Accuracy in Media

Photo by Carrie Devorah

Anti-drug activist Steven Steiner is led away from the National Press Club podium by unidentified security personnel. Steiner is holding a photo of his son, Stevie, killed by a drug overdose. He was trying to challenge speaker George Soros, who was sitting several feet away to his right, about his support for drug legalization, including giving heroin to heroin addicts. Observers saw security personnel immediately converge on and surround Steiner, who says that after he was “escorted” or forcibly removed from the podium and away from the audience, he was slammed him into a door and his shoulder was dislocated. He ended up in a hospital. A press club member has told AIM that it is nonsense that Steiner was manhandled, and that security personnel had to act quickly to guard Soros, who, like President Bush, has received death threats. But Steiner did not threaten Soros in any way and never intended to do so.

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