donald Trump’s Asia trip was largely a success. “During his first visit to Northeast Asia as president, [Trump] stayed on script, deepened relationships with his counterparts and succeeded in communicating the right combination of assurance regarding the United States’ commitment to its allies and resolve in the […]

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Taiwan Naval Ship Accidentally Fired Missile During Inspection

That’s a major ‘oops’ moment: Taiwan’s navy on Friday mistakenly fired a supersonic anti-ship missile, although there were no injuries caused by the mishap, the official Central News Agency reported. The 500-ton patrol boat Chinchiang was undergoing an inspection inside a military base when the missile — a Hsiung Feng III — was fired off […]

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November 2017

11/15/2017 - Despite Successes, Media Still Critical of Trump’s ‘Disastrous’ Asia Trip

April 2017

4/21/2017 - Liberal Media Alarmed by VP Mike Pence’s North Korea Speech

March 2017

3/21/2017 - Liberal Media Unhappy with Trump’s Secretary of State Tillerson Handpicking Press to Accompany Him

October 2016

10/29/2016 - As Tensions with North Korea Rise, U.S. Sends Armored Brigade to Relieve Other Soldiers

10/15/2016 - Decades Later, South Korea’s Architecture Reflects their Cold War History

September 2016

9/10/2016 - North Korea’s Nuclear Test Registered a 5.3 on the Richter Scale

July 2016

7/3/2016 - Taiwan Naval Ship Accidentally Fired Missile During Inspection

June 2016

6/1/2016 - South Korean Military Reports North Korea’s Missile Launch Failed

May 2016

5/26/2016 - Ex-U.S. Military Command Official Thinks Hillary Clinton, State Dept’s Loose Handling of Emails, Calls Blew Counterterrorism Operations

5/24/2016 - Celebrity-in-Chief: Obama Dines with Anthony Bourdain during Asia Trip

April 2016

4/29/2016 - Russian Jet Flies Within 50 Feet of U.S. Spy Plane

4/25/2016 - North Korea Launched Missile from Submarine

4/20/2016 - North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is “Arrogant and Impulsive”

4/16/2016 - Oops? North Korean Missile Explodes Upon Launch

4/6/2016 - North Korea Can Put Nuclear Warheads on Missiles

March 2016

3/21/2016 - China Still Uses Cyberattacks against America

3/12/2016 - North Korea Lost a Midget Submarine

3/6/2016 - U.S. Navy Deploys Carrier Strike Group to South China Sea

3/4/2016 - North Korea to Put Nukes on Standby

February 2016

2/22/2016 - Obama Administration Dropped De-Nuke Rule with North Korea

2/18/2016 - South Korea Claimed North Korea is Planning an Imminent Attack

2/18/2016 - State Dept Hiding Details of Bill Clinton’s 2012 Speech at North Korea-Connected Event

2/17/2016 - U.S. Air Force Flies Fighters over South Korea to Show Support

2/17/2016 - Manny Pacquiao Criticized for Comment on Animals, Homosexual Behavior

2/10/2016 - North Korea May Have Executed a Military Chief

January 2016

1/21/2016 - Oh, That’ll (not) Work: U.S. to Pressure China to Rein in North Korea

1/15/2016 - ISIS Claims Responsibility for Jakarta Terrorist Attacks

1/14/2016 - Paris-Style Terrorist Attack in Jakarta, Indonesia Kills 7 People

1/13/2016 - North Korea’s Dictator Calls for More Nuclear Arms

1/11/2016 - North Korea Shows Off Latest Submarine Missile Test Launch

1/6/2016 - North Korea May Have Successfully Tested a Hydrogen Bomb

December 2015

12/29/2015 - Japan, South Korea reach Agreement and Compensation for World War Two Sex Slaves

12/17/2015 - Taiwan Gets Arms Deal with the Obama Administration, Upsets China

12/8/2015 - North Korean Submarine Damaged in Missile Test

12/3/2015 - North Korea may be Building a Tunnel at a Nuclear Site

November 2015

11/13/2015 - Pentagon says US Bomber Flew Near Chinese Artificial Island

11/3/2015 - Chinese Submarine Shadowed US Aircraft Carrier USS Ronald Reagan

11/1/2015 - Numbers Never Lie: China’s Reversal of One-Child Policy Won’t Solve Demographic Woes

October 2015

10/28/2015 - China Shadows U.S. Navy Destroyer in South China Sea

10/18/2015 - Obama is Open to Negotiating with North Korea

10/14/2015 - China is Expanding their Nuclear Forces

10/8/2015 - Hillary Clinton Flip Flops on the TPP Free Trade Deal

September 2015

9/27/2015 - Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz Blast Obama over China Visit to the U.S.

