Accuracy in Media

Accuracy in Media has cited a statement by ABC News that Stephen Bing, a prominent Democratic Party fundraiser, was a “business partner” of a convicted organized crime figure, Dominic Montemarano. However, ABC has since reported – and a statement to this effect has been communicated to Accuracy in Media by a lawyer for Bing – that they were not business partners, and that the ABC News report was in error. Their relationship consisted of Montemarano acting in a movie produced by Bing. In its own correction of this false statement, ABC News also reported that “no one is accusing Bing himself of any criminal wrongdoing or any involvement in Montemarano’s criminal activity.” AIM never stated and did not and would not imply that Bing himself was accused of any criminal activity. AIM supports this correction of the record and will correct our commentaries accordingly. While we always cited ABC as the source in our reporting, AIM apologizes for having published this false information. 

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