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Some liberal Democratic presidential candidates have been bad-mouthing the Fox News Channel, saying that it’s too conservative, and have even refused to appear on it. But they showed no hesitation in going on an openly homosexual cable channel called Logo to pander for gay votes. On the air since June 2005, Logo represents media acceptance and celebration of the homosexual lifestyle. It was spawned by Viacom’s MTV Networks division, which has specialized in marketing sexual immorality, especially trashy rock videos, to young people.

The network features a regular “CBS News on Logo” segment hosted by Jason Bellini, a former CNN correspondent and open homosexual.

The Logo forum was interesting, only because several candidates looked so ridiculous in their pandering. Hillary Clinton promised not to appoint “anti-gay” judges and ripped former chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Peter Pace for offering the view that homosexuality was immoral. She ignored the fact that the Pace view was and still is official Pentagon policy.

Two Democratic candidates made pitches for making marijuana more easily available, with Rep. Dennis Kucinich supporting it for “medical” reasons and former Senator Mike Gravel because he said it was no worse than alcohol. He even said it should be sold in liquor stores. John Edwards insisted that he had not said that he was uncomfortable around gay people. And he thought it would be worthwhile to teach children about the reality of homosexuality. Senator Barack Obama claimed America’s “founding documents” support gay rights, without citing any evidence for this view, while New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was greeted with hostility for daring to suggest that homosexuality was a choice. He later backed away from that assertion.

The latter controversy was significant. Discussing the notion that people can choose and leave the homosexual lifestyle is something that is strictly forbidden in these settings, despite the fact that thousands of ex-homosexuals actually exist. Many have left the lifestyle to raise normal families. Needless to say, they were not represented at Logo’s August 9 “Visible Vote” forum. Former homosexuals were the “invisible people” at this event and are considered non-persons by most of the gay media.

No to Gay Marriage

The purpose of the Logo event was not only to force the candidates to bow to gay money and power, but to make homosexuality a major issue of the presidential campaign. This could easily backfire on the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton, whose private life and marriage to serial adulterer Bill Clinton will continue to be controversial. The disgraced former president was impeached on charges of lying and obstruction of justice in connection with legal proceedings involving his sexual activities with women other than his wife.

In their drive for federal government acceptance and promotion of their lifestyle, the homosexuals had to express disappointment that Clinton, Obama and Edwards all refused to endorse the idea of marriage licenses for homosexuals and would only accept “civil unions.” Gravel said that they were afraid of offending Middle America and losing votes by endorsing homosexual marriage. He is not afraid because his campaign is going nowhere anyway. The same applies to Kucinich, the only other candidate at the forum in support of same-sex marriage.

A new Quinnipiac Poll finds that support for gay rights loses more votes than it gains. It found that “…among the roughly 40 percent who say it might have an impact on their decision, support of a gay rights group, depending on the state, turns off from two to almost four times as many voters as it attracts. On a net basis it makes more independents less likely to vote for such a candidate.”

But the battle has now gone beyond rights for gays and lesbians. Some who saw Margaret Carlson, the moderator of the panel, introduce the discussion about “LGBT” issues, might not have initially understood what this means. It represents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The term “transgender” refers to men who dress like or surgically become women, and vice versa. It is not a happy topic. Indeed, to some it is shocking, even sick. But it will become a topic of national discussion if the Democrats and their supporters have their way.

In this regard, Logo describes one of its latest offerings to the viewing public as a show called Southern Comfort, about a transgender man dying of ovarian cancer. We are told that in the second episode, “Robert goes through old family pictures of himself as a young girl and then a grown man. Then meet Lola, Robert’s transgender girlfriend.”

Some might react to Logo’s television fare by saying that a program about a transgendered man dying from ovarian cancer is a personal tragedy, not something to be watched on TV. But these kinds of human tragedies, which have destroyed people and families, have become the fodder of the “LGBT” movement, out of which they demand their special right to be different and, according to health statistics, die early. The lifestyle is never blamed, only the reaction to it.

The Opinionated Moderator

Carlson, who was a columnist and deputy Washington bureau chief for Time magazine, now writes opinion pieces for Bloomberg News. For many years she postured as an objective journalist. Her career also included work as Washington bureau chief for Esquire magazine and editor of the Legal Times of Washington. Many may remember her from her days as a liberal panelist on CNN’s political programs “Inside Politics” and “The Capital Gang.”

As “moderator” of the Logo forum, she joined in with the other panelists in pressing the candidates to embrace the homosexual agenda.

No critics of homosexuality were allowed to appear and question the candidates during the debate broadcast by Logo and co-sponsored by Logo and the foundation affiliate of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the leading pro-homosexual rights group in the U.S. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth commented, “Even if one could conceive of a reason to have a ‘homosexual presidential debate,’ why would the questioners all be of the liberal-left persuasion?…Is there any doubt that HRC is sponsoring this debate to push the candidates further toward embracing its radical statist agenda, including gay marriage, hate crimes, and transgender rights?”

LaBarbera added, “The MTV-LOGO debate is a sham, but the sad thing is if ‘mainstream’ journalists were substituted for the homosexual activist questioners, the tenor of the evening likely would remain the same. Because these days it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish between the ‘gay’-cheerleading media and ‘gay’ activists themselves.”

