Accuracy in Media

Political Correctness Propagates Radical Liberalism and Undermines The Truth

Political correctness advances liberal ideology—it is a weapon wielded by radicals to cow conservatives into submission. And the doctrines of political correctness undermine the truth. According to liberal illogic, individuals who oppose the slaughter of unborn infants obstruct “women’s rights” and “reproductive justice.” “Intolerant/homophobic” individuals who adhere to biblical teachings on gender and sexuality face […]

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Deafening Silence: Businesses Ignore March for Life But Sponsor LGBT Movement

Conscientious conservative consumers face a serious problem—American businesses support the LGBT movement en masse and this economic epidemic has metastasized to so many brands and businesses that social conservatives would struggle if they attempted to avoid patronizing all of the companies promoting this radical cultural agenda. But will any of these organizations publicly support the […]

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CIA Funding and Recruiting LGBT

While the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ostensibly exists to protect America’s national security interests by trafficking in foreign intelligence, the organization also actively recruits from and financially sponsors LGBT events. According to, the “CIA was a sponsor and hosted a recruitment booth for the Hampton Roads Pride Festival in Norfolk, VA.” The […]

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Biased Media Coverage of Trump & Clinton Scandals

While a flurry of scandals has emerged about both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the media have devoted significantly more attention to covering the issues pertaining to Trump. ABC, NBC and CBS covered Trump’s scandals for 4 hours and 13 minutes, but spent only 36 minutes covering Clinton’s scandals during the same period, according to […]

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