9/18/2015 - Obama Blocks US Navy from Sailing Near Disputed Islands and Chinese Airstrips

9/15/2015 - China is Building a Third Airstrip by Using Artificial Islands

9/15/2015 - North Korea Restarts Nuclear Fuel Program

9/11/2015 - James Bond’s Moonraker? Chinese Army Plans “Celestial Army” to Fight in Space

August 2015

8/28/2015 - Communist China Restricting Christians in Hong Kong

8/25/2015 - U.S. Sends Three B-2 Bombers after North Korea Escalates Tensions

8/23/2015 - China Escalating Military Activity on Man-Made Islands, Worrying U.S. and Allies

8/13/2015 - Human Rights Activists Upset at Obama White House’s “Dialogues” with Communist China

8/12/2015 - North Korea could Double Their Ability to Produce Weapons-Grade Uranium

July 2015

7/21/2015 - Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng says Obama is “Soft” on China during Crackdown

7/20/2015 - Japan Declares Limited War Powers in Wake of Chinese Military Buildup

June 2015

6/28/2015 - China beats up Human Rights Lawyers

6/17/2015 - China: Our Island-Building is for Humanitarian Relief

6/9/2015 - China’s Island Building Won’t Stop, Report says

6/5/2015 - On 26th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square, China Imprisons Activists

May 2015

5/30/2015 - U.S. Intelligence finds Chinese Artillery on Artificial Islands, Sparking Fears of War

5/28/2015 - Pentagon warns China of Island Building Efforts

5/10/2015 - North Korea Claims First Successful Missile Launch from Submarine

5/9/2015 - China is On an Island-Building Campaign, warns Defense Dept

5/9/2015 - Australia says They Stopped a Melbourne Bomb Plot

5/9/2015 - China is Preparing for a Drone War

5/3/2015 - Nepal Blocks Big Jets from Airway due to Overwhelming Traffic

5/2/2015 - China Imprisons and Tortures Journalists, Rights Group says

April 2015

4/30/2015 - Obama: U.S. Will Defend Japan’s Islands from China

4/27/2015 - Indonesia gives Drug Smugglers a 72-Hour Execution Notice

4/14/2015 - China is Building Up Their Navy Quickly, Warns U.S. Military

4/10/2015 - China continues to Build Artificial Islands in Territory Disputes

4/9/2015 - U.S. Military sees China’s Submarines as a Security Threat

4/3/2015 - Joe Biden: U.S. only Supports Human Rights if it’s Politically Feasible

March 2015

3/31/2015 - Hotel for Michelle Obama’s Cambodia Visit: $242,500 Tab

3/21/2015 - South Korea blames North Korea for Nuclear Facility Cyberattack

3/17/2015 - Japan Readying to Counter North Korea as U.S. Cowers

3/11/2015 - China Doubles Aid to North Korea to $7 Billion

3/4/2015 - The U.S. Gov’t is “seriously concerned” about North Korean Nukes

February 2015

2/25/2015 - Affirmative Action hurts Asian Students

2/18/2015 - North Korea Tests Submarine-Launched Missile

2/12/2015 - Study: China has a Large Army, but is Inept due to Corruption

January 2015

1/20/2015 - Dying Dragon? China’s Economic Growth slowed down in 2014

August 2014

8/17/2014 - U.S. to try to “de-escalate” Tensions with China

May 2014

5/9/2014 - U.S., Phillippines start Joint Military Exercises to Show Solidarity against China

December 2013

12/20/2013 - John Kerry visits the Philippines, Promises to Strengthen Presence in Asia

12/20/2013 - Japan to Increase Defense Spending to Counter Chinese Influence

12/4/2013 - Thailand Under Siege by Protests as Leaders call for Peace

November 2013

11/3/2013 - Russia, Japan reach Security Agreement to Counter China

October 2013

10/11/2013 - U.S. offers weak backing of Philippines Claim vs China

10/7/2013 - Obama Falters in Asia as China picks up the Slack

10/7/2013 - Hey Obama, Putin approves you cutting Asia trip short!

July 2013

7/5/2013 - Weird News: Mongolia has Neo-Nazis

May 2013

5/26/2013 - Myanmar (Burma) Muslims kill Buddhist Monk