In fact, Jonathan Capehart, an editorial writer for The Washington Post, was one of the panelists, along with Joe Solmonese of the HRC and lesbian singer Melissa Etheridge. Capehart is openly gay and previously served as a correspondent for “In the Life,” a homosexual news show on public television.

Perhaps because of Capehart’s influence, the Washington Post is one of the most pro-homosexual newspapers in the country. It supports homosexual marriage and led the media attack on General Peter Pace for criticizing homosexuality as immoral.

Hillary’s Gaffe

Interestingly, Capehart asked Hillary Clinton about that during the Logo forum, and she responded that Pace had “no right to say what he said” because of its “impact on policy.” She seemed unaware of the fact that he was simply stating official policy. The policy of the Armed Forces, as reflected in the sodomy provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, is to prohibit homosexual acts and require a court-martial for those caught engaging in them.

Typically, the media report that the “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” policy allows lesbians and gay men to serve if they keep quiet about their sex lives. But that’s true only if they do not act on their preferences. What our media usually neglect to mention is that the policy did not eliminate the ban on homosexual conduct. Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” may not have any practical effect unless the sodomy provisions of the UCMJ are eliminated as well.

Many stories appeared about what the candidates said during the Logo forum, but no media organization that we surveyed highlighted Hillary’s gaffe about military policy on homosexuals. Her faux pas suggests ignorance of an important public policy issue and an authoritarian mindset regarding people who disagree with her pro-gay views. In this context, Mrs. Clinton’s personal lifestyle, which was the subject of Edward Klein’s controversial best-seller, The Truth About Hillary, was a taboo topic. No one dared to bring it up. It was as if “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” applied to Hillary herself.

“In her personal life, accepting gays has always seemed to come easy to Clinton,” reports Jonathan Darman of Newsweek in the August 13 issue. But he doesn’t go beyond this.

Capehart did note, in his questioning of her, that, when first asked about General Pace’s comment that homosexuality is immoral, she refused to give her opinion and said it was for “others to conclude.” Then she came out with a statement flatly rejecting Pace’s view after being pressured by the likes of Jo Wyrick, the lesbian Executive Director of the National Stonewall Democrats, an organization named after a homosexual riot in New York City.

In a document submitted to the Human Rights Campaign, the Senator’s political campaign organization declared that she has been “a long-time friend” of the LGBT community and that she was “the first First Lady to march in a gay rights parade” and has “marched multiple times as Senator.”

Hillary’s list of LGBT supporters includes Neel Lattimore, her former press secretary as First Lady who is currently communications director at the Children’s Defense Fund, headed by close Hillary friend Marian Wright Edelman. Newsweek reports that Hillary, as First Lady, played matchmaker for Lattimore. “Clinton took the same active interest in Lattimore’s love life as she did with female staffers,” reports Newsweek. “She would always tell me, ‘So-and-so is coming to dinner tonight—I don’t think he has a partner,’” Lattimore is quoted as saying.

Lattimore was also an official at Media Matters, the Hillary front organization that attacks the press for being too tough on the Senator. It is headed by Lattimore’s close friend David Brock, the former conservative turned open homosexual.

Media In Bed With Gays

The truth of LaBarbera’s statement about media collusion with the “gay community” becomes even clearer when you take a look at the media properties backing such movements as “Equality California,” the campaign to promote homosexual marriage in the Golden State. Corporate supporters include MTV Networks, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and a division of Clear Channel Communications.

When it’s not promoting the homosexual lifestyle, MTV Networks is spreading the green Gospel of Al Gore. It promoted Gore’s Live Earth concerts, designed to “reinforce the company’s long-term commitment to the issue of climate change and unrivalled ability to encourage viewers to take action.” MTV Networks launched a “Break the Addiction campaign” in regard to the use of oil, not the practice of homosexuality.

At the end of this month, we will see more evidence of how the “mainstream media” are part and parcel of the homosexual movement. The National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association will be holding its national convention from August 30-September 2 in San Diego. Media sponsors of past NLGJA conventions have included the Miami Herald, the Hearst Corporation, CNN, the Chicago Tribune, ESPN, Time Inc., NBC News, the New York Times, National Public Radio, Bloomberg, Knight Ridder, Comcast, CBS News, ABC News, the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Inquirer, the New York Daily News, the San Francisco Chronicle, Showtime, Newsday, and of course Viacom and MTV Networks.

The NLGJA list of sponsors of this year’s convention includes the Fox News Network (a.k.a. Fox News Channel) and its parent company News Corporation.

Did you think that Fox News was the conservative channel? That’s what some people, including liberal Democrats, want you to believe. It just goes to show that traditional conservatives are going to have to fight hard for their voices to be heard as the presidential campaign moves forward. All of the major media, it seems, are involved to some extent or another in pandering to the homosexual movement.

A decision by Fox News to cover the issue in detail could hurt Republican presidential frontrunner Rudolph Giuliani, who is considered close to Fox News head Roger Ailes and has declared, “I’m pro-gay rights.”

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