Accuracy in Media

Top Underreported/Buried Stories for 2004

1. How CBS and the Kerry campaign allegedly broke federal election law in trying to defeat President Bush. This is the subject of a Federal Election Commission complaint.

2. How liberals tried to use federal agencies to delay or censor Sinclair Broadcasting’s airing of Stolen Honor, showing how John Kerry’s anti-war testimony led to the torture of our Vietnam POWs.

3. The lies and inaccuracies in Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, including the claim that the FBI didn’t screen the Saudis who were in the U.S. and left shortly after 9/11 for terrorist connections. Also, Moore’s claim on his web site that Iraqi terrorists were comparable to America’s Revolutionary War heroes.

4. How the Senate Intelligence Committee report and the Lord Butler Report in England discredited Joe Wilson’s charges against the Bush administration regarding Iraq seeking uranium from Africa.

5. How and why MIT’s Dr. Richard Lindzen, perhaps the country’s leading climatologist, doesn’t accept the man-made global warming theory.

6. Revelations of John Kerry’s documented presence at a meeting in which the assassination of pro-Vietnam War senators was discussed, and which he failed to report.

7. The accuracy of the claims of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, such as that John Kerry didn’t spend Christmas in Cambodia, as he had claimed.

8. The financial affairs and sources of income of billionaire George Soros and his grants and contributions to press organizations.

9. How Senator John Edwards used “junk science” in some of the cerebral palsy lawsuits that made him rich.

10. The New York Times’ refusal to return a Pulitzer Prize awarded to a Times correspondent, Walter Duranty, whose dispatches lied about the Soviet Union and the Ukrainian famine.

11. How AIM’s film, Confronting Iraq, makes a persuasive case for war with Iraq after 9/11.

12: How USA Today ran a story based on the same discredited documents used by CBS News in its story questioning President Bush’s service in the National Guard.

13. The questionable background and qualifications of Michael Scheuer, the former CIA analyst who gave interviews as “anonymous” and criticized the war in Iraq and the war on Islamic terrorism.

14. The U.N.’s use of questionable and changing statistics on the nature and spread of AIDS.

15. The media’s growing embrace of the “gay rights” movement by running wedding announcements for homosexual couples.

16. The physical attack on and hospitalization of anti-drug activist Steven Steiner after he tried to speak to the National Press Club about George Soros’ pro-drug policies.

17. John Kerry’s failure to release all of his military and medical records.

18. How terrorists are inaccurately described as militants or insurgents, rather than as terrorists.

19. How the International Association of Firefighters endorsed John Kerry for president without a vote of its members.

20. Anti-Serb and anti-Christian violence in U.N.-controlled Kosovo.

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