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Al Sharpton Disregards Major Factor in Gun Control Argument

Progressive activists and their allies in the mainstream media, including MSNBC host Al Sharpton, are framing the tragic Parkland, Fla. shooting debate around restricting access to legally-purchased guns. This ignores the elephant in the room: criminals obtaining weapons illegally. We can and should do more to keep guns away from mentally-ill people and those like […]

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Al Sharpton and Megyn Kelly Spar Over Ferguson [Video]

Fox News host Megyn Kelly sparred with black activist and noted race-baiter Al Sharpton on Wednesday about the Department of Justice’s report on the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson. Kelly interviewed Sharpton at his National Action Network convention in New York City: Kelly: Let me take you back to Ferguson, Missouri and the case there against […]

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MSNBC Mum on Hosts’ Tax Problems

MSNBC, which rarely hesitates to quickly attack conservatives and Republicans when they run afoul of the law, has gone silent on the matter of the growing list of its hosts who have tax problems. National Review reported yesterday that in addition to Al Sharpton, who reportedly owes the IRS over $4 million in back taxes […]

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MSNBC’s Ratings Plunge Again in February

MSNBC suffered yet another month of poor ratings in February, as Morning Joe trailed CNN’s New Day for the fifth straight month and hit a seven year low in the key demo. The network’s daytime total viewership was down 43% from last February as the network finished in third place behind CNN in both total […]

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2014’s 7 Liberal Losers of the Year

1. Jonathan Gruber Lies, lies and more lies. He called the American voters “stupid” for believing his lies about ObamaCare’s costs, and ended up having to testify on Capitol Hill to defend his demeaning and arrogant remarks. The worst part was that he made such comments on multiple occasions, and was unapologetic until the videos […]

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