Accuracy in Media

Drone Hits British Airways Plane, Plane Safely Lands

From the Free Beacon: Last year, pilots reported 40 near-miss incidents in the United Kingdom, compared to nine in 2014. The spike in unmanned drones flying in close proximity to manned aircraft is also up in the United States. The Federal Aviation Authority reported more than 650 unauthorized drone sightings during the first eight months of last year, […]

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Airline Bomb Handoff Seen on Video in Somalia

Looks like an inside job, according to video aired by Fox News: Surveillance video that investigators believe captured the handoff of an explosive-wired laptop that blew a hole in the side of a Somali jetliner could prove the bombing was an inside job, sources told Fox News. The explosion on board Daallo Airlines Airbus A321 […]

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May 2016

5/21/2016 - Some Evidence Found in EgyptAir Flight 804 Case

5/19/2016 - 66 Dead after Egypt Air Plane Crashes in Mediterranean Sea

April 2016

4/19/2016 - Drone Hits British Airways Plane, Plane Safely Lands

4/4/2016 - Air France Stewardesses Upset at Headscarves Order on Iran Flights

March 2016

3/29/2016 - Airliner Hijacker Wanted to Deliver a Note to His Ex-Wife in Cyprus

February 2016

2/8/2016 - Airline Bomb Handoff Seen on Video in Somalia

2/4/2016 - American Officials Suspect Al-Shabab was Behind the Bomb Explosion on a Plane

November 2015

11/6/2015 - British Suspect that ISIS Bomb in Cargo Hold Brought Down Airliner over Sinai

11/5/2015 - ISIS may have Planted Bomb on Downed Russian Airliner in Sinai

October 2015

10/13/2015 - Air France Lashes Out after Violent Union Mob Attack on Executives

November 2013

11/15/2013 - Obama’s Picking Winners and Losers: US Airways, American forced to settle Antitrust Lawsuit

August 2013

8/16/2013 - Obama’s Justice Department: Blocking Airline Merger

8/7/2013 - Europeans approve Airline Merger of American, US Airways

July 2013

7/21/2013 - Airlines offer Olive Branch to Europeans to appease Merger Deal