Operation Tailwind
An Analysis of CNN/TIME's Coverage

Press Release

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Reed Irvine's Letter to the Chairman of CNN

Reed Irvine's Letter to the Managing Editor of TIME

Letter to the Weekly Standard

CNN NewsStand
June 7 Transcript

CNN NewsStand
June 14 Transcript

TIME Magazine
June 15, 1998


Accuracy In Media

     AIM is currently working on a story examining TIME magazine and CNN’s "expose" of the U.S. government’s supposed use of nerve gas during the Vietnam war.  A summary of our findings can be found in the press release, and in the letters from AIM chairman Reed Irvine to the CNN Chairman and the Managing Editor of TIME.

     We are also posting copies of CNN’s published transcripts of the two segments on Operation Tailwind that aired on their program, NewsStand, on June 7th and 14th, 1998, as well as a companion article which was featured in the June 15, 1998 issue of TIME.

     We will be continually updating this section of the web site as the Operation Tailwind story unfolds, so check back often.